Unknown Love

Everyone has a reoccurring dream that they know nothing about. Mine is unique.


1. Intro

The setting sun sheds its last rays of light on us. We sit on the sandy beach with the waves crashing and breeze blowing through out hair. "Jess," he says holding me tightly in an embrace, " I wish we could just stay in this moment. If I could just stay here and hug you for the rest of my life." He leans in for a kiss and then it disappears. The early morning sun shines in. Of course, the first day of 8th grade. This dream has been happening a lot. I guess most people would say its boy craziness, but something about it feels real. There is a part of me who thinks one day i could be real but dreams are mostly fake. I go to a small school. Most of the boys in my class aren't cute. All of the boys run after my best friend, Britney. u have had my eye on one guy forever, but he is one of my best friends and has liked Brit forever. My last year with all my friend before we go our different ways. Well here it goes with these people

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