Face So Sunny

Luke gets sad and doesn't eat sometimes, But he's brave and is a cuddly punk rock boyfriend. Michael is abused and is scared of everything but he is strong and is definitely a badass. Ashton cuts, cries and gets away from his problems but he makes adult decisions and is the cutest anyone has ever seen, and Calum holds them all together, sure, he breaks sometimes too but he's very smug and he's got a wicked adoration for puppies and can teach young ones a thing or two.

All the 1D guys are in here, a mention of Nick Grimshaw and Lou and Tom and Luxy.


3. Chapter 3

Calum's point of view

"Love you too man, and take care of Mike" I say to Ashton as he walks away, occasionally glancing back at me. As soon as he is out of sight I sigh and climb back up my window and settle in bed. My mobile vibrates on my desk and I count the number of vibrates, 4, notifying me that it is my boyfriend. 

-hi. Just dropped off Ash and Mike at the porte... Can I come over?- 

I smile as I read the text and I text back 

-I'd love that, please do- 

And I settle in bed, maybe making a little space where Luke will lay next to me. About thirty minutes later a knock comes on my window and I get up and my stomach does all these flips that make me feel like a 14 year old girl but I proceed to open the window for my boyfriend who is smiling, but his eyes tell me he is distressed. "Princess" Luke says as he comes through the window and hugs me. "No light, no light in your bright blue eyes" plays in my head when I can register the hurt in his eyes. "Lukey, are you okay?" I ask and he pulls out of the hug and makes me sit on my bed, and seats himself and starts "Cal I am going to miss them like fuck, like it was us four, and now it's just us two, I do babe I love you so much but I am going to miss them, and I don't want to give up on life but I feel really hopeless right now and maybe a bit jealous that Ashton and Michael get to leave and go to a place where they can love each other and be free from all this" he waves his hand at nothing in particular "all this shit and we can't do that and it hurts man it fucking hurts but damn it I will still love you even if we have to be this secret item for the rest of our lives" he breathes out and i drape my arm over his shoulder and lean into his side and place a wet sloppy kiss on his cheek, and in response I get his adorable giggle that I love making him do. "Do...this is gonna sound wacky but would you wanna run away too?" (lol) I ask, biting my lip, nervous about his response. "You... You would do that with me?" He asks. "In a heartbeat" I say and his eyes get watery "but you'll have to leave your little's and your other friends and your job and... Are you sure?" He asks. "Yeah. Let's give it a little time, we can collect a sum of money and find out where Mike and Ash are located and then we'll be off and maybe join them?" I say. Luke's eyes fill with hope, restoring back to the beautiful blue I fell in love with. "These night never seem to go to plan, I don't want you to leave, will you hold my hand, oh won't you stay with me, cause you're all I need" the radio hums, filling the silence as I get lost in Luke's eyes. "You're giving up your everything to run away with me?" He asks. "I'm not giving up everything because you're my everything, did you know that?" I ask. "Fucking endearing bloke you are." Luke says and laughs. I lay down on my right and Luke fits himself next to me, his back pressed against my chest and stomach and my chin rested in his shoulder. "Why am I always the little spoon?" Luke huffs out. "Cause" is all I say before falling asleep to the rising and falling of his chest and his hushed raspy voice singing along to Dan Smith's "but if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing's changed at all, and if you close your eyes does it almost feel like you've been here before." 
Michael's point of view 

"We have landed! The weather right now is 75 degrees sunny and it is 3:07 in the afternoon. Thank you for joining us on this flight to Chicago, Illinois! Enjoy your time here!" I hear over the speakers and I shudder. I turn over to Ashton and ask "did the pilot just say 75 fuckin degrees?" And he laughs at me. "In America it's Fahrenheit not Celsius, genius" he says. "Oh okay... Do you know if they do anything else different here?" I ask. His brow furrows and he thinks for awhile as we get up and start to grab our stuff to get off the plane. "They are on 12 hour time, they drive on the right side of the road, I don't know, I guess we will find out more later" he says and we head off the plane with our bags. The porte that we are at, called O'Hare is one of the largest in the world and it scares the hell out of me, there are so many people here and it's so loud that me and Ash both put headphones in. 

A nice lady named Lou who has lilac coloured hair helps us out, ushering us through the whole airport, as they call it, and even though we are grown it is nice to have an adult helping us. After the ridiculous security check me and Ash sit down and talk to Lou. "So... I don't know if you can tell but we're gay..." Ash says and she nods and smiles. "And we are running away from our parents, obviously we are from Australia" he says and she gets a sorrowed look. "You'll keep that a secret right?" I ask and she nods, putting a finger to her lips in a 'shhhh' gesture. "So uh, do you know any places where we can... rent? money is not an issue and we don't mind flatmates" Ash asks. "My friend Harry owns apartments in Geneva, if you'd like you can come with me and I'll take you and he can give you a place right away" she says and smiles. I look over to Ash with a questionable look and he considers it and nods. We collect our bags and Lou leads us to the doors. "We might have to wait for a minute, my husband and daughter might be a few" she says and we both nod. Just as she says it takes a few minutes but then a man pulls up and in the backseat is a wide smiled little that is in a bright pink pony shirt. "Mommy!" The little shouts and it makes me smile and miss my little's. We all get into the car after packing our bags in the back and Lou starts "this is Michael" she says and points at me and I smile and wave at her husband and little. "And this is Ashton" she says pointing at Ash and he does the same. "I wike your hair. Mommy you do gween next" the little says whilst pointing at my hair. Lou and her husband laugh and I get a slight blush on my cheeks. "That's Lux, and this is Tom" she says and points at her little and husband. "Ashton and Michael had to leave their homes because of relational issues between them and their parents, and so they came here" Lou says to Tom, being sensitive on the words she uses because of her little in the backseat. "You're taking them to Harry's right?" Tom asks and she nods. "Harry is a great guy he'll give you a great apartment" he says and I lean over to Ash and whisper "apartment is flat right?" and he nods. 

We share meaningless things about Australia and they share meaningless things about America and where we will be staying. "So Lux how old are you?" I ask and she brightens at the attention and puts out four fingers and says "fowr" and smiles. "What job experience do you guys have?" Tom asks. "I worked at a flower shoppe and library" Ashton says. "And I worked at a music shoppe and toy store" I add and Tom nods. "Lou said money wasn't an issue with you guys but if you need jobs I can easily hook you up" Tom offers. "We will definitely consider that, thank you guys so much for how welcoming and helpful you've been" Ashton says and I nod in agreement. "Absolutely no problem" Lou says and smiles at us. Ashton leans over to Lux and makes her giggle and pokes her and tickles her and let's her play with his hair and she loves it. "Well it looks like I've found a new babysitter" Lou announces and Ashton's face lights up in excitement. "Really?" He asks and Lou nods. "oh yeah if you'd like that" Lou says. "I would" Ashton says cooly and nods. I lean over and kiss his cheek and he blushes a sweet pink. "Love you" I whisper, so only he can hear. "Love you too" he whispers back. 
Luke's point of view 

As I lay next to Calum I think about what it will be like to see my mates again, but it scares me that it's all the way on the other side of the world. I lay and think whilst Calum falls asleep on my shoulder and his arm tucked under mine, but reality sinks back in and I remember that I have to get out of his room before his family wakes up tomorrow so I set an alarm on my mobile and attempt to fall asleep, and by the warmth and comfort of my boyfriend and the soft hum of the radio I fall asleep in almost a euphoric state. 

The default alarm tone wakes me up and I roll over to be met with a sleepy Calum with adorably disheveled bed head. I gently grasp his jaw and begin to plant minuscule kisses on his forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and kiss his lips lastly and he finally wakes up with a smug look. "Tosser" Calum teases. "Prat" I remark back and he giggles. "I'd better get to my car and you better get ready so I can" I put quotation marks in the air with my fingers "pick you up for school" and he smirks but obliges and gets up to dress. He tosses me a black Nirvana shirt that neither of us know who it originally belongs to anymore, but when I wear it I know it smells like him and when he wears it he says it smells like me so it's a win-win if you ask me. I slip it on and throw the shirt I was wearing into his closet. I lay back down on his bed and lean on my elbow, and I wiggle my eyebrows as I watch him strip from his pyjamas. he throws the clothes that are strewn on the floor at me and laughs when he notices me watching him. I give him a not-so-quick kiss goodbye, which is nothing less of pathetic because I will see him in less than twenty minutes. I climb down the siding of his house and jog to my car that is parked a decent way down the street, watching as I go to make sure no one sees me. I hop in my car and sit, counting down the minutes and waiting for the text to come drive round the corner. I hum 'Just Another Brick In The Wall' by PinkFloyd as I wait. 


The text finally comes and I put my car in drive and pull out. Calum is walking out the door as I pull up, waving to his mum and little's as he walks away. He stares at his feet as he walks to my car but as soon as he gets close he looks up and flashes me a slight smile and I swear to god I melt a little. His dark brown eyes look up at me from under his black fringe and the red beanie he has on makes his eyes look deeper which pulls me farther. "What the fuckin hell are you wearing?" I ask as soon as he hops in the passengers seat. "Well this is a red beanie... This is a black v-neck...and these are black skinnies" he says while pointing to each item smugly. "M'not a twat or blind I can see that, but I just want to know why you must effortlessly torture me by wearing all these fucking things that you know I think you look sexy in and act like every damn thing is normal. This is not acceptable, Hood." I say in a frustrated tone as I reverse out. "I like to see you borderline angry like right now, and dressing like this apparently gets me what I want" Calum says, smirking. "The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver" plays as Calum makes me more frustrated in this seemly tiny car.  "Fuck off" I say. "Oh, and the rough kisses" he adds, just as smugly. At that I abruptly pull the car over and give him exactly what he wants and as rough as I can. I lean over and yank his head closer to mine and I kiss him hard, and small moans escape his lips and that only make me kiss harder. He slips his tongue out and licks my lip piercing and I pull away. "You know how fucking much that turns me on right?" I ask, frustratedly. "Mhm" he responds with a blissful look on his face. "Go to hell" I say to him and pull out from the side of the road. He slowly snakes his hand over to my lap and teases me with that smug look he can't seem to wipe off his face. I throw my hands up in defeat and yell "damn it Calum fucking Hood! Fucking do something already or I swear to god I will fucking kill you!" and in response I get a smirk and an almost ritualistic 
before-school hand job in my car. 
Ashton's point of view

"Here we are" Tom says, as we pull up to an almost majestic looking flat complex. "Crikey" I whisper and Mikey nods in agreement. "Is that like 'oh my god' or somethin like that?" Tom asks and I nod. "Well boys, let's go see Harry" Lou says and we follow, getting our bags from the back and going with her to the flat owners office. Lux let's go of Lou's hand and comes to me and grabs mine, and it makes both me and Mikey smile, and Lou looks back and smiles too. Me, Lux and Mikey all holding hands walk behind Tom and Lou, me and Mikey occasionally swinging Lux in the air and receiving a fit of giggles. We arrive at the office and the bloke inside is nothing like I pictured at all, in fact almost opposite. He had a large dark blue floppy hat that is slightly covering chocolate brown curls and a dark blue open blazer showing some chest tattoos and an extra long bandana draped over his shoulders also dark blue, and a pressed pair of crisp trousers to match. He's rather young, maybe 20. But he seems intelligent when he begins by dramatically spinning his leather brown office chair to scan me and Mikey. "And who are these strapping two you've brought to me on this fine day, Lou, Tom and Lux?" He says, and it sort of intimidates me so I don't know if I should introduce myself or if Lou will talk. Lou picks it up a pace slower than I would have "Harry this is Ashton" she says and points at me. "This is Michael, and they need an apartment" she says, and introduces Mikey and fills him in on our situation. "I'm sure they can fill you in on any other discussion-worthy questions you might have." Lou says. "Thank you, Lou, Tom, and Lux, I think I can take it from here if you'd excuse me" he says and they get the point to usher themselves out of the room. "Will you be a nuisance in these apartments?" Harry asks abruptly as soon as they leave. "No" Mikey responds. After Mikey answers Harry's face immediately softens into a smile and smirk. "I'm totally fucking with you two, I am a nuisance myself and I own the place, be as wild as you want because you two seem like great kids." He says and Mikey  smiles. "Thanks so much" I say and Harry nods. "Would you like a roommate or no roommate?" Harry ask and I look at Mikey. "We don't mind either way" Mikey supplies. "Alright then we'll start you off without a roommate, you'll be in the 203rd apartment right across the hall from the best guys you'll ever meet" Harry adds smiling and hands us three sets of keys. Mikey grabs them and has a sort of confused look on his face. "Uhh... Is that it?" Mikey asks. "Yeah, I mean you have like a paper to sign or whatever but the apartment is yours for as long as you like, rent can be discussed at a later date" Harry says and me and Mikey both are amazed. "We can sign stuff yeah no problem but... We ran away from our families to be here so if you could not tell anyone or let the authorities know?" Mikey asks. "Oh yeah no problem" Harry says like no big deal and I let out a sigh of relief. "Alright well go on ahead and tour your new apartment, welcome to Larry's Royal Oak apartments!" He says in a happy tone. "Why Larry? Your name is Harry?" I ask and he smiles wide. "My husbands name is Louis so Louis plus Harry is Larry" he supplies and me and Mikey both smile at each other as we walk out, again thanking Harry for the generosity. "Hey boys how'd it go!?" Lou shouts enthusiastically as we walk out of the office. "It went great we have flat... I mean apartment number 203" I say and Mikey holds up one of the sets of keys. "Amazing!" Lou says and Lux tries to repeat her but it comes out "awazing!" and we all laugh. "In apartment 201 is a great Irish man named Niall, you'll love him and he'll love you, and in apartment 202 is Zayn and Liam, we visit them quite often, as Lux loves their daughter and me and Tom find them great company, I'm sure you'll get on just fine" she says and we smile and Mikey says "thank you so so much for everything Lou and like you said Ash can probably babysit Lux no problem at all and you know where we are so we'll be here anytime!" She nods and waves as her, Tom and Lux walk to their car and me and Mikey head up to our new Flat, or Apartment as the Americans call it. 

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