Forever Know Your Face

Isabelle "Izzy" Owlford is a 25 year old tattoo artist and also the best friend of Kellin Quinn,the lead singer of the band,Sleeping With Sirens and that's the way they always thought it would be.But,when problems arise with Kellin and his girlfriend,Katelynne,his friendship with Isabelle may end up meaning a little bit more to him than he thought it would.


9. Low

~Izzy's P.O.V~

I woke up the next morning with Kellin sitting beside me,smiling down at me."Good morning,Sleeping Beauty",he said as he leaned down and kissed my cheek."Good morning,Kellin",I smiled as I sat up before getting out of bed and walking into the bathroom and showering,after that I brushed my teeth, and changed into some clothes.I walked into the "Living Room" Justin,Jack,Gabe and Nick were sitting on the couch. Kellin walked up next to me before,me and him also sat down on the couch."You guys,did you hear noises last night?",Jack asked as he looked over at me and Kellin and the rest of the band."I kept hearing moans and banging last night",Justin added."Yeah,me too",Gabe and Nick said.Me and Kellin looked over at each other. Kellin started chuckling and I started giggling."What's so funny?",Jack asked as he looked over at me and Kellin."Nothing",Me and Kellin answered in unison.They all looked at us as if they didn't believe us.Today was the last day of the tour and I know the guys plan on going out with a bang. We all walked out of the bus and into the venue."Are you ready to scream San Diego?",Kellin screamed into the mic.I smiled as I watch the band start playing.They were always amazing to hear live.


~After The Show/Kellin's P.O.V~

"Thank you,San Diego! See you all next year,we love you guys.Thank you so much!",I screamed into the mic before walking backstage with the rest of the guys.I got a call from Katelynne...Ah,the girlfriend from Hell has returned..."Kellin?",Katelynne said."Yes,Katelynne?",I said as I sighed at hearing her voice."This has been bothering me for the longest time and I'd hate to do it but....I'm breaking up with you",Katelynne said. I stayed silent for a few seconds before responding..."Oh..Okay.Well,good luck",I said before hanging up.I don't even think that I cared that she was breaking up with me and I didn't. For the longest time,I was feeling low about Katelynne and my situation with her.I tried so hard to convince myself that it was okay that she made me feel like shit and even though I knew it wasn't. Today's the last day of my tour and I wanna celebrate it. Not sulk about it. Now that I'm free of Katelynne.She can no longer make me feel low.

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