Promise Me

(2) "Promise?" I ask "Only if you do." ** Sequel to This Is My Family


1. One

"Hey, airport tonight. We're all meeting for a pretour celebration." Hayes walks into my room, and I grin. "I can't wait. But until then, can I get cuddles?" I laugh, and he lays down beside me.

Hayes kisses my shoulder, up to my sweet spot, sucking it softly. I chuckle and kiss him softly, laughing into our kiss. "I love you, Hayes."

He smiles, kissing my forehead. "I love you more, princess."

The butterflies in my stomach begin to fly, and I giggle, snuggling into the beautiful human I get to call mine.

"Forever." I whisper softly, and he looks at me, his blue eyes drilling into my soul. "And ever." He responds, and I smile softly.

"Promise?" I ask. I'm so scared to lose him. "Only if you do.." He pulls out a small ring, golden with a silver moon embedded into the metal. He holds up a matching one for himself, silver with a golden sun.

I smile widely. "Of course. I can't ever lose you." I kiss his cheek as he slips the ring onto my finger. "Now come on, baby. We have a flight to catch." He laughs.


eight hours later


"JACKIE BOO!" I jump onto Gilinskey's back as soon as I see him. "YAZZY BEAR!" He excitedly shouts and engulfs me in a hug, swinging me around.

"Where's Jack?" I ask, Johnson no where in sight. "Hello my friend." I turn around to see Jack, blonde hair dyed red.

"Oh my god, tell me that's not permanent." I say, jaw dropped. Johnson simply laughs. "Outta a can, bitch. Don't worry."

I sigh and soon the rest of the fam walks up, and we're leaving the airport. Hayes gives me a piggy back ride to the car while Nash and Cameron carry our stuff.

Carter begins to snapchat. "Aww, look at da cute wittle couple!" He exclaims, and I roll my eyes, flicking him off. "Ouch, that's not very nice."

We all just laugh, and soon we're in the car jamming out to Shawn's new album. "This is amazing dude!" I grin, singing along to his songs

"I want all the strings attached,

love it when you look at me like that."

I'm so proud of these fools. They've all come so far. I guess I have too. "What are we waiting for? Time to celebrate!"

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