You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


47. Arriving in Japan, exploring Japan, first show Nagona, Osaka, learning Japanese, Tokayo, partying in onesies, meeting mini 5sos so adorable/ Fan event

Arriving in Japan, exploring Japan, first show Nagona, Osaka, learning Japanese, Tokayo, partying in onesies, meeting mini 5sos so adorable/ Fan event
Tristan's POV
We got LAX and boy their were a ton of fans there Luke took a few selfies with them I did too than finally we got inside I started getting excited and a little nervous too we got on the plane I was sitting beside Michael this time Luke was a little mad but he got over it I think "excited Mikey?" I asked he nodded smiling like a child going to Disney World he's so adorable how is he 20? the plane took off and I got comfy in my seat since it's a long flight Michael arm went around me and I snuggled into his side I somehow ended up falling asleep on Michael's arm and he fell asleep too. The plane landed which woke me up I stretched and looked out the window we were in Japan now I shook Michael awake he groaned but woke up we stood up my legs hurt from sitting so long Michael reached for our bags on top he handed me my backpack "thank you Mikey" I said putting it on my back he got his bag than the plane started getting empty Michael held my hand so I wouldn't lose him in the crowd I'm guessing the other boys we're either behind us or in front of us we got off the plane finally and walked until we saw the other boys we walked over to them Luke pulled me into a hug "oh babe I missed holding you in my arms" he said I giggled and hugged him back "Lukey it was just a plane ride" I said I don't care I missed holding you" he said I blushed deep red we could hear the fans already I had a feeling it was going be crazy and once again I was right it was crazy the boys all ran to take selfies and meet them I had to push Luke over to them I just watched this time I waved though than we decided to go exploring first Michael wanted to go to the Pokémon store we went and it was amazing their were so many cute Pokémon than Ashton freaked out over a crazy looking one I thought it looked cute Michael than picked a crazy looking hat "cute hat Mikey" I said he smiled I'm guessing he's never taking that off joy next we went to an temple/ castle thing it was very beautiful the boys wanted to take a picture right on top of it but their tons of stairs and nothing to hold too Luke being a gentlemen held my hand tightly and helped me up Ashton helped too such gentlemen "thanks guys" I said we took the picture than walked around the castle it was huge than the famous internet dog came along it was adorable and Michael held him which was very adorable next we went to a musene it was very cool and was funny watching the boys try and do things than it was show time I could tell the boys were a little nervous about the show since this is the first show of the SLFL Tour and first time singing new songs as usual they were being idiots in the dressing room it was funny to watch than it was show time I wished them luck Luke pulled me into a kiss I pushed him to the stage (  here is the tour diary they did the first song they sang was Hey Everybody and Money next they sang Disconnected and Don't Stop next they sang Waste the night and Outer Space next they sang Wrapped around your finger and Castaway next they sang Jet Black Heart and Broken Home oh god break out the tissues next they sang Vapor and Amnesia oh god more crying why they did they think playing 4 sad songs in a row was a good idea? I pretty much a crying mess by the end of Amnesia next they sang Good Girls and Voodoo Doll next they sang Permeant Vacation and What I like about you now break time before the Encore they came running off stage I dried drying my eyes so they wouldn't see me crying too late they saw and Luke looked so scared "Baby your crying what's wrong?" he asked wrapping his arm around me "I'm fine Lukey I'm crying from those sad songs you played why would you think playing 4 sad songs in a row was a good idea" I said the boys chuckled at me than they ran back on stage for the encore Luke kissed my cheek and ran on stage too the last 2 songs they sang were She's Kinda Hot and She Looks So Perfect the show ended and they bowed and came running off stage I clapped loudly "great job guys that was awesome great start to the tour" I said they all looked so tired poor babies we got back to the hotel and they all crashed onto the beds wow they really are tired good they can rest up for the show tomorrow next stop Osaka. We woke up very early to drive to Osaka it was still dark out too I could barley keep my eyes open I had to be piggy backed to the car cause I couldn't even walk straight Ash was being such a gentlemen Luke would of been if he could keep his eyes open we were driving for hours and Ashton and Calum were not sleeping they were practicing their Japanese "guys it's too early to be studying Japanese" I said yawning "go to sleep T" said Cal "I'm trying" I said I looked at Michael he was sound asleep I looked at Luke and he was sound asleep too he looked very cute too I wanted to reach for his hand but I was a little shy I know I shouldn't be since we been dating for over a year now but I can't help it he's just too sweet sometimes I'm afraid I'll do something stupid suddenly I felt a hand on my knee I looked and it was Luke's hand he was still sleeping "well your even cheeky asleep creepy but sweet" I said grabbing his hand and watched Calum make a funny Snapchat of Ashton trying to say Japanese words we finally got to Osaka we went to get something to eat cause we're all hungry I got a bubble tea and it was actually pretty good we got back in the car and drove to the city and of course the boys were being crazy again and I was sitting beside Michael rolling my eyes at them and than we find out we were taking a bullet train to the venue I was a little nervous cause I heard they go super fast I sat in between Ashton and Luke and I was holding on for dear life Luke held my hand the entire time he's so sweet and the boys began fooling around again of course it was annoying and got my mind off the fast train I was on. We got to the venue and waved at some fans waiting for the show to start and of course they freaked out LOL the show finally started Luke kissed my cheek again and ran on stage and once again the show rocked the show ended and we went back upstairs and the boys wanted to wave to the fans as they leave I looked out the window too and it was crazy next stop Tokyo.
(Here's the tour diary We got to Tokyo and decided to go to the arcade and it was pretty fun the boys dared me to go into a wind tunnel thing I did and it was fun and scary too my hair was a mess and my clothes were blown all over I literally had to pull my shirt down so the boys wouldn't see my big tummy LOL than we played video games the boys fought each other in a fight game I was the cheerleader of course I was cheering for my boy but he lost "poor Lukey" I said hugging him next we played a claw game and we failed badly it was not fun next we met some fans than walked to a club where we had to dress up in onesies I got Minnie Mouse it was so comfy and not long later the boys got a little drunk and did crazy things like rapping and jumped on each other it was crazy but I'll admit it was fun than finally we went to the hotel to rest up for the show tomorrow and we're going to be on a tv show again. ( here's the tour dairy The next morning Luke's voice was a little sore probably from screaming a lot last night "Aw poor Lukey boo there's only one thing to do to fix your voice in time for the show tonight no screaming and no talking for a little while" I said to him he pouted at me his cute pout oh did I mention his hair was extra hot today so it was very hard to focus I hugged him and than kissed his cheek. It was time for the show I stayed in the dressing room and it was just as strange as I remember they sang She's Kinda Hot and Luke's voice was good but not like it usually is oh dear now he probably feels bad and sad they came back to the dressing room and Luke looked very sad I ran over to him and hugged him tightly "there there Lukey it wasn't your fault your voice just needs rest" I said he smiled but still looked upset and his arms stayed tightly around me and leaned his head on mine. Show time and Luke rested up he had a nap took some pills and drank some water I made sure he rested up and once it was time to get ready for the show I woke him up and he sounded much better he hugged me and kissed my cheek over and over again "thank you babe for cheering me up and getting my voice back" he said I giggled "your welcome Lukey now go out there and do your thing" I said he kissed my lips and ran on stage they sang Carry on where Michael literally sat at the piano once the spot light came on scary but beautiful next they sang Hey Everybody, Money and Disconnected next they sang Don't Stop and Waste the night next they sang Vapor and Jet Black Heart next they sang Castaway and Outer Space next they sang Voodoo Doll than the Tokyo song which was funny than Permanent Vacation than lastly She Looks So Perfect they bowed and ran off stage "great job guys you nailed it again" I said Luke hugged me so tight we went back to the dressing room and ate some food Ashton did an updated video for the fans we went back to the hotel tomorrow is another exciting day full of interviews fan event than off to the next city. The next morning Luke was feeling much better thank god he was back to being his happy and sweet self he would not stop kissing my head which was fine with me but a little strange "Lukey stop it that tickles" I said he just smiled at me and my heart melted again now it was time for the Fan event and there was this huge surprise for the boys and me which sounded exciting we went back to the venue and their were a ton fans waiting outside this was going to be fun somehow I ended up in the dressing room by myself cause the boys went to find their surprise suddenly Michael came running in looking scared and confused "Tristan come see this it's Mini 5sos it's creepy" he said grabbing my hand mini 5sos what is he talking about? suddenly what I saw was shocking their stood 4 little boys they did look a little like the boys and it was a little creepy "Aw their so adorable" I said "but are they cuter than us" asked Ashton I looked at the older 5sos and Mini 5sos "well maybe a little" I said "well than why don't you  just date mini me than" said Luke than he walked away "Lukey I was joking" I said running after him "I know I was just playing with you" he said than wrapped his arms around me "but seriously would you date someone else if they were cuter than me?" he asked my eyes widened at him seriously "of course I wouldn't your my soul mate Luke I lost you once I'm never losing you again" I said he smiled "I love you Tristan" he said that still sends a shiver down my spine "I love you too" I said than I felt lips on mine I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me Ewww gross" we heard behind us we pulled apart and looked mini 5sos and the others were covering their eyes me and Luke chuckled. Time for the fan event I was going to be in it too so this very exciting we got on stage I sat at the end beside Luke during the interview he would grab my hand every so often and the audience would Aw at us part 1 part 2 part 3 mini 5sos came out and played She's Kinda Hot and it was good the boys were impressed and so happy part 4 they performed I just sat at the side and watched them kill it. After the fan event we went back to the airport and flew too China next stop Shanghai but first interviews.

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