Forever Know Your Face

Isabelle "Izzy" Owlford is a 25 year old tattoo artist and also the best friend of Kellin Quinn,the lead singer of the band,Sleeping With Sirens and that's the way they always thought it would be.But,when problems arise with Kellin and his girlfriend,Katelynne,his friendship with Isabelle may end up meaning a little bit more to him than he thought it would.


5. If You Can't Hang

~Kellin's P.O.V~

I don't know what's wrong with me...But,something has been bothering me lately..I don't know,if it's Katelynne's worrying about Izzy coming on tour with me,or if it's Izzy's coming on tour.But,I'm not bothered by Izzy's coming on tour.I'm actually excited that she came along.But,I have no idea why Katelynne is bothered by Izzy's coming on tour with me...Well,then again,she has always worried about me when I'm on tour but,it's nothing like this...It's like she's jealous or has trust issues.But,I don't see why she would have trust issues when,she knows I would never do anything to hurt her.Me and her have been drifting apart lately since,I've been on this tour and Izzy's coming along is making this whole thing worse.But,I kind of don't care.I never get to spend time with Izzy like I use to.I feel like I can talk to Izzy about this situation and since,Me and the guys have a day off today,I get to explain everything to her and ask her for some advice. I got out of my bed and walked towards the "Living Room" area of the bus.Izzy was sitting on the couch and watching "Haunted History"."Hey Izzy",I said with a smile as I sat next to her."Hey Kell",She responded as she looked over at me."What'cha doing?",I asked as I looked over her shoulder at her phone."Nothing much,just reading a book by H.P Lovecraft.You?",she asked as she occasionally looked at her phone,reading a few sentences and looking up at me before,locking her phone."Nothing much,just wondering if you'd like to hangout for the day and go for a walk.",I said with a smile."Sure. I'd love to",Izzy responded with a smile,shoving her phone in her pocket before standing up and grabbing her jacket off the couch.I went and grabbed my jacket and put it on.Walking out with Izzy and closing the bus door behind me.We walked around the city,looking around at all the different places and sights,discussing our ideas,opinions and feelings on different things that we observed."So,Izzy..I need your advice on something.",I said as I looked over at Izzy as we continued walking."Sure.What is it?",she responded as she looked over at me."Well,you know my girlfriend...Katelynne,right?",I asked."Yeah. What about her?",Izzy responded with a questioning look on her face."Well,me and her have been drifting apart lately and I don't know what to do...She gets these jealous fits...It's like she has trust issues but,she knows I'd never hurt her and I honestly don't know what to do",I said as I sighed looking down at my feet..Then,I looked up again to see a pier and a rock...This place looked so familiar to me...Then,it hit me that this was the place that me and Izzy use to hang out at in our younger days."Hey Izzy...Remember the pier?",I asked with a chuckle."Yeah! We use to hang out here all the time in high school",Izzy responded with a smile.Me and Izzy walked over to the rock over looking the water and sat on it.Watching the waves crash and roll onto each other."So,what do you think you should do? And what are your options?",Izzy asked."Well,I can either try to talk it out with Katelynne..Or I can break up with her..",I said with a sigh."But,I've tried talking this problem out with her so many times that I've given up..",I added,looking down at my feet. "Well,do what you think is best,Kell.",She responded to me with a slight smile to help brighten the mood."Okay..Thanks Izzy",I said as I hugged her."No problem at all,Kellin",she responded as she hugged me back,before resting her head on my shoulder.I rested my head on her head and for a moment...I forgot about the problems with my girlfriend that plagued me...I had a moment where there was peace and serenity.I also had to realize that,I can't save everything...Sometimes,if you truly love something you'll let it go...And if it comes back then,it's meant to be...If it doesn't come back,then it was never truly yours to begin with...And if Katelynne can't hang...Then,she knows where the door is...

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