Don't Let us in

"Don't let us in, we kill."
"Don't let us in, you can't stop us."
"Don't let us in, we'll find a way."
"Don't let us in, we can't love... Or can we?"
*Book One in "The Fallen Angels" Trilogy.


1. Immortal

Yes we are immortal, but we can be mortal. Name change, after name change, I've finally gone with my real name.

Winter Cas Rose

Yes I know, that is a risky move. But no one will find out, I won't be noticed. Unless.... No, I won't. I just have to avoid Ash Novad, or anybody in the Novad family. I made an accident, I know... "Why would you do that!" Well I fell in love with him, I was willing to become mortal for him. Many of us break the MAJOR rules,

1.No falling in love with Humans, or anything else but your own kind.

2.Don't have lots of friends or become popular, this can lead to becoming mortal or them finding out your secret.

3.Don't share your secret.

4.Don't become famous in any way.

5.If break these rules they result in mortality, death, and even powers being taken away.

Rule 5, they never do that, or have never noticed. Good thing most of us don't break them, or do them like 2,3, and 4.

I go to a different school after I graduate but I try to live a life a little after that, or I don't even go to school at all and act like an adult. This time I'm a senior in high school.

Nobody will know me, it's going to be perfect. Well almost perfect, it's just... Today it's getting harder and harder to survive. With social media, and everything else... It's gonna be harder this time around.


I ran into Ash again, well him and his son. I sit next to him into drama class, and lucky for me I didn't run into Ash till after school...


"Hey Steven who is your friend?"Ash asks.

"Her name is Winter."Steven says looking down at the ground,

"That's pretty name for such a pretty girl."Ash complements,

"Thank you."I say while blushing,

"Hey Steven go to the car I'll be there in a sec."Ash say as he points to the car,

"Okay."Steven says as he goes to the car,

"Winter! Why are you here, I have a family now!"Ash shouts at me,

"Ash..."I murmur,

"Tell me Winter, why?"Ash practicality shouts,

"I'm a angel I don't go away."I tell Ash hoping he still remembers what I've told him,

"Can't you just die?"Ash whispers to me.

"No, well yes..."I mumble,

"I still have your journal, I'll tell Steven to give it to you tomorrow."Ash says looking around,

"Ash... Does Steven have a girlfriend?"I ask hoping he doesn't,

"No, goodbye now Winter."Ash says as he starts to turn around,

"Goodbye Ash."I say as he walks away.


Spring Avery Poppy, a girl who is practically my sister walks into my room.

"Winter! You've been in here for awhile, what's up?"Spring says as her blond hair falls down her back as she unties her ponytail.

"I... I... I saw Ash."I manage to tell her.

"Oh my gosh! I thought he still lived in Seattle!"Spring gasps as she sits next to me on my bed.

"Same here, guess not."I say putting a brown stand of hair behind my ear.

"I don't know what to do or say... Is there anything I can do?"Spring says as she hugs me.

"Can I be homeschooled?"I ask.

"Sure. We won't have to deal with Ash that way."Spring says as she pulls her hair back.


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