It's Number 20

My name is Finley Rae McAdams, and I live in Seattle, Washington. I am a Kindergarten teacher at a local elementary school. My favorite thing in the entire world is baseball. Yes, I am a girl who is fluent in baseball. My favorite player just happens to be Logan Morrison, and he just got signed to play for the Mariners. So, what happens when he ends up here. We will have to see.


2. I Have the Wrong Room

I walk into my hotel room on Wednesday night after a very long day with my tiny children. Being a Kindergarten teacher can have it’s, shall we say, craziness, and today was one of those crazy days. I can still hear the children yelling, “Ms. McAdams!” in my ear.

I plopped down on the bed, thinking to myself that I wished I was in my own bed. A few weeks ago, in the apartment complex that I lived in had a bunch of pipes burst, and my entire apartment and a few others got destroyed. Now I have to wait for them to redo my whole apartment, which isn’t such a bad thing, but it is just taking forever. At least I had something to take my mind off it, baseball. The Seattle Mariners would be starting spring training in two weeks and I am super excited. I have been a Seattle Mariners fan for as long as I can remember, but in a way I am a traitor to that. My favorite player is Logan Morrison, who last played for the Miami Marlins. I had to admit, he has a great bat and glove, but he also has a pretty nice ass.

When I heard he was finally coming to Seattle I thought I was going to die, my dreams had finally come true and I don’t have to be a traitor anymore. I couldn’t wait to see him start playing or us.

I decided that I had laid around long enough and it was time to make some dinner. After the long day at work and long meetings, I was starved.  I made some pasta, checked my Facebook, and watched a movie or two then I realized it was 11:00 o’clock, and it was probably time I went to bed since I have to be up at 5:30 to get ready for work. I did my nightly routine and slipped into bed. I did have to admit, the beds were pretty comfortable at this hotel.

I slowly drifted off to sleep, but at 1:00am I heard a knock at my door. What the hell, I thought to myself. I threw off my warm, cozy blankets and groggily walked over to the door and opened it.

“Hello,” I said half asleep.

“Oh, sorry. I have the wrong room,” the person said to me.

“Alright. Good night.” I shut the door.

Not even two seconds later, I realized who was at my door. Logan Morrison. I ran back to my door, threw it open and looked both directions down the hall. He wasn’t there. How did I miss this? I crawled back into bed and grabbed my phone so that I could set my alarm for really early in the morning. I figure if I get up early enough, I might just see Logan before he heads out for training or a meeting.


I heard my alarm go off at 4:00am, and I jumped out of bed to get ready for the day. I wanted to look my best for Logan, but I didn’t want to be too dressed up because I always get paint or markers on me in my Kindergarten class. I ended up wearing this:


I just curled my read hair for the day and put on some very light pink makeup, sprayed my Juicy Couture perfume and I walked down to the lobby. I figured I could sit there for an hour before I had to actually leave for work. I brought down my book that I was reading, and I read for 45 minutes. I started to lose hope, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw the dirty blonde haired, Seattle Mariners jersey wearing man, Logan Morrison. 

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