Forever Know Your Face

Isabelle "Izzy" Owlford is a 25 year old tattoo artist and also the best friend of Kellin Quinn,the lead singer of the band,Sleeping With Sirens and that's the way they always thought it would be.But,when problems arise with Kellin and his girlfriend,Katelynne,his friendship with Isabelle may end up meaning a little bit more to him than he thought it would.


2. Prologue

~Izzy's P.O.V~

I've never been a person to catch feelings for people in a relationship kinda way.I mean,I love my friends but,as friends..But,not in like a "Boyfriend/girlfriend" kinda way. When I decided to come on tour with the guys,I didn't expect all these different things to happen.Of course,I'm always open for new experiences,new people,new food,but not new relationships for me.Maybe,change is good sometimes...

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