Face So Sunny

Luke gets sad and doesn't eat sometimes, But he's brave and is a cuddly punk rock boyfriend. Michael is abused and is scared of everything but he is strong and is definitely a badass. Ashton cuts, cries and gets away from his problems but he makes adult decisions and is the cutest anyone has ever seen, and Calum holds them all together, sure, he breaks sometimes too but he's very smug and he's got a wicked adoration for puppies and can teach young ones a thing or two.

All the 1D guys are in here, a mention of Nick Grimshaw and Lou and Tom and Luxy.


5. Chapter 5

Calum's point of view

"Come on, get on" Luke says to me, and shake my head no. He fixes his new All Time Low SnapBack backwards on his head and his brow furrows. "Come on get on princess it'll give you a better view, I'm like six foot ten I can see fine, get on my shoulders and you can see better" he says and I laugh at the six for ten remark. I exhale a long, defeated sigh and I nod. Luke immediately smiles and gets on both knees in front of my chair and motions me to get on. After I sit on his shoulders I lean down to his ear and ask "am I going to get in trouble for this? And what if the people behind me can't see?" He rolls his eyes and says "fuck it" and goes back to looking at the stage and rocking out along with Alex, Jack, Rian and Zack; our idols. I look back up and try to enjoy the concert without feeling a little out of place being the only one that is three feet above everybody. They go through their whole concert set, Alex pulling off a guitar pick from the mic stand at the start of every song, until we are at the last song. I sing along to Somewhere In Neverland and when the song ends the crowd is louder then it was before, they all say goodnight and the lights come back on. I'm still sitting on Luke's shoulders and he looks up at me with his eyes tightly closed and a large smile with no teeth showing. I lean down and grab his chin and kiss him, but it doesn't feel quite right upsideown. "Spider-Man and Mary-Jane make that kiss look a whole lot easier and romantic then it actually is" Luke says, laughing out of the kiss. "Yeah so get me off your shoulders so I can give you a proper kiss" I say and he leans down on his knees by my chair and I hop off. "Thank you for that" I say and plant a sloppy kiss on his smiling lips. "And thank you for this" he says and motions toward the stage. "Mhm" I mumble and he leans into my side and laces his fingers together around my hips. We dodge ourselves out of the way as Rian throws his drum sticks and I think about how Ashton would have loved that.  "Home?" I ask and he nods. "Must... Sleep" he says, eyes drooping. "Okay Lukey let's get you home" I say and put a hand on his lower back and lead him through the exiting crowd.

 "You're acting like a little right now!" I say, laughing, as we cross the car park in the direction of his car. "Damn it do I have to place you in your seat and fucking buckle you up too?" I ask and he mumbles something similar to 'yes.' I open the passengers door and lift him in, and he is being a bit ridiculous, but he also held me on his shoulders for the whole concert so he might actually be a little exhausted. I buckle him and slam his door and walk over to the drivers side, and I have to fish through a smirking Luke's front pocket to get the keys. "Oh fuck off" I tell him as I pull the keys out. He does a deep giggle before leaning against the door and passing out. I roll my eyes in fondness of my boyfriend, as stupid and young as he is sometimes. Every so often I glance over at Luke and I'll catch him looking at me through his sleepy eyes. I drive to my house and I park a decent way down the street and I give Luke a quick kiss and say goodbye before hopping out of the car. I walk to my house and go inside to find only my sister and mum are awake. "How'd your date go, with what's her name?" Mum asks, and I sigh. "It went" I say, and go over and kiss both of them on the cheek and go upstairs. I wait for about three minutes and lock my door and grab a change of clothes before I climb back out my window and walk back to Luke's car. As assumed he is still passed out in the passengers side so I get back in the drivers side and drive to his house. "Lukey wake up, we gotta go inside" I say and begin to poke him. He still lays against the window, almost asleep. "Damn it Hemmings, wake up!" I yell and he blinks his eyes a few times and adjusts a small amount and goes right back to the same position. "Hey I said wake up!" I yell and he waves a dismissing hand in the air. I roll my eyes. "You give me no choice" I say, before leaning over and snaking my hands up his sides and reaching his armpits where he is most ticklish and he yelps in surprise and blushes when he is aware of what's going on. "Carry me" he moans. "Up fifteen fucking stairs? Hell no" I say and he smiles in amusement. "Well since you word it like that..." He says and yawns. I get out of my side and walk over to his and open the door and unbuckle him and he giggles a little before clasping his hands together around my neck and draping off my back, his long legs scraping against the ground till I grab under his thighs and he slams his car door and we proceed to his room. "Mums not here you don't have to act like we are starring in the mission impossible" Luke mumbles as I carry him through the house, sneaking around walls and my hands clasped in the shape of a gun. I walk to the counter in the kitchen and a note from Mumma Hemmo says 

Don't make a mess
Have fun 
Not too many people over at once 
I trust you 
I love you 
Don't do anything stupid 
I'll be back soon 
Don't do anything stupid 
Go to school 
Love you, 
      Mum. x

I read it in my head and Luke's  head is turned but he mumbles "what does the note say?" Into my back. "They are demanding ten billion and a plane ticket to Mexico, they want it within the hour, no cops involved and they have hostages" I say and Luke giggles. "What does it really say?" He asks, and I read it to him. "The fact that she had to repeat don't do anything stupid" I say and he jabs me below the ribcage. "Okay okay bedtime" I say and continue my playful 'sneaking around the house' act. With Luke half asleep on my back and the house all to us I smile.

 "My princess is so strong" Luke mumbles into my neck as he plants little kisses on my shoulder and up my neck and behind my ear as I carry him up the stairs. I blush and continue carrying him to his room. When we reach his room i gently place him on his bed and ask "pyjamas?" And he lazily moans, and shakes his head 'no' with his eyes squinted. I pull my jeans off and fish out my mobile and shuffle my music and Chocolate by The1975 plays on a low volume and I hop in bed next to him and lay on his shoulder. "Love you Lukey" I mumble into his chest. "Love you too Cal" he mumbles back. We both fall asleep to the sound of each other's breath and Matty Healy's thick accent singing "we're dressed in black from head to toe, we got guns hidden under our petticoats and we're never gonna quit it, no, we're never gonna quit it, no." 
Michael's point of view 

When shopping is finished we take a taxi back home because carrying all our shit home would be horrible. Ashton unloads it and puts it into it's proper place whilst I lounge about on the couch, occasionally glancing over at him. He moves swiftly like he knows exactly where everything goes and he's done this millions of times and when I try to help he yells and says I'm not putting it in the right place so I just back off. One of the things we purchased was a radio so I try and set that up whilst Ash is still unloading the food."Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" the radio blares as I find a clear station. "I fuckin love this song leave it on!" Ashton exclaims whilst bending over, halfway in the freezer drawer. "Duh I like it too" I say and pull on the Guns N' Roses tank I'm wearing. I move over to sit at the counter on one of the bar stools. Ashton finishes the unpacking and sits next to my and huffs out a sigh while looking at his feet. I reach over and lift his chin and look him in the eyes with a smirk, not saying a word. It's quiet for awhile with only the radio softly playing in the background as I look at him in the eyes but I break the silence by saying "what's shakin bacon?" And he laughs so hard. I smile at him, loving his laugh and loving seeing him happy. We sit for awhile laughing before the door bell rings and he gets up to go answer it. I pull my knees close to my face; nervous as to who it might be. We just moved here I don't understand who it might be. "Hello boys!" Lou exclaims as she walks in, dressed rather fanciful. I breathe out a sigh of relief and smile when I see Lux trailing behind Lou. "Hewwo bowyz!" Lux copies and we all laugh. "Hello" I say and smile at Lux. She runs over to Ashton and hugs his leg and he smiles wide and it enlightens me. After hugging Ash she runs to me and hugs my leg and tries to climb up the barstool next to me. I pick her up by the armpits and place her on the chair and she plays with my green hair. "Lux... I was thinking about changing the colour of my hair, what colour should I do next?" I ask her and she gets a mischievous grin. "Pink!" She exclaims and tugs on her magenta pink shirt that has cheetah spots in black. "If you want I can do that for you, that's kind of my job; it's what I love to do. That's probably why Lux loves playing with your guys hair because she takes after her momma" Lou offers. "Yeah that'd be great... but what can we do for you?" I ask and she says "that's sort of why I'm here, could you watch her tonight cause me and Tom have a date?" She asks and me and Ash both nod. "Amazing!" She exclaims. "Overnight or will you pick her up after your date?" Ash asks. "Oh we'll pick her up after the date" Lou says, waving her hand in dismissal. "Brilliant!" Ash says and comes over to the counter where Lux still has her hands in my hair. "Did ya hear that little one? You get to hang out with us tonight!" He says and tickles her sides. "Yay!!!" She exclaims rather loudly in my ear. "I brought toys and an extra change of clothes cause she's messy and she will eat whatever so don't worry about trying to feed her kids stuff or whatever." Lou says. "Oh, yeah and Tom had this xbox in our garage and he doesn't know I took it but I brought it for you two cause it seemed like somethin you would like and use instead of Tom leaving it in our garage." She says and pulls a large box through the door. "Fu...freaking yes!" I exclaim, catching myself from swearing in front of Lux. Lou gives me a warning look that says 'don't teach my daughter a string of curses tonight.' "Well awesome thank you so much" Ash says. "No problem, and are you sure about the magenta?" She asks me. "Whatever Lux says goes" I say and Lou laughs but nods. "Alright well I'll get that and see you tonight to pick her up and maybe tomorrow for hair dying?" She asks. "Sounds good to me" I say. 
"Oh right we got these mobiles from the store where you pay for the minutes and stuff so what's your number so we can call you if we need anything or Ash burns the Flat down?" I ask. Lou nods and rattles off a number that Ashton writes on a slip of paper and slides it over to me. 'Thanks' I mouth to Ash and he blows me a kiss and winks, I laugh and Lux giggles whilst she plays with Ashton's hair, holding it up in pigtails or a ponytail or tries to braid it and giggles more at the silly looking results. "Thanks guys so much, Lux I love you and I'll pick you up tonight, be good for Ashton and Michael" Lou says, and tries to kiss Lux on the cheek. Lux ignores the kiss and says "bye mom" with a blatant tone, not even taking her eyes off Ashton's hair to look up at her mum. "Wow looks like she's already found a replacement for me. Well you three have fun, see you later!" She says and walks out the door. "Alright Luxie what do ya wanna do?" Ashton asks her. "I wike play wif yowr hair" Lux says and Ash laughs and says "okay then that's what well do" and relaxes. I watch for a while, admiring how good my boyfriend is with little's and how adorable Lux is. I hop up and search through the bag of things Lou left for Lux and there is clothes, small ponies, little dolls, but then I find a giant bag that has tons of girly hair things. "Oh fuck yes" I whisper and begin to pull the bag out. "Hey Ash can you move maybe to the couch so Lux doesn't have to stand?" I ask. "Oh yeah. C'mon Lux" Ash says and turns around and picks Lux up and walks her to the couch, places her down and he sits on the floor in front of her seat on the couch and she continues playing with his hair. I open the package and organise it on the tray that it came with and I carry it over to Lux. When she sees it she inhales sharply in surprise. "You can use this stuff in his hair" I tell her and she gets a mischievous look. Ashton looks up from his spot on the floor and he laughs hysterically when he sees all the glittery clips and bow berets. "Fuck you" Ashton mouths to me and I laugh. Lux grabs Ashton's head and violently turns it so he is looking forward and begins bundling up bunches of his curly hair and using the clips and bows and hair-ties and brushing sections with a sparky brush. I take a few pictures and send them to Lou's mobile and walk over to the box that has the Xbox in it. Controllers, cords, games and even some films fill the box surrounding the Xbox that is in the middle of it all. "Wow Ash, This is great, there's some really good games and all the cords are here and controllers are here and there's even films" I tell him whilst I dig through the box. "Great great" he says. I bring the box over to the living room and place it near the flat screen television and dig through the box till I find the AV cords to connect the Xbox to the television. I can feel Ashton watching me as I connect all the cords and I occasionally glance at him from behind the television and laugh every time because lux has her tongue slightly sticking out as she focuses on doing Ashton's hair intently and Ashton has this miserable but gleeful look on his face. After the Xbox is hooked up I try it out, playing the game that was left in the Xbox. The game loads and Ashton and I laugh hysterically when the game menu comes up. "Why would Tom have a Just Dance game?" Ash laughs between words, still clutching his sides. Lux gets an angry look in her eyes as he won't stop moving from laughing. Lux growls loudly trying to express her anger with Ashton moving from laughing and then she slaps him. Ashton stops laughing out of surprise that Lux just slapped him on the side of the head. "Did she just?" Ashton asks me and I try not to laugh. "Aye! You're a little Sheila you can't go 'round hittin people! What would your mum say if she saw you hit?" Ashton scolds, also trying not to laugh because it's cute when little's do that sort of thing but it's bad to laugh because that teaches them it's okay. "Momma says no hit. Sowee" Lux says and sits down and stares at her hands. "Fuckin girl is so cute she gets upset and all you wanna do is throw glitter all over her and give her tons of gifts." Ashton whispers to me and I smile. "Hey Lux I'm sorry I yelled at you but you can't hit okay? I understand that you were mad but you can't hit" Ash says as he raises her chin to look her in the eyes. I laugh at the sight, Ashton with a bunch of clips and bows in his hair trying to be serious with Lux. "Not helping cupcake" Ash says to me and glares at me, but with a amused fondness in his eyes. He looks back at Lux and nods his head and she nods too. "I forgive you just try not to hit anymore" he says and kisses her on the forehead. He leans close to her ear and whispers something and she immediately perks up and gets a mischievous look in her eyes before fixing her gaze on me. "Miiiikeeeeyyy" Lux says, dragging out the vowels. "Ash what did you just whisper to her?!" I ask while backing away slowly as she approaches me with a handful of clips and berets and an intimidating grin. "Mikey... Ashy says you wike cwips in yowr hair." She says and inches closer to me. Ashton slowly gets up and walks slowly toward me next to Lux. 
"It's not punk rock... It's not punk rock... It's not punk rock" I whisper and repeat like a mantra. I shake my head 'no' and then my back hits the wall next to the television. Lux and Ashton exchange evil glances before charging in my direction and Ashton's sweet laugh rings through the house as he tickles all my sensitive spots and Lux's adorable giggle rings besides Ashton's as she puts clips of all kinds and colours in my green hair. I try to hate this moment but I can't, despite my current state of being held down and tickled and having girly things put in my hair I can't hate it because the warmness of Ashton's laugh and the gleeful look on Lux's face makes everything seem alright. 
Luke's point of view 

"You're not skipping school right?" Mum asks me. "Cal stop it's my mum!" I whisper as I pull the mobile away from my mouth. Calum continues teasing me by palming me though my jeans and I can hear my mum almost yelling through the mobile. "Lucas I said yore not skipping school because I'm gone right?" She says louder. "No mum I'm not. I'm in the car driving to school" I say and try to keep my voice normal. "Damn it Cal!" I yell as I pull the mobile away from my mouth again and try to smack his hand away from my crotch. "See mum Cal is in the car with me, tell her that were on our way to school!" I say and shove the mobile in Calum's face. "Yeah Mumma Hemmo we're on our way, and Luke is having a hard time talking on the mobile and driving so maybe we can call you back later" he says to her with a smirk. "Oh yes sorry love that's not safe, don't mess with your mobile whilst driving, I'll talk to you later, love you" she says and hangs up before I can say anything. Calum locks my mobile and puts it in the cup holder before leaning on his palm and looking out the window with an amused smirk pulling at his lips. "Fuck you Calum, you can't just start summat and not finish it!" I say and motion to the bulge in my jeans. "Yes I can" he says in a singsong voice and continues looking out the window with a smug look. "I'm not sure if you're aware but this is actually physically painful, and I know how much you hate seeing me in pain..." I say nonchalantly. At that he turns his head and glares at me in defeat before going back to palming me and finishing what he started. 

"You're bossy when I get you going" Calum teases as we walk down the hall to our classes. "And you are a real fucking tease" I add and he smirks. I roll my eyes before motioning my head to my classroom door and he frowns. "Love you" I whisper and he whispers it back. I hug him, swiftly planting a few small kisses between his shoulder and neck and going into class. 

"Settle in Hemmings and we will get started" the teacher says and I take a seat at the back of the class and fish out my glasses from my backpack. As I sit through class little balls of paper fly and hit me and people whisper words like "faggot" and "dork" when they throw the paper my way. I shrink down in my chair and try to just make it through the class and through the day.

The bell rings signalling my last class of the day is over and I am so thankful.  Each class had some form of teasing, wether it was paper being thrown at me or being shoulder checked on the way to my seat and even paste thrown at me in art class. People whisper things like "yeah he was kissing him all over in the hall" and I roll my eyes because leave it up to the grade 11 kids to overreact to three or four small kisses on Calum's shoulder to "all over." I meet Calum by my car and he looks just as exhausted. He sees me and his eyes fill with sorrow and the beautiful shade of brown I can't get enough of drains out of his eyes as he looks at me, his eyebrows scrunch and his arms fly open to hug me. We play a game of 'who had it worse in what class' as we go home, him sharing that he had a similar treatment in art but with glitter and feathers that were aimed for his eyes. "What the hell is wrong with people?" I choke out, trying to hold back tears. "I don't know Luke but I'm sorry" Cal says and leans over on my side and holds me in a side hug with his hands clasped together at my left hip. Who would have thought a couple kisses would have ended up in this mess. "I understand that maybe people don't like who we are but that doesn't entitle them to abuse us, you can have an opinion but you shouldn't express your opinion in violence. And baby think about it, Mikey got that every single day, from his parents too, the sole people who are suppose to love who you are and love you, not treat you the exact same way your classmates treat you" I say, breaking into tears when I talk about Mikey. "I know, I know violence isn't the answer for anything and it's quite barbaric to use violence on every person that blinked at you wrong or is gay or isn't wearing a shirt you like, and people don't get it that it's really not the answer, and Mikey oh god, Mikey is the single strongest bloke I've ever seen in my entire life, he can take his parents, take peers, and still get out of bed every day and do his best to make it through the day with the strength that didn't get beat out of him and he'd put a smile on his face because he didn't want to let everyone down but in reality we were letting him down because we didn't notice for so long and one day I asked him, I said "Mikey, how do you have the motivation to pull yourself out of bed and come here and get through the day?" And do you know what he said? He said "you, me, and Ashton." He took all of that, every day for us... It blows my mind, but I'm willing to take it for you." Calum says to me. "He said that?" I ask and he nods. "I'd take it for you too" I add and he softens, the colour returning to his eyes. "Let's just go to your house and put on a film and have a cuddle on the couch." Calum says and I nod and maybe even smile a bit. 
Ashton's point of view 

"Thank you guys so much for watching my lil' girl" Lou says as she walks through the door, still in the sparkly silver dress she wore to her date with Tom. "No problem, anytime, she had so much fun, I'm sure when she wakes up she'll tell you all about it" I say to Lou and she laughs. "Oh I saw quite a few pictures of your festivities, I have no doubt she had a lot of fun" she says and smirks, reminding me of Lux's mischievous grin. I laugh and give a passed out Lux to Lou. "Goodnight boys!" Lou says as she grabs the bag of Lux's things and walks out the door. "Well that went well" Mikey states and I nod. A silence fills the air as we both just stare at each other from across the room.  He stands next to the couch and I abruptly take him by surprise by charging full speed at him over the side of the couch and grab his chin and place a bunch of wet sloppy kisses all over his face and say "You" Kiss "Are" Kiss "So" Kiss "Good" Kiss "With" Kiss "Little's" Kiss "And" Kiss "It's" Kiss "So" Kiss "Fucking adorable" Kiss. Mikey blushes so hard and that makes me kiss him even more. "I get the point but I can't fucking breath!" Mikey says and laughs loudly. "Okay sorry" I say and get off of him. "You're an instigator" he says and I wink at him. Mikey yawns and it makes me yawn too and as I yawn he sticks his finger in my mouth and pokes my tongue and I giggle. "Bed?" I ask. "Bed" Mikey confirms with a nod. I reach my hand out and he grabs it and we walk to our room. 

"They make pyjamas for a reason" I state as Mikey strips to his briefs and jumps in bed. "What's the fun in spooning with pyjamas on?" He teases and wiggles his eyebrows at me. "You're just like fucking Luke sometimes I swear to god" I say and he giggles but then gets quiet. I walk over to the bed and rest my chin on his shoulder and say "hey... It's okay. They're okay, they have each other they'll be okay" I repeat to him. "But what if they're not?" He says, muffled by the blanket that is pulled up to his face. "How bout this, how bout we call them tomorrow day sometime?" I suggest. He raises his eyebrows in disbelief. "I memorised both their numbers, we can call them" I say and he nods. "Okay." He says and I nod and give him a slight smile. I walk over to my side of the bed and click the light off and immediately feel Mikey's body heat as he scoots over to my side and cuddles against me. 

I wake up with a patch of green tickling my face and small giggles. "What do you want now you tosser?" I mumble, still half asleep. "Love you too" Mikey says sarcastically and starts to slide out of bed, taking the covers with. "Come back here with those bloody fucking covers and your insane body heat!" I yell as he walks out of our room. "No you come here" he mumbles back. "Fucking" I yell and proceeds to climb out of bed and follow him. "What. The. Hell." I say as I walk out of our room. "Come have a cuddle with me" Mikey says and taps the couch beside him. "What time is it?" I ask. "Seven in the morning here, about ten at night back in Australia" he says and I understand now, he wants to call Luke and Calum. "Oh okay Cupcake" I say and grab the mobile off my dresser before coming back to the living room and sitting next to Mikey. I dial Calum's number and pray that he is not at home or around anybody that is looking for us. A few rings and a sleepy voiced Calum picks up with a muffled "hello?" And I smile so hard, it is so good to hear his voice. "It's us" I say, hoping that he understands. "Fuck. Oh my god. Luke wake up they're on the mobile" Calum says and I hear rustling before a sleepy voiced Luke says "wha?" And I laugh. I put them on speaker and set the mobile on Mikey's lap. "Fuck that was Ashton's laugh" Luke states and I hear more rustling and then clearer he says "fucking finally. I miss you guys so much" I smile and picture the last time I saw them. "We miss you both too so damn much." I say and Mikey nods. "Have the patrol been okay with you guys?" I ask, scared of the answer. "Just a lot of questions but not too bad no" Calum says and I sigh in relief. "Umm... Did we wake you guys up?" Mikey asks awkwardly. "Yeah we were having a cuddle on the couch and we fell asleep" Luke quickly replies. "Oh yeah is that all you were doing?" Mikey asks smugly. "Oh my fuck Michael yes that's all we were doing" Luke says and I can picture him rolling his eyes. 

"Ow!" Calum yells and a loud crash happens on the other line. "The hell?" I ask. I hear rustling and Luke says "sorry princess" and me and Mikey both laugh. "What?! He fell off the couch!" Luke yells. "I hope that's a pet name because if not then some pretty kinky stuff his happening over there" Mikey says and we all laugh, and I can tell both boys cheeks are flushed red by the way they both yell at the same time "No!" Me and Mikey laugh hysterically. "It's so good to not hear an American accent" Mikey groans and the boys both laugh. "That's got to suck dick" Calum says and Mikey groans again. "So what happened then?" Luke asks. "Well the porte was fine, the flight was fucking long and the security at O'Hare airport was dramatically horrible, yeah they call it an airport and we live in Illinois." I say. "Chicago is in Illinois right?" Calum asks. "Yeah, but anyways we met a lady called Lou and she and her husband Tom and her Little called Lux helped us by taking us to this really nice flat complex, or apartment complex and we met this bloke named Harry, and he and his husband Louis own the apartments so they let us rent one and it's really nice, and we have a few neighbours, Niall a young Irishmen a few years older then us and two blokes Zayn and Liam and their little named Lilliana, they seem nice and the town is called Geneva... is a nice place so it's good here but we miss you both so much." I finish and Mikey nods at me, approving of what I said and agreeing. "Sounds great. We miss you too" Luke says.

 "What have you been up to?" Mikey asks them. "Obviously school and stuff but yesterday we went to a... an All Time Low concert" Calum says smugly, "motherfuckers! God damn it you both know full well Alex Is my fucking idol!" Mikey yells and they both laugh. "Fuckin sick mate" Luke says in a marvelling tone.  "I sat on Lukey's shoulders the whole time" Calum says, in a cheeky tone and I smile at that. "You two are fuckin adorable" I say and giggle. They both laugh a nervous laugh and then it gets quiet.

 "Ashton is fucking adorable with little's, Lou had us babysit her little, Lux, and he let her put clips and bows in his hair almost all night" Mikey says, smirking, but still looking at me with an admiring look. "Aw" Calum says and me and Mikey and even Luke laughs. 
"Besides an All Time Low concert how has it been going by you guys?" Mikey asks.

 We can both hear them whispering but we can't hear what they're saying and it scared the shit out of Mikey because he pulls his knees up to his face and starts slowly rocking back and forth "guys...?" I say. "Oh shit sorry. Well it's been fine I guess, Luke's mum went to go visit his gran so we fell asleep on his couch..." Calum says in an unsteady voice. "Damn it you're avoiding the question. How has school been is what I was asking." Mikey says, muffled by his face in his knees. Calum huffs out a sigh and says "fine" but we all know that's a lie. "Bullshit" Mikey says. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. School has been frustrating because of all the interrogations about your whereabouts and I guess someone saw Luke kiss my neck or shoulder or whatever in the hallway and all the grade 11 kids and really the whole school made a huge deal about it like Luke was proper snogging me in the hallway. I really don't care about the shit that they do to me but it sucks cause me and Luke don't have any classes together and I just... I want to protect him like I'm suppose to..." Calum says, and I get a major tingle throughout my body because me and Mikey were in that exact situation. "Please stop" I can hear Luke say and I realise that they are probably both crying. "Listen... I can take some paste in my hair and people bumping my shoulder and tripping me if it lets me be who I am, fuck, yeah, It's unfortunate but I don't care that much." Luke says. "Luke listen, that's exactly where I was and you have to stay there, keep that frame of mind and just... Whenever you get pushed into a locker think of Calum, whenever you get tripped think of me and Ash, think of people that you love and then they'll start to make you stronger cause you have a reason to live and it's Cal, and us, and your little's, focus on the good in your life, after this punch then I get to go home and eat, damn it that sounds fucking messed up as hell but it keeps you in the positive mind frame and you can make it through the day, hardly but mate, you got this." Mikey says, and I nod throughout his speech, thinking back to all the times he's done that and he's definitely the strongest of all of us. I reach over and grab his hands and hold them for awhile, occasionally kissing his knuckles. "Thank you Mike. I'll do that" Luke says. 

It gets quiet and I say "hi Calum" and everyone laughs. Calum laughs through tears and says "hi Ashton" and I smile. Calum and Luke both yawn at the same time and come out of the yawn giggling like 14 year olds and Mikey rolls his eyes in fondness. "It's late and you guys have to go to school, whilst mums gone no skipping school, you know the rules" I say and both boys laugh hysterically "Mumma Hemmo had to write 'don't do anything stupid' twice on the note" Calum says and giggles and me and Mikey both laugh, knowing about the note Mumma Hemmo always writes to Luke when she leaves. Again we hear a loud thud and Luke laughing and Calum yelling "ow!" And after a lot of rustling Calum mumbles "that time he pushed me on purpose" and Luke does a deep evil laugh. The doorbell rings, Mikey curls up with his knees drawn to his face again and I hand him the mobile and I go check who it is.

 "Hello!" Lou and Lux say at the same time in a very enthusiastic tone. "Oh hello" I say and smile. "We are here to turn a certain teenage boy magenta" Lou says and Lux evilly giggles. They come inside and Mikey has placed the mobile on the counter and set up a barstool by the kitchen basin. "Hi Lou, hi Lux" Mikey greets and Lux runs up to him and hugs his leg. I pick up the mobile and say "hey you two should probably go back to bed, and we gotta go anyways." Luke yawns, confirming my statement "okay. Love you and miss you tons" Calum says. "Love you too and miss you just as much, say bye to Mikey" I say and hold the mobile to Mikey "bye Mikey love you!" They both yell and it makes me smile. Mikey says goodbye and hands me back the mobile. "Goodnight blokes" I say and hang up. "Goodnight?" Lou asks and looks out the window, confused because it is morning. "Our mates in Australia" I offer and she nods. "Miss them?" Lou asks, innocently. "Like sh... Like crazy" Mikey says and corrects himself mid sentence, glancing at Lux to see if she caught that near slip but she is off in her own world with ponies on our living room floor. "They're sort of in the same situation as us" I say, being sensitive of what I talk about in front of Lux. "Oh. Are they considering relocating as well?" She asks and I shrug my shoulders. "I mean I'm sure they want to leave too but I don't think they're in the... position to." I say. "Oh I understand... Well let's get to this hair!" She exclaims. Mikey hops up on the barstool and she hands him a container of colour powder to mix. While she takes out a white iPhone and Dock from a large bag and turns on a playlist "for doing hair" she states and I nod. Me and Lux watch as Lou does Mikey's hair, I occasionally poke her and she giggles but she is infatuatedly adoring the magenta pink she picked out and she is too focused half the time to see all the silly faces I am doing. 
 Luke's point of view

"Luuuukeyyy" Calum says as he gently shakes my shoulders. "I'm up, I'm up" I say and yawn. "Oh goodie" Calum says and a sweet grin pulls on his lips. "Fucking enthusiastic morning people" I groan and Calum giggles. "How...The fuck do you have enough energy or motivation to do that giggle this early and still manage to make me smile?" I ask through an endearing smile. "Because I love you" he says and kisses me. We lay on the couch for awhile, giggling in and out of kisses. "Your goddamn lips make me want to skip school" I mumble and he smiles and cuddles into my shoulder, pulling his knees up to my chest and clasping his hands around the back of my head. "Your hair, your smile, your fucking lip piercing, your wide ass shoulders, and fuck... your legs" Calum says, touching each as he says them. Just then my mobile rings with Jimmy Eat World singing "everything will just be just fine, everything, everything, will be alright, alright" "fuckkk" I groan and fish it out of my back pocket. "We got to get to yours so you can make the impression that you slept at yours last night" I say and he groans. "Fucking. Okay one more kiss?" He asks cheekily and I smile. "One more princess" I say and he wastes no time and grabs my face and kisses me. When I slip a hand through his hair and one down his lower back he moans in my lips and the endorphins kick in. 

"They totally bought it, I wish school was that easy" Calum says as he slides into the passengers seat. I nod and begin pulling out of his house in aim for our school. "Your lips are so fucking red I am so glad I'm not white because they definitely would have noticed" he laughs and opens my mirror for me to look, and in fact, my lips and a small portion surrounding them are red. "Bastard" I say and he giggles. Calum hums Holiday by Green Day and maybe it's the way the early sun shines off his tanned skin or the way his amethyst coloured tank top shows off his biceps and compliments his dark hair that is lazily styled over his forehead, maybe that's why I love him but I know it's much more than that. It's his giggle, his kind heart and how deep he loves, despite the flaws, fears, faults, and insecurities he loves with all his heart and it scares me to think about a life without him. It wouldn't even qualify as a life, it would be a miserable existence and a waste of time. "Fuck where the hell did I find you and how did I end up with someone so fucking amazing inside and out?" I ask, marvelling at him. He smiles before grabbing my hand and keeping it simple by shrugging his shoulders, not trying to provide an answer to my rhetorical question.  

"We can do this" Calum says as we pull up to the school. I nod and jump out of the car and we head inside the school. I think about Mikey's speech he gave me over the mobile call last night. "If we're out at school do you think our parents will find out eventually?" I ask. "Fuck you totally reminded me!" He exclaims. "We could just run off with our college funds" he laughs and I laugh out of nervousness, not understanding how that question reminded him of that but I just go with it. "Got about 5,000" I add. "I think I got 3,000 and I have money in the lock box in my room" he says and we both totally forgot about that. "S...so we leave soon?" I ask. "We could pull out the money tonight and leave on a flight early like Mike and Ash did" he says and looks at me, seeking approval. "They just left like three days ago, do you think it's too soon?" I ask. He considers this and nods. "You're actually right, let's wait a few more days, maybe have a day or so with our little's and then we can go" he says and I smile. "I have been your boyfriend way too long, I knew you were gonna say that, and let's not tell Mike and Ash, we can surprise them." I say. He thinks about it and smiles and asks "they said Louis and Harry's apartments in like Geneva right? Maybe we can look 'em up on the mobile and see if we can set up some surprise or summat?" I nod and add "sounds good" and he smiles and says "let's go destroy" with an evil smile. 

We part ways at our first classes, being careful of what we do in front of everyone that is clearly watching and waiting for something to happen that isn't going to happen. "Do we look like a fuckin film to you lot? Mind your damn business" Calum says angrily and I put a hand on his shoulder to let him know that I'm okay and then he walks off. I roll my eyes at everyone who is standing around trying to be subtle or act like they're doing whatever when they're just here because they heard about me kissing Cal's neck yesterday and they want proof or they want to be the centre of attention because they saw firsthand 'those two gay boys.' 
I sit down in class and a few more people arrive. as class starts I don't quite pay attention, I focus on picking at the loose thread around my knees because what's the point of paying attention in class when I'm leaving in a few days anyways? 

-nt evn payin attentn 2 lessn bc we leavin bby(:< -

'Princess' texts and I smirk, loving that we think so alike. 


Is all I message back and play with my lip ring with my tongue

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