The Life Of An Assassin

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  • Published: 30 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 1 Oct 2014
  • Status: Complete
An emotionally deep story about the life and thoughts of the famous female assassin Rae Dusyn.


1. Chapter 1

     When I was little I wanted to be a dress maker. Just like my mother. I think its clear that it never happened. I chose a different path. A darker path.

     Not that I meant for it to be dark, believe me, I didn't do it for fun. I did this for justice. I did it for a long time. Too long.

     I'm an assassin. Plain and simple. People hired me. People died. And every death avenged my family. The closest people to me.

     My family lived in a small village. Only about fifty to seventy people. The village was by the forest, so mostly everything was made of wood. It was a secluded little village. A ways away from the castle. So we weren't brainwashed by the King and his followers. We believed in a free life. Without high, pointless monthly taxes. We believed in fair work and fair pay. Maybe we believed a little to loudly. Maybe we should have kept our mouths shut. Because they heard. And they burned us.

     I was fourteen at the time, like most of the other older children, I was taught to speak my mind. We would be at the adult meetings, were they discussed how to change the monarchy, over throw the King. They said they wanted the perspective of the young.

     Maybe that's why the children burned too.

     Somehow word of our rebellion leaked out. The King immediately sent his soldiers out. With fire and blade. They set our homes on fire and killed anyone who tried to escape. Except me. I was the wildcard. I always was good at sneaking around. I still am, its what keeps me alive.

     I escaped into the forest, where I could only listen to the screaming, and shouts, the crackle of fire and burning wood. I know my family did not survive. I searched. But only found charred bones.

     Something changed inside of me that night. I hardened. I didn't speak out any more. I kept to myself, begging for food. Until I got the job. My first job.

     I don't know how they found me, or how they knew my name. They just did. They offered me pay and I took it. I was able to afford to rent a room. I could buy food. And best of all, I was getting the King back. My employers passed my name around, I was hired by many people, and they didn't turn me in as long as I got the job done. So really, I've been an assassin since age fourteen.

     That was four years ago.

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