You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


29. Auckland, Australia Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth


Tristan's POV

Can't believe we're going to New Zealand didn't know the boys even had fans there but they do this is exciting finally a place we never been before and can explore hopefully first we're meeting the boys opening for the Australia tour and tonight I heard it's a boyband great more boys just what I need I miss Hey Violet already the boys have be blasting their music in the hotel room all night it's really bugging me but hey they need to know their opening acts music I guess it's kind of catchy though. We got to the airport on time for once which is shocking I messaged Jade telling her we were leaving she replied with I miss you already I felt tears in my eyes I quickly brushed them away Luke seemed to notice I was a little sad about leaving cause he grabbed my hand and sqeezed it I smiled up at him he always knew how to cheer me up. Our flight was a little late getting to New Zealand the show started soon and the boys had sound check in half an hour we literally ran to the car our bags were going to the hotel without us and we drove to the venue and we got with 20 minutes to spare which was very lucky the boys got ready and I was going this time I'm actually kind of excited haven't been to a sound check in a while "is it time for sound check yet?" I asked Luke chuckled at me "calm down babe" he said I glared at him "haha I just want to see the fans" I said he chuckled again "sure come here" he said opening his arms I giggled and walked into him he wrapped his arms around me I rested my head on his chest I love being in his arms he is so comfy and warm I always feel loved when I'm in his arms "ok lovebirds stop being cute time for sound check" yelled Michael we pulled apart I blushed a little Luke groaned but I see his cheeks turn a little pink I giggled and grabbed his hand he smiled at me and kissed my cheek off we go to sound check. The Plan for sound check was the boys were going to walk out and I would walk out during before the sing Beside You and completely surprise the fans hopefully it works here goes nothing Sound check started I forgot how much fun and funny sound check was the boys being their goofy self's the fans being so happy and excited some were even crying which is understandable since their favorite band was in front  of them and when I walked out the fans lost it they went crazy I was shocked but I guess that's better than them booing me I guess the boys did 2 songs than answered some fan questions which were very good questions too we waved bye to the fans who were sad that sound check was over so was I "ok that was fun I'm totally going to the next one" I said Luke was so happy when I said that "good babe cause sound check is so much more fun with you there" he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine I giggled and wrapped my arms around him. It was finally time for the show the boys were very excited and I find out that during Rejects their going to bring out Calum's little cousin which should very adorable and interesting to watch him try and play guitar their opening act was on stage now and they were State Champs they actually pretty good but I preferred Hey Violet and I caught one of them winking at me earlier creepy thank goodness Luke didn't see it when they came off stage I hid and I saw the boys talking to them I hated that they liked State Champs thank goodness their only going to be with us for a few weeks but I can't tell the boys I hate them cause that would not end well this tour doesn't need any drama at all "hey guys ready to go out there?" I asked them Luke wrapped his arm around my shoulders "yes we are" said Calum I wished them good luck Luke pecked my lips and ran on stage they once again killed it I love watching perform and I was right Calum helping his little cousin play bass was the cutest thing I ever seen in my life his cousin looked so confused but he did well sort of they came off stage I hugged Calum first "Cal your little cousin is so cute" I said he chuckled and sqeezed me tightly the boys said bye to the State Champs for now but we would see them in 2 days for the first show in Australia which is in Sydney and we have ton of interviews to do so we gotta get a move on we got on the plane lucky it wasn't going to be 13 hours just 4 hours but still a long flight I snuggled into Luke's side off to Sydney Australia.


Tristan's POV

I was shaken awake by my tired boyfriend he looked so cute tired but also very sad and grumbly but he's never grumbly around me but I can tell that he's not happy but I know he'll perk up as soon as he sees his family we got in the car and went straight to the venue Michael and Calum had two interviews to do by themselves so me, Luke and Ashton sat in the dressing room waiting for their families we could hear Michael laughing his head off Luke and Ashton chuckled a little I rolled my eyes hopefully the interview they do would make them laugh that much speaking of which they have soon I'm just going to watch this time but I'm doing the next interview with all of them so that should be fun hopefully finally it was time for the interview it was a radio interview called Dan and Maz first they answered Twitter questions next they talked about Michael Burning his face next they played a Game called Cards Against Humanity after that strange interview it was off to the next now I knew this one was going to be funny and boy was I right After very funny and gross interview the boys had some time to spend with their families before sound check it was so sweet seeing the boys happy and smiling Ashton had his brother and sister in a head lock they were laughing so hard it was so adorable and Luke was playing with his little cousins which was even more adorable the boys always were so happy with their parents around it was so good to see but sadly the boys had to go to sound check and their families had to stay in the dressing room the boys were very excited to do sound check and they told me that this venue was 20 minutes away from the spot they played their first gig ever which was so cool and crazy sound check was about to start and this time I was walking out with the boys Luke grabbed my hand and tangled our fingers together I smiled up at him the Q&A started and of course it was funny but funnier than ever Part 2 "ok that was so fun" I said the boys chuckled and hung out with their families again until the show started before we knew it was time for the boys to go on stage their families were backstage with me wishing them luck Ashton was hugging his brother so tight than winked at him wonder why? Luke wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek I blushed cause his parents were beside us he than pecked my lips and ran on stage "Hey Tristan can I watch with you?" asked Harry I smiled at him "sure Harry I'm always lonely anyway" I said wrapped my around his shoulders as we watched his older brother play the drums like a mad men Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Harry got to go on stage and play guitar it was so cute and he was good at it  Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 they bowed and ran off stage they had smiles plastered onto their faces "that was awesome" said Michael Luke pulled me into a hug I giggled and hugged him back we said bye to the boys cause their all going to spend the night with their families before we go to Brisbane tomorrow Luke grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear "come on babe lets go home" I blushed a little to think he called his home our home now like he thinks we're going to be together forever which I hope is true.


Tristan's POV

Luke's family reminds me so much of my family their funny loving and include me in everything Luke's brothers are like my sisters they always tease Luke also gives him advise which makes his cheeks turn pink so I'm guessing it's about girls LOL Luke was in such a good mood last night all he wanted to do was cuddle and leave kisses on my neck of course it was hard to say no so we sat on his bed with Molly at the end our legs tangled together my head on his shoulder and he had his arms wrapped tightly around me and was kissing my neck all over don't know what has gotten into him but I like it. Now we were about to head to the airport to fly to Brisbane of course his mom was tearing up a little while hugging him and saying how proud she was of him it was so cute to see she finally let him go and he kissed her cheek Aw and walked over to me he smiled at me I smiled back and grabbed his hand off we go to the airport. We were greeted by a lot fans at the airport Luke had like a death grip on my hand we got on the plane were on our way to Brisbane. We got to Brisbane an hour late and that was a problem cause the show started in half an hour and the boys missed sound check which wasn't good at all we zoomed to the venue and once we got there State Champs was on stage already performing so we were very late the boys quickly got changed I had my eyes shut the whole time and they bolted to the stage State Champs got off and one of them winked at me again still Creepy I quickly ran to my spot Luke got his guitar on and Ashton ran to his drum kit Luke kissed my cheek and ran on stage they sang End Up Here and Out of my Limit next they sang Heartbreak Girl and Voodoo Doll next they sang Permanent Vacation and Don't Stop next they sang Disconnected and Long Way Home next they sang Rejects and Heartache on the big screen next they sang Wrapped around your Finger and Amnesia next they sang Beside You and Everything I didn't Say next they sang American Idiot and Kiss Me Kiss Me and She Looks so Perfect they came running off stage to take a 5 minute break Luke tried to hug me but I pushed him away he pouted at me I giggled and blew him a kiss before he ran back on stage to sing Good Girls and What I like about you they bowed and ran off stage I pulled Luke into a hug this time he smiled big and squealed me tight. The plan to get out of the venue without getting mobbed by the fans was Ashton and Michael were going to be in one van and me, Calum and Luke were going to be another hopefully the fans don't figure it out as we drove we saw fans getting in their cars so far nobody noticed us than Luke opened the window a little and we saw a girl starring at us I think she knew it was us in there cause her face lit up but she wasn't screaming cause the girls behind her weren't freaking out at all Luke decided to wave at her and she waved back and was smiling so big it was cute we got to the hotel and went straight to bed cause we had to get on a plane early in morning. We got up at like at 7 and drove to the airport we drove onto the runway guess we weren't going through the airport oh well at least we didn't have to deal with the fans anyway but their some fans there as we got out of the car Michael, Calum and Luke waved at them I did too we just stood at the airplane waiting to get on the plane I noticed some fans at a window looking at us but the guys didn't notice I wanted to tell them but they looked tired so didn't want to make them more grumbly they began talking about random stuff I was still a little tired so I rested my head on Luke's shoulder he smiled and kissed my head finally we walked up the staircase onto the plane off to Melbourne.  


Tristan's POV

We got to Melbourne an hour before an radio interview we're doing it at the venue so we have half an hour to do whatever we want I think the boys want to sleep Luke probably wants to cuddle with me which is fine I was sitting on the bed in the hotel room scrolling through Twitter no drama so far thank goodness I felt the bed sink I turned my head and saw my handsome boyfriend sitting beside me I blushed a little I can't help it whenever he sits close to me it makes my heart flutter he seemed to notice cause he grabbed my phone out of my hands and put it on the table he grabbed my hands and rubbed his thumbs on them I blushed a little than he pulled me forward so our four heads were touching I smiled a little he than nuzzled his nose mine it kind of tickled I giggled "that tickles" I said Luke just smiled at me and leaned forward again I knew what he was going to do I leaned forward too and closed my eyes right before our lips touched a loud voice screamed "TRISTAN LUKE STOP MAKING OUT IT'S TIME FOR THE INTERVIEW" it sounded like Michael surprise surprise Luke groaned "why must he always ruin our moments" he whined I giggled and quickly pecked his lips he smiled at me and held his hand I smiled too and grabbed it I grabbed my phone of the table and got my purse Luke was wearing a snapback which was very hot he loves torturing me .The interview was about to start I sat in between Calum and Michael the interview finally started part 2 part 3 part 4 after the interview the boys ate the cake which looked good but sadly I can't eat cake but it was funny watching them eat it they can even make eating cake entertaining. It was time for the show finally I decided to watch State Champs perform right now they singing a song called If I'm Lucky they finished and came off stage I didn't look at them though still hate them the boys got ready Luke kissed my head and ran on stage they sang End Up Here and Out of my Limit next they sang Voodoo Doll and Permeant Vacation next they sang Disconnected and Long Way Home next they sang Rejects and Wrapped Around Your Finger next they sang Amnesia and Beside You next they sang American Idiot and Kiss Me Kiss Me and Melbourne song and She Looks so Perfect they came off stage just a few minutes the whipped the sweat off their faces and ran back on stage Luke blew me a kiss than ran on stage to sing Good Girls and What I like about you they bowed and ran off stage Luke winked at me which made my insides twist LOL we got to the hotel cause we another early flight to go to Adelaide


Tristan's POV

We woke up early again to get on another plane to go to Adelaide the boys looked so tired it was almost sad to see but we still got on the plane on time I let Luke sleep on my shoulder this time he just looked so tired he needed sleep. The plane landed in Adelaide half an hour before the show this wasn't good we bolted through the airport got in the car and drove to the venue the boys just had enough time to sound check before the show started they cut some songs from the setlist for some reason not sure why but they did whatever State Champs was on right now and just finishing I could tell Luke was nervous I hugged him tightly he smiled at me and kissed my cheek he than ran on stage they started with End Up Here and Permeant Vacation next they sang Don't Stop and Rejects and two girls came on stage this time next they sang Wrapped Around your finger and Amnesia next they sang Beside You and American Idiot and something called the Adelaide song and than they talked a little next they sang Good Girls and What I like about you they bowed and ran off stage "whew that was fun can't believe tomorrow is the last stop on the Australian tour" said Michael I nodded and sighted "I know and the last show is in Perth my sister lives there with her boyfriend" I said the boys suddenly all smiled big Luke had a big smirk on his face I gave him a confused look "what's going on?" I asked Luke just smiled at me "you will find out at the show babe" he said kissing my cheek I shrugged alright than off to Perth in the morning.


Tristan's POV

I can't believe it's the last show of the Australian part of the tour and it's in Perth that's where my sister lives with her boyfriend I send her a message that I was coming here but haven't gotten a reply yet guess she's busy with her new life oh well can't make her hang with me we were at the airport and Luke has been texting someone all morning I'm starting to worry is he cheating on me? I quickly shook that out of my head Luke would never do that to me he's too sweet maybe it's just his mom but he usually groans whenever he gets a text from her cause it usually says hi sweetie which is cute but he doesn't think so LOL we got on the plane and all could of is the person Luke been texting. We got to the Perth 2 hours before the show started enough time to do whatever we got to the venue and sat in the dressing room suddenly hands went over my eyes I was confused and scared "um what's happening?" I asked "babe we have a surprise for you" whispered a voice in my ear I knew right away it was Luke "oh ok what is it?" I asked "hold on and you will find out in a second 1,2,3 open" yelled Michael my eyes became uncovered and what I saw in front of me was shocking there stood my sister Heather who I haven't seen since October last year "Heather" I manger to say I felt like I was going to burst out crying "Hey Sissy don't just stand there give me a hug" she said opening her arms I jumped up from the couch and ran over to her I jumped in her arms wrapping mine around her tightly I started crying I felt tears on my shoulder she was crying too I hear the boys whispering to each other "how did you get here? I mean I send you a message but you didn't answer wait a minute" I said putting the pieces I turned to the boys who all had innocent faces "you have amazing friends T and a very sweet boyfriend" Heather said so that's who he was texting he was planning to surprise me with my sister oh well that's a relief than "Luke your the best" I said he shrugged "HEY WHAT ABOUT US" whined the other 3 I giggled and shook my head I love these guys. It was time for the show finally my sister couldn't stay but she said tomorrow when the boys go back to Sydney for a while I'm staying with her yay I was in such a good mood I even danced along to the songs first they sang End Up Here and Out of my Limit next they sang Heartbreak Girl and Voodoo Doll next they sang Permeant Vacation and Don't Stop next they sang Disconnected and Long Way Home next they sang Rejects and Heartache on the big screen next they sang Wrapped Around your Finger and talked to the crowd for a little bit than sang Amnesia next they sang Beside You and Everything I didn't Say and American Idiot next they sang Kiss me Kiss me and than they said a Message for the fans which was very sweet than talked some more than sang She Looks so Perfect next they sang Good Girls and What I like about you they bowed and ran off stage well that's it till Las Vegas we said Bye to State Champs and the boys drove me to my sisters house I had to pray Luke's arms off my waist we would see each other in a week we're flying back to LA together he said he will die without me but I know that's not true that's it till later bye for now.



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