Face So Sunny

Luke gets sad and doesn't eat sometimes, But he's brave and is a cuddly punk rock boyfriend. Michael is abused and is scared of everything but he is strong and is definitely a badass. Ashton cuts, cries and gets away from his problems but he makes adult decisions and is the cutest anyone has ever seen, and Calum holds them all together, sure, he breaks sometimes too but he's very smug and he's got a wicked adoration for puppies and can teach young ones a thing or two.

All the 1D guys are in here, a mention of Nick Grimshaw and Lou and Tom and Luxy.


4. Chapter 4

Calum's point of view

I walk into my third class of today, maths, but before I even sit down the headmistress says over the speakers "we would like to take this time and ask for anyone associated with Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford to report to the the therapists office, wether you're a friend or an acquaintance we would like to see you in the office, if you do not come we will announce your name over the speakers and you will be sought out, as we need any information a friend or acquaintance can supply, thank you for your time" and I sigh. Might as well embrace the unavoidable. I walk out of the class room and I see Luke at the other end of the hall, meeting me halfway and asking "are they gonna ask us why they're missing?" And I nod. Luke smirks. "what?" I ask. "I made a big show in front of my mum about how much I hate Mike so it would look like we got into a big fight before they left so he wouldn't tell me why he left" and I smile. "We did the same exact thing, I swear we all have the same minds" I say and laugh. As we near the therapist office we see authorities and I get nervous. "Hey stop don't freak out because they can sense that and know that you know summat" Luke says, clearly noticing my distress. "right." I say and try to relax as we both walk in, fingers brushing at our sides. "Luke Hemmings please take a seat" the Patrol man tells him. He obliges and the patrol beings to ask questions. "When was the last time you saw either or both of these boys?" He asks. Luke huffs out a sigh, acting cooly and unamused by the whole situation, and I feel pride that my boyfriend is handling this like a pro, showing them that this interrogation doesn't intimidate him like they want it to. "We got into a huge argument and I haven't seen either of those dicks since Saturday" he says. "What was the argument about and was the argument heated enough to make them run away?" The patrol says and Luke's eyes get wide. "Wait so they actually ran away?" He asks dramatically, avoiding the question. The patrol officer gets an angry look on his face "that's what I said, and you didn't say what your argument was about" he asks, prying again. "That's a personal question that I guarantee you won't help solve where they ran off to and just out of curiosity, how do you know they went together, maybe they just coincidentally left the same night, paths going two different directions?" Luke asks in again an unamused tone that impresses me. He puts emphasis on his bored act by leaning back in his chair and picking under his nails and damn I need to take acting lessons from this kid, I am way beyond impressed. "Mr. Hemmings you have been no help at all thank you very much... For your time" the patrol says, in a dry tone and ushers Luke to get up out of the seat. "Calum Hood please take a seat" the patrol says and points to the office chair that Luke just got off. "Mr. Hood when was the last time you saw either or both boys?" The patrol asks. "Same as Luke... Saturday" I say. "Now would you like to tell me about this argument?" He asks and I nod 'no' and that makes him really frustrated. "Have they ever spoke of running away with you?" He asks. "Nope" I say and begin to act more bored by pick at the loose threads on the hole in my jeans at my right knee. "Like Mr. Hemmings do you suspect the possibility of a coincidental running away on the same night?" The patrol asks and I lean back in my chair "honestly... When we had our argument Luke and I were the only that came out of it as friends, neither of them were happy with each other when we walked away, and they didn't talk to us all Sunday so neither of us know where they went no matter how hard you're going to persist by asking us questions. And again, the argument was minuscule and would not anger someone enough to fucking run away, they both aren't that sensitive enough to pack up and leave if they get mildly angry at summat or else they would have packed up and left many of times over the years" I say. I begin to drum my fingers on my lap to give that bored image and the patrol seems angry as hell. "Do you have anything else to say?" The patrol asks. "Nope" I respond, popping the P. "Have a nice day Mr. Hood." The patrol says and I get up and walk out of the office with Luke. When we get out we immediately go outside and as soon as we don't see any people we both fist bump and Luke begins "that was absolutely fucking brilliant!" He yells and I counter compliment his statement with "you too mate, I swear you are sick at the whole bored as hell look." 

"Did you see how fuckin angry he was!" Luke exclaims and we both laugh. "We totally killed that interrogation" I say and he nods. "We should probably get back in there?" I say and point to the doors. "Yeah it would look to sketchy if we skipped the rest of school" he says and I nod. I stand in front of him and get down on one knee and he hops on my back, giggling like a 12 year old little and maybe I am too. I run with him back into the school and luckily no one is in the hallway so I drop him off at his class while I go back to maths. "Love you" I say quietly. "Love you too" he whispers before going to class. I head back to maths and everyone stares at me as I walk in but I ignore it. When I sit down I look back to the seat where Mikey is suppose to be and I have bittersweet emotions about that. Happy that he is with Ash being able to live without being beat and made fun of but sad that I won't get to see them for awhile. I think about what I said to Luke about how we will go find them and it excites me but saddens me that I have to leave so many things and it frustrates me that this world is so messed up to the point of teens running away from their parents and peers because they can't love the same gender. When class ends I walk out, and my mobile beeps signalling I have a text from mum. 

-come home now please- 

It reads, and I make it out to find Luke to let him know that I'm going home because my mum texted. When I find him I say "hey love mum texted and wants me home, I'll see you later" and he smiles and nods. "Text me when you get home so I know you got home safe" he says, and that makes me smile. There's a million ways to say 'I love you' like "you should get some sleep" or "put your seatbelt on" or "text me when you get home so I know you got home safe." I walk home with my headphones in, singing along with "It's nine in the afternoon, your eyes are the size of the moon." There are patrol cars outside Ashton's house as I suspected. I send Luke a quick "I'm home babe" text and delete it as soon as it delivers, and then I place my mobile in my pocket as soon as I see my mum "Calum, love, good to see you, sorry I called you out early but the patrol needed to have a word with you about your best friend" mum says, and I take that as my cue to fake angry "mum he is not my best friend, and I already spoke with the patrol at school, goddamnit I don't know where Ashton is." I say and storm into the house, stomping my feet for extra effect' I say to myself and smirk. The patrolmen are in the dining room and I go in and plop down on a chair, trying to give the same act as I did in school. "When was the last time you saw Mr. Irwin or Mr. Clifford?" The patrol man asks. "Damn it I already went through this animal circus and answered these questions with the patrolmen at school, do I have to go through this drab again?" I ask, rolling my eyes and leaning back in my chair. "Well if you ever hope on finding your friends again I suggest you share what you know" he says. "As far as I'm concerned those blokes aren't my friends" I say and yawn...'for extra effect.' "Why would that be Mr. Hood?" He asks and I roll my eyes. "You patrol officers are all the same, bloke just asked me the same damn thing at school and you're getting the same answer. That's personal." I say and look him right in the eyes. "It was an argument that was large in a sense but it wasn't anything large enough for them to want to run away, and besides they got mad at each other too so they probably just coincidentally left the same night" I finish. "Well... I guess we haven't looked at it from that perspective." The patrol man says and paces around pondering the idea, and I hide my smirk in another yawn. "So..." I say, in a bored tone, dragging out the O. 
Michaels point of view 

The lock clicks as I spin the key and I smile at Ashton right as I open the door. I grab his hand as we walk in and we both stare in amazement. The city, called Geneva, is classy. Small but beautiful buildings from a long time ago fill the sight in a large one-wall window that is directly across from the door. To the right is an open kitchen, every appliance jet black and the cabinets dark red cherry wood, and the countertops a black sanded look like the makers took sandpaper to it. The tiles are dark red, and of what walls in the kitchen you can see that aren't covered by cabinets are dark brown, and the bar has black stools. The dark kitchen table that is close to the window and near the kitchen fits in with the whole theme. to the left is an open living room, black leather couches, a small dark cherry wood coffee table, black cube shaped ottomans, and a giant dark brown and red coloured rug covering most of the dark cherry wood floors, and the first thing Ashton says is "fuck. it's so coordinated" and I nod. The television stand is dark brown wood with lots of cubby holes and a black metal lamp with a dark red lampshade add to the coordination and it really impresses me. The walls that aren't a window are dark red, and I follow Ashton down the large hallway connected to the living room. The hallways walls are both black and each of the four doors are painted all different colours, the first door we go into is a dark red door and it is a bedroom. Large bed with black blankets, the walls are dark red and the dressers and television stand are dark cherry wood and the closet door is black. We walk out of that room and go to the room across the hall with a brown door and it is an office, a small desk, lamp and a conjoined couch with a ottoman in the middle. The next room has a black door reminding me of Ashton's back in Australia and it is similar to the first room but a little bigger, and the layout is slightly different and the walls are splashed with different coordinating colours. "This is definitely our room." I say and Ashton laughs "hell yeah" and we drop our bags. Ashton sits on the end of the bed and I say "hey hey hey there's still two more rooms!!! One down this hallway and one connected to the kitchen!" And he giggles but obliges as I pull his hand. The door on this room is a light brown and it appears to be a bathroom. The countertops are creme coloured, the basin is a black glass, the tiles on the floor dark brown and obviously all the bathroom things like a shower, tub and toilet. Even the hand towels and the towels hanging on the hooks on the walls are all coordinated black, brown, and dark red. It truly impresses me. We walk back into the kitchen and open the dark orange door and it is another bathroom, similar to the last one.   

In the kitchen Ashton opens a closet looking door that we didn't see before and it has shelves, so it's a pantry. "Tired or hungry" Ashton asks. "Yes" I say and he laughs and pushes my shoulder. I dramatically fall on the floor and clutch the shoulder he pushed and wince and he immediately gets on his knees and starts apologising up and down "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, hey, you're okay, I'm sorry" he says while trying to pull me up and hug me. I get on my knees and push his shoulders and he falls back on the giant rug and I grab his cheeks and plant small kisses all over his face. He giggles and gasps for breathe while saying "Get off of me, you giant cupcake!" Still giggling. When I don't get off he starts to tickle my sides, at the place he knows I'm sensitive and I retreat immediately yelling "Abort! Abort! Abort!" And I get up and back away from him and he giggles. "You're a cheesy bastard sometimes, Clifford" he says to me. "And I'm fucking hungry so let's go get summat to eat." I say and he nods. "Then we can come back here and sleep and tomorrow we will go shopping and get the needs." I add and he says "brill" and we head out the door, and I lock it as we leave. "Pizza?" I ask. "Pizza" Ashton confirms. I bend down on one knee and Ashton jumps on my back and I run with him giggling in my ear. When we exit the flat complex we go left and we come to a bunch of small family owned shops and finally find a pizza place. When we arrive he hops off my back and we walk in and sit down at the table flushed to the window so we can start to know the new town we just moved into. "What can I get you to drink boys?" An older blonde lady asks, in American an accent and that will  take a long time to adjust to. "Coke please for both of us" Ashton says, trying to cover his accent as best he can. "Alright! Two cokes comin right up!" The lady says and walks off. "Didn't know we were getting into this much this morning" I say and Ashton nods. He reaches his hands over the table and holds my hands while he stares out the window looking at the people passing by. I feel him gently rub his ankle against mine and I laugh to myself because he's never been afraid of being the footsies type of bloke. "Cokes!" The waitress exclaims and puts the cokes in front of us minutes later. "Thank you" I say and she nods. "Are you ready to order?" She asks and I nod. "Can we get one medium pepperoni pizza please?" I ask. "Alright! And that's it?" She asks and I nod. She walks off with the slip of paper with our order on it and I look back at Ashton, who is drinking his coke through a straw, still holding my hands and playing the footsies game under the table. "Love you sunshine" I say and he blushes a sweet pink. 
Luke's point of view 

I drive home alone today and i suspect when I get home I will have to deal with the same circus Calum did when he got called home early. I park my car across the street from my house and I glance over at my best friends house and I sigh. I keep telling myself I'll see them both soon but it's sort of hard to believe. "Hi hon how was school?" Mum asks as soon as I walk in the door, just a little too cheerily. "Besides the pointless  and waste of time interrogation...? T'was fine." I say and grab a bag of crisps from the pantry and go to my room. I hit shuffle on my iPod and put it on the dock and I throw my backpack off next to my bed, then fall on my bed in exhaustion, munching on the crisps."I miss you" by Blink-182 plays through my iPod Dock and I sing along whilst staring at my ceiling. My mobile vibrates in my pocket and a message from 'Princess' is displayed on the screen 

-film 2nite Lukey???-

The message says and I text back with 

-sounds good. I'll pick u uppp- 

And I thrown my mobile on my bed beside me and lay there for about 20 minutes. 

"It's hard to do these things alone, so, just hold on, we're going home" plays softly through my iPod Dock and I smile, thinking about Calum every time I hear this song because he bought it and slipped it into my playlist without me even knowing and he likes Drake. My mobile buzzes again and I check it quickly it it says 

-early film, let's go now- 

The message says and I laugh. 

I grab my wallet from my dresser and a black jumper and head down the stairs. "Cal needs me to drive him to the theatre for a date with some girl, I'll be back" I lie to my mum as I walk through the kitchen. "Actually love that's fine, I am going to visit your gran for a few days so you'll be home alone, I'll probably be gone when you get back, I know you'll be fine, and you can have a few friends over but not all at once" she says and I nod. "Thanks bye mum" I say and walk out the door. 'Visit your gran' means I have free reign of the house for at least four days. I happily hop in my car and drive to Calum's house. He is already outside when I pull up with a mischievous look on his face, and I already know we aren't going to see a film. I lean over to his door and swing it open and he flashed me a smile that says 'thanks.' As he hops in the car I stare at him and he looks at me, trying to hide the look on his face. "What are you looking at?" He asks, acting like nothing is happening. "I've been your boyfriend too long, I know your tricks, we aren't going to a film are we?" I ask and he breaks into a large grin. "Damn it you have. Okay, okay I give, we're going to an All Time Low concert!" He exclaims and hands me two tickets. I stare at him in amazement and I have an amazingly strong urge to kiss him but I remember that we are in front of his house. I hastily pull out and drive around the street and get to a dead end and I lean over and grab him by the back of his head and pull him close, kissing with gentleness but still showing him how much I love him. He giggles out of the kiss and beams "I'm the best boyfriend ever" and I nod. "Hordern Pavilion" he says and I back out, heading to the venue. It's quiet for awhile but Calum breaks the silence "so... What do you think Mikey and Ash are up to right now?" I think about it for awhile and shrug my shoulders. "I hope they're okay" I say and he agrees and grabs my hand and strokes it with his thumb. As we drive I have a lot of time to think which is sometimes good other times not so good, and this time it's not so good. "Distract me" I say to Calum and shake my head, doing the 'clean my thoughts' gesture and he understands. "Uh... Oh well ummm... Let's see...oh the tickets that we got are really good seats" he says. I roll my eyes at his lack of things to tell me but then I remember our lives are really fucking boring and we never do much and I'm with him all the time so he wouldn't tell me anything that I don't already know.  "Me mum went to see gran so you can probably stay at mine for the next few days if you want" I add and he smiles wide. "Fuck yes go Gran! Remind me to tell your Gran that she is amazing the next time I see her!" Calum says and I laugh. "Tosser" I say and he giggles. He traces meaningless patterns on my arm and side, and relaxes me while I drive. "iPod?" He asks. "Only if you sing" I reply, and his brow furrows, he thinks about it but then obliges and clears his throat before plugging his iPod into the input jack and hitting shuffle. 
"Dammit" by Blink 182 plays through the speakers, and he takes a deep breath before singing, at first silly and making his voice crack but as the song goes on he actually sings and he sounds amazing. "A day late a buck short I'm writing the repot on losing and failing when I move I'm flailing now." I smile throughout the whole song and marvel at Calum's voice. "You're perfect" I say as the song ends. He blushes and denies with "shut up, you're the perfect one." I laugh and say "not only perfect, funny, cute, sassy and sexy, he's also endearing." And wink at him. "Stop you're making me blush" he says and tries to hide behind his bunched up flannel. "Hehe" I say in an evil voice and that only makes him laugh harder. "Fuck it" he says and drops the bunched up flannel from his face. "There's my Princess" I say and he giggles. I reach over and stroke his cheek like a gran would to a little and he swats my hand away. 
Ashton's point of view 

We walk out of the pizza place and we can both say we are more than prepared for bed, we could probably pass out right here on the concrete sidewalk. "Baby we have to go home I need sleep" Mikey says and he pulls my hand, also half asleep. I follow him and I laugh at the image we are portraying right now, we probably look like stoned kids with holes throughout our shirts dragging each other through the streets like zombies. Whilst at the restaurant we learned that you have to tip everywhere you go, in my opinion that is bogus but we obliged, tipping the waitress three dollars. At last we reach the door and Mikey lazily hands the keys to me and I unlock the door whilst he is already unbuttoning his jeans and I laugh because before we aren't even in our room all he has left on is his briefs and he falls in bed whilst I go and brush my teeth and change into proper sleeping clothes. As soon as I fall in bed he scoots to my side and cuddles against my back. Naturally he falls asleep before I do and right before I drift of I hear him repeatedly mumble something about "be in the tribe." 

When I wake up the sun is shining barely through the red curtains and I roll over to see Mikey unpacking all of our things. "What the hell? are you... Neatly unpacking?" I ask in a surprised tone, and he smirks and says "fuck off Ash" before throwing one of my shoes at me. "I just. I'm in shock! I've never seen you do anything neatly like this before" I joke and he gets a hard expression. "New life, new rules" he says, sounding angry. I get off the bed and go behind him and put my hands around his middle and lean into his back. "I'm sorry I wasn't trying to be mean I was just playing with you Cupcake, you know that" I say into his back and I can feel him soften. "I know, I'm sorry for getting upset" he says, and huffs out a sigh. I scold myself inside for being daft and not thinking about all the teasing he had gone through at our school. I turn him around and look him in the eyes before giving him a gentle kiss. He leans into the kiss and immediately relaxes. He runs his fingers through my hair and leans closer to me till our bodies are flushed together. "I love you Mikey" I say as he pulls out of the kiss. "I love you too sunshine, but you really should do something about that morning breath..." He says and I laugh. "I thought we were having a moment" I say and he smiles at me without showing teeth. "And now we aren't so go brush your teeth and help me finish unpacking so we can go get food, I'm hungry" he says and rubs his belly. "Whatever you say" I say and grab a simple outfit out of my bag before I walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth and change. When I walk back into the room I breathe right in Mikey's face and he cringes, still thinking it smells like morning breath. I laugh and walk back to my bag and begin pulling stuff out. "This was the jumper with the note for the money and the letter in it" I say whilst holding up the jumper. "It looks good for cuddles" Mikey says and I laugh a little because that is not very punk rock of him to say. "Really a whole bag of fucking drum sticks? You don't even have your kit" Mikey says and he inspects my bag of sticks. I pull two out and drum out a pattern, alternating from my dresser, the closet door, and the wall. "Don't really need a drum kit right away" I say, and continue drumming on the resources I have around me. "Damn it I get the fucking point" he says with a lazy smile. "And I have this!" I exclaim and I hop on my cajon and drum a pattern with my hands on the face. "Yeah yeah yeah" he says, waving his hand at me in dismissal and continuing whatever he is doing. I get off my drum and go back to my bag, pulling out clothes and laying them in my dresser, laughing at myself when i see that I packed my 'ponies' shirt. 
After we are all unpacked I grab a set of keys, my wallet, some money and we head out the door. As we are locking up we hear a thick Irish accent say "hello! You're Mike and Ashton right?" I turn around and am met with a gleeful looking Irish lad that looks only about 21. "Yeah that's us, hi" Mikey says awkwardly. "Me names Niall. I live right over there" he says and points to his door. "Oh cool so we'll be seeing you a lot more often" I say and he nods. "Well I've gotta get going you two have a nice day" he says and quickly goes, still smiling wide with glee and humming a Bublé song. "D'ya think he is always like that?" Mikey ask and I shrug my shoulders. "Always" a male voice says, and I look over and a bloke with a dark quiff and dark eyes is looking at me and Mikey with a smile. "Sounds exhausting" Mikey says and I laugh at his movie reference. "Avengers yeah?" The bloke says. "Yep" Mikey affirms. "I'm Zayn, I live here with my Husband Liam and our daughter Lilliana" he says, and points back to his apartment entrance. As he nears us he sticks his hand out and we both shake it and I say "I'm Ashton and this is my boyfriend Michael" and gesture to Mikey. Mikey smiles and does a cute little wave and slightly tilts his head and I swear he is a kitten sometimes. "We sort of ran away from home so..." Mikey says awkwardly. Another bloke, I'm assuming Liam, comes out of the apartment Zayn just came out of, holding a little, who has a wide smile. "Oh this is Liam, and this is our daughter Lilliana" Zayn confirms and Liam approaches. "So you're the new kids huh?" Liam says and me and Mikey both laugh. "Yeah I guess so" I say. "I'm Michael and this is my boyfriend Ashton" Mikey tells Liam and he smiles. Lilliana waves at Mikey, most likely drawn to his bright green hair. He waves back and she giggles. "Were you just going somewhere?" Zayn asks and me and Mikey both nod. "The market because we don't have food" I inform and they both nod. "Alright we won't keep you from that" Liam says and we both nod at him. They walk back to their apartment and as we walk away Liam yells "bye neighbours" and me and Mikey both laugh. "Zayn seems like a cool guy, and Liam seems cool too he's just very... Like a Mumma" Mikey says and I consider his observation and he's not half wrong. "Left or right?" I ask and Mikey gestures his head to the right so we walk right. After walking a few minutes Mikey says "you know walking is great and all but we really need to get a better way of transportation" and i laugh. "Mikey we can't cause Lou says you have to have a licence and to have a licence you have to have certificates and or proof of address and a bunch of shit like that so that might be a few years... Sorry" I say and he sighs. "Skateboards and bikes work though" I add and he considers this. We walk for what feels like an hour and we come to a large Target and Mikey yells "finally!" And that makes me laugh. Mikey grabs a cart and we go through the food first. Mikey keeps the money in mind, knowing that we have a decent amount but not wanting to abuse it. Fruits, cereals, crisps, peanut butter, grape jam, 2 litres of various refreshments, yogurt, and noodles get thrown in the cart; practical stuff. But every once in awhile Mikey will try to slip a various assortment of things in without me noticing, and I try to put as much of it as I can back, although I leave a few items like the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and the twisty straws, and I swear we are mentally 5.

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