Forever Know Your Face

Isabelle "Izzy" Owlford is a 25 year old tattoo artist and also the best friend of Kellin Quinn,the lead singer of the band,Sleeping With Sirens and that's the way they always thought it would be.But,when problems arise with Kellin and his girlfriend,Katelynne,his friendship with Isabelle may end up meaning a little bit more to him than he thought it would.


3. Let's Cheers To This

~Izzy's P.O.V~

My eyes fluttered open as I awoke,then I closed my eyes again and pulled my covers over my head..Kinda have a strong dislike for mornings but,I'll deal with it...I peaked my head out from under my covers and let my eyes adjust to the brightness that filled the room.I swung my legs over the edge of my bed and planted my feet against the cold hard floor.I was just about to go to the bathroom,until I heard my "Do it now,Remember it later" ringtone on my phone.This means that,Kellin is calling being that, that's his assigned ringtone from me.I grabbed my phone and pressed the answer button."Aye,what's up Kell?",I said with a slight giggle."Hey,Izzy.Um..I don't know what you'll say to this but,how would you like to come on tour with me and the guys?",Kellin asked."Are you seriously gonna ask me of all people? Now,you know I'd love to go on tour with you guys!",I exclaimed."Alright. Well,me and the guys are playing a show here in Michigan,so we're gonna stop by and pick you up before we make the first tour stop.Okay?",Kellin asked."Sure!I'll be ready",I said with a slight giggle."Alright. I'll see ya in a few",Kellin responded."Okay.See ya",I replied before hanging up.I got out of my bed and rushed into the bathroom,brushed my teeth and showered.Then,after I was done,I walked into my room and changed into some jeans,some toms and a Sleeping With Sirens t-shirt.I grabbed a suitcase and packed some t-shirts,two hoodies,some jeans and my favorite pair of black converses.After,I finished I waited a few minutes and then I heard a bonking outside.Ah,that must be the boys.I grabbed my phone,wallet,keys and suitcase and ran downstairs and out the front door and made sure I closed it behind me."Hey Izzy!",Gabe said with a chuckle as he hugged me,before grabbing my luggage and taking it inside the bus."Hey,Drummer boy",I said with a giggle.I walked inside the bus with a smile."Is that my best friend I hear?",I heard Kellin say before I was tackle hugged by him."Yes,it is,Kellin",I responded with a laugh as I hugged him back."So,how's my favorite singer been?",I asked as we finally pulled away from the hug."I've been good.You know,how it is..Touring..Finishing up the new album and waiting for the release date.",he responded with a smile."Can't wait for the new album.I know it's gonna kick ass",I said with a giggle."You bet ya",Kellin said."So,you guys,let's celebrate Izzy's coming on tour with us!",Jack said as he hugged me."Yeah!",I heard Gabe say as he closed the bus door behind him.Then,Jack went and got drinks for us and poured them into 5 cups for us.Each of us grabbed a cup and Kellin said "Let's Cheers To This"..."Let's Cheers To This".

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