Unknown Love

Everyone has a reoccurring dream that they know nothing about. Mine is unique.


2. the first day

I get into the car and get a pep-talk from my mom. I am not really listening to her. The drums pound in my ear as i listen to green day. Just as Billie Joe's sweet voice starts singing she takes them out of my ear.

"Jess, its your last year dont get discouraged over boy.focus on your studies and maybe you should think about starring in the school play or join choir to acctually show people you can sing." i roll my eyes.

"Mom no one cares if i can sing, this year wont be any diffrent than any other year" i say with anger. With that j return to my music. We get to school and i say bye and walk quietly to my locker. Some people notice me and i say hi but other than that i just keep walking. I close my locker and hear "OMG Jess look at you!" There she is brit in all her glory. We give each other a hug then walk to class together. We make small talk along the way. We get to class and sig next to each other. The teacher takes roll and then he walks in.


Hi guys let me no what you think about my story so far! Hope you like it!

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