Forever Know Your Face

Isabelle "Izzy" Owlford is a 25 year old tattoo artist and also the best friend of Kellin Quinn,the lead singer of the band,Sleeping With Sirens and that's the way they always thought it would be.But,when problems arise with Kellin and his girlfriend,Katelynne,his friendship with Isabelle may end up meaning a little bit more to him than he thought it would.


4. Old Times.

~Izzy's P.O.V~

We all put our cups together and smiled as we said "Let's Cheers To This" in unison and took a sip of our drinks. I've always had some good times with these dudes,I'll tell ya that.I haven't been on tour with them in a while because I've been running my tattoo shop.But,I have a few friends who are also tattoo artists that are running the shop for me until I come back,it's like I'm going on a mini-vacation with the band while they're touring.Me and the guys all stood and talked with each other.Catching up and telling each other what has happened since we've all seen each other.I even got to meet Nick Martin,the band's new guitar player.He seems like a pretty chill dude.Me and Kellin laughed as we went over all the inside jokes we use to have..and we still do have.It was pretty cool to relive old memories and the idea of making new memories made me excited to go on tour with the guys.Well,it always did.The idea of doing something a little different than tattoos for once and actually being able to hang out with my old friends was exciting and it made me feel alive again."Hey guys,we should go out to eat",Gabe said excitedly.Me and the guys all looked at each other before nodding in agreement to Gabe's idea.We all grabbed our jackets and walked to a Chinese restaurant.We all ordered our food and once we got it,we went back to the bus to eat it.Once,we were finished eating,Jack,Nick,Gabe and Justin went to bed. Kellin decided that he wanted to stay up with me..I don't know why but,Kellin has always been like that since we were younger.He'd never wanna go to sleep right away,but he'd want to stay up until he falls asleep.Me and Kellin decided that we'd just talk and watch a few funny videos on youtube.Staying up all night,reminiscing on all the old times when we use to stay up all night as kids.This little late night session continued into the wee hours until,my eyes started to get heavy and the last thing I heard was,"Goodnight,Izzy.Sweet Dreams".

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