AKA TO AO - parts 1 - 2

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  • Published: 30 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 30 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A series of parts based on 3 friends who are in an explosion at their school that causes them to gain supernatural talents, I plan to write a lot of these and just upload them in 2's or 3's in separate Movellas, here's the first one, enjoy!


1. Introduction

The air was cold, a young man stood beneath a flickering lamp post, strugling to keep his limp body up, he was confused, why couldn't he move? He tried to walk but fell forward onto his chest, he could feel his heart beating, fast, like a train gone out of control, shattering the tracks as it went. His vision was blurred, he could only make out a dark, distant figure, leaning in towards him. A tear ran down his cheek, he knew this was the end of his short, peaceful existence, he wanted to bawl, weep like a baby, but he tried to keep calm, if there was any chance of him surviving this, it would be if he was calm. The shadowy figure moved closer.

"Well, well, well..." they croaked, in a somewhat songlike fashion "I never thought I'd have this much fun with someone as pathetic as you" they laughed hysterically. "Ooooooh well, you seem to be done and I'm getting bored" they faked a yawn and chuckled "Nighty night, hehe"

They raised their arm high in the air, revealing a long, perfectly honed kitchen knife, dripping with fresh blood, as they were about to bring the knife down they poked their head forward. "One more thing" they said as they smirked, their face now fully visible, one eye cold and blue, like an icy waterfall, they other fiery, hot red, like the blood that had been spattered all over their pale, ivory face. "Don't forget to tell your friends I love them.... MWAH!"

Everything went black. The young boy was gone. He had left to join his friends who had also met their untimely death. One last tear rolled alongside drips of blood onto the floor, along with the last bead of hope for this town...

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