You look so perfect 5sos/ Luke hemmings love story and fanfic

Tristan brown always thinks she isn't pretty enough to have love she never had a boyfriend never been kissed before or been told love you by a boy. She's best friends with 5sos and 1d they all treat her like a princess she gets super close to Luke and starts having feelings towards him will she let her fear get in the way of her happiness or will Luke have to make her feel perfect? Find out soon


36. 2 weeks later/ hanging with Hey Violet 106.1 interview/ gig, Sunrise, first ever Snapchat Story, Dan & Maz interview, radio interview, Network Ten, ABC TVA,


2 weeks later/ hanging with Hey Violet
Tristan's POV
Ok so I'm going to explain basically the worst week of my entire life so the next morning after the big party I woke to a sleeping Luke beside me I smiled and kissed his nose than I noticed I got a DM from a fan strange I opened Twitter and looked at it was a photo I made it bigger and I was shocked at what I was looking at it was Luke holding hands with another girl last night I was both confused and angry how could he do that? thought he loved me? I was angry I yelled in his ear to wake him up I showed him the photo I hoping he was going say it was fake but he didn't he said that it happened but he wished it haven't the moment his hand touched hers I was furious I threw the ring at him and yelled in his face "WE'RE OVER" I packed a bag and went over to HV room I told them what happened and they were just as mad as me they said I could go home with them and see how I feel after 2 weeks I agreed I needed space from Luke and the boys I couldn't help but break down crying my heart was broken in half the one thing I was afraid that would happen when I fell in love happened and I couldn't be more sad I really thought Luke was the one and would never hurt me but I was wrong. Now it's officially been two weeks since I started living with Nia and Rena I have to admit it was fun their dogs are super cute and sweet right now we were getting ready to do a periscope Casey and Miranda stayed over we are going to be doing it while making breakfast should be interesting and fun I been trying to forget about Luke but it wasn't easy he kept calling and texting me I been ignoring him and the other boys too they are doing their next radio interview/ gig this afternoon I decided I would go but I won't be speaking to Luke at all it will be hard but I'm going to support the boys not listening to more Luke lies we started the Periscope it was funny and it helped a little but my mind was still on Luke I packed my bag again and was ready to go back to the hotel and see the boys hopefully it's not awkward "Are you sure you want to go?" I asked Rena I sighted "I can't avoid him forever but it doesn't mean I'm going to talk to him" I said "good make him suffer" said Miranda I giggled "thanks guys for cheering me up" I said Rena hugged me tightly "we're do anything for you" she said I patted her back 'thanks Rena" I said I than hugged Nia and Miranda and even Casey hugged me I got in the car and waved bye to them all time to face my friends and ex boyfriend.
106.1 interview/ gig
Tristan's POV
I got to the hotel nervous to see the boys again their my still best friends but not sure what to call Luke anymore he's not my boyfriend anymore and I don't know if I even want him as a best friend anymore ugh this is hurting my brain I looked around the hotel than suddenly engulfed in strong arms I turned around and it was Michael smiling like always "Mikey" I cheered hugging him back "don't ever leave us again" he whined his adorable whine "I won't I promise" I said he kissed my cheek than Calum hugged me too his hugs are always so good than Ashton hugged me I finally spotted my least favorite person right now Luke it wasn't helping that he looked so hot as usual "ok lets go to the radio station before this gets awkward" said Ashton I was almost glad he said something or else this was going to be very awkward Michael suddenly pulled aside "you need to talk to him " he said I looked at him with confusion he actually wanted me to talk to him "but Mikey" I said but he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door guess I'll talk to him later. We got to the radio station and the interview started I sat at the end beside Ashton part 2 now it was time for the gig I stood the side this time and watched them thankfully they didn't mess up part 2 the interview was finally finished now the boys had nothing to do until tomorrow when they fly back to Australia to start promoting their second album I don't know what to do even just today I couldn't even look at Luke I don't think I can survive months with him around me I might just go back Hey Violet's or just fly home tomorrow when they go to Australia ugh I don't know what to do? suddenly there was a knock on the door I yelled "come in" I yelled hoping it wasn't Luke thankfully it wasn't it was Calum oh great "Hey Cal" I said trying to not sound upset "we need to talk" he said uh oh "about what?" I asked pretending I didn't know what he meant he gave a "are you serious look"  "about Luke" he said I knew it "Look if your asking me to take him back I'm not" I said he sighted and sat beside me on the bed "T he feels awful about what he did he has been crying and being miserable for 2 weeks straight I have never seen him so heartbroken" he said great now I feel bad "Geez thanks for making me feel bad Cal" I said he chuckled and sighted "you have nothing to feel awful about look you don't have to forgive him completely it will take time for you guys to get back on track but if you still love him it can happen" he said I sighted did I still love him? " so your saying I just try and be friends with him like we're starting all over again" I said he nodded "yes" he said "I'll think about it" I said Calum pouted his cute pout he is so adorable sometimes I rest my head on his shoulder "thanks Cal I feel a little better now" I said he kissed my cheek I blushed a little than he left the room I sighted I know what I need to do?
Airport/ Sunrise in Melbourne
Tristan's POV
it was travel day we got to the airport I still deciding what to do? do I take Cal's advise? I will miss the boys like crazy can't imagine my life without them and the idea of starting over with Luke felt like a good idea I should talk to him first? wait shoot I'm not with them right now their left me to think the flight leaves in half an hour I quickly ran to the private room it was easy to find it had fans waiting by the door lucky I got in there without being mobbed the guys were just talking and didn't notice me "Hey have room for one more?" I asked their heads all just turned around to me and they suddenly all smiled "T your coming?" asked Michael I looked at Luke and Calum who nodded his head "yeah I'm coming" I said Michael cheered and ran over to me picked me up and spun me around I giggled and hugged him back our flight was called and we got on the plane I was sitting beside Michael Luke was on the other side of him sleeping I looked at him and sighted guess I'll talk to him in Melbourne. We got Melbourne like at 3 am and the show started at 6 am it was very early and hot which was strange cause it was so early we got to the place where the show was the boys did soundcheck and their were already tons of fans there as I watched them practice I couldn't but look at Luke he was so hot even in the morning when he was dead tired it was hard to imagine being just friends with him but if we are ever getting back together he needs to earn my trust back I was so heartbroken I even wrote a song about it I know silly but it actually turned into a good song I can't wait to sing it for the boys but later I need to talk to Luke. After sound check we all cooled off in a tent for shade thank goodness Luke changed into a white shirt god it was hot on him shut up brain ok just talk to him now "Hey um Luke can we talk?" I asked his head jerked up and looked at him he nodded the other boys looked at me I nodded at them "We're go and meet some fans" said Ashton him, Michael and Calum left with him I looked at Luke and took a deep breath but before I could speak he grabbed my hands and looked straight in my eyes "T I'm so sorry I know your never forgive me but you need to know I regret everything that happened that night after you left I should of came with you" he said wow wasn't expecting that "Luke I know your sorry and I'm willing to forgive you but we go back to just being friends" I said he looked at me and at his hands tangled with mine he quickly pulled them away I almost didn't want him too but kept focused "you mean we're just going to be friends? are we ever getting back together?" he asked with a little sadness in his voice I sighted "maybe one day you have to earn my trust back first" I said he nodded "I can live with that" he said "good so are we ok?" I asked I was pulled into a hug man I miss these arms around me "we were always ok" he said I sighted and melted in his arms suddenly we pulled apart "come on the show is starting" I said walking out of the tent my face felt a little hot maybe I do still love him?. The show started they started with She's Kinda Hot and She Looks so Perfect next they got to do the Weather which was funny cause they were so bad than they sang Amnesia and Jet Black Heart the show ended than we got in the car to do more interviews.

First ever snapchat story/ Dan & Maz Interview
Tristan's POV
We were on our way to do another interview well me, Calum and Luke Ashton and Michael were going to be doing another interview at another radio station I suddenly heard Michael talking I turned around and him and Ashton were doing something on a phone "what are you guys doing?" I asked them "making a snapchat video" said Ashton they got Snapchat now? cool and oh no this is not going to make the fans happy it might just kill them LOL (here's the video) Ashton and Michael went too their interview and the rest of us went to our interview I sat in the middle between Cal and Luke he was so close to me I felt his leg on mine this wasn't helping the whole friendship thing lucky the interview started and boy was it funny I almost peed myself laughing than it was off to another interview but first Ashton and Calum went in and the rest of us just listened in it was pretty funny part 2 was Luke and Michael and it was also pretty funny part 3 I nearly died from laughing the boys are so funny when they all get together it was so funny it finished than we went to more interviews as we waited the boys did another Snapchat than they did an interview with Network Ten some news station I sat beside the interviewer and watched them it was funny but also very deep I almost cried at one point part 2 they than talked about the album next they did a Q&A session I just watched again next they were on the news again this was a long day of interviews finally we were finished we went back to the hotel and rested a little before we do another interview on TV this time I was going to be in it it's called the Project.

Ok guys a few questions 1 when should they get back together? 2 How Long were they in Bali? 3. When should they have their first kiss officially?  

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