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  • Published: 30 Sep 2014
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A series of parts based on 3 friends who are in an explosion at their school that causes them to gain supernatural talents, I plan to write a lot of these and just upload them in 2's or 3's in separate Movellas, here's the first one, enjoy!


3. Dru vs Shino the lonely Spirit

Dru was a young, hot headed boy who liked to witness pure chaos ensue around him, his inner counterpart was a calm, quiet person who went by the name Shino. Shino was a spirit who found his way to Dru while he slept and entered his body, but Dru assumed that he had become insane and began to fight against Shino, causing them to hav 50/50 control over the body. One ordinary day, Dru had noticed that he was late for school, of course he didn't care but to his annoyance Shino took charge and led them to leave for school. "Why do we have to go?! We never do any work anyway!" Dru complained

"Because I want to see my friends" Whispered Shino calmy through Dru's lips
"Friends? Nobody likes you because they think you're me!" Dru laughed
"That's not true..." Shino sadly moaned
"Is it not? Then tell me, who likes us Shi-san?"
"Shizue... Shizue is my friend!" Shouted Shino with confidence
"HAHAHAH! Shizue? That's no surprise, she's weird, and she hangs out with those two jerks Kairu and Mateo. Actually Mateo is okay but Kairu is surely a danger to society..." Dru laughed
"They're my friends too, don't be so mean Dru-san!"
"Ugh... you really are pathetic"
As the two minded boy casually strolled down the street they saw an awfully strange sight. There was a man, with long green hair, styled into curtains carrying a large, suspicious looking container. "We should help him" suggested Shino enthusiastically
"What? To hell with that, he looks weird." Replied Dru
"That's Mr.Fi, he's Shizue's science teacher..." explained Shino
"Of course, that whole school is full of weirdos then its it?"
"They're not weird!"
Mr.Fi looked over, after hearing Dru talk to himself (Shino) and shook his head, with a concerned look on his face. The two boys kept walking until they reached the corner before the school's entrance. "Can we wait here for a few more minutes? I don't want to have to attend PE..." complained Dru lazily.
"You wont have to, I'll take over" Shino said quite calmly
"You'll what!? Since when could you just decide?! It's MY BODY!"
"You don't want to go in, I do, you can rest, we both win..."
"Bu.... that's not the point!"
"You should be more gra-"
An enormous blue light lit up the entire sky, a huge force knocked Dru onto his back, where he looked up into the deep blue sky, which started to be covered in tiny little red streaks. A pillar of smoke began to rise from the school, which seemed to have disappeared into a pile of ashes and rubble. Shino began to panic, and Dru smirked.
Dru's left eye became white as snow, and he could feel his body vibrate like it was tearing apart atom by atom.
"Well....." Dru laughed "This is going to be intresting."
Dru stood up, slowly and full of pain, he began to limp towards the remains of the school, where had now appeared a large, metalic looking cube, glowing with red and blue light. There were electrical lights dancing around the cube, scratching across the ground and everything they could touch. Dru was intrested so he decided he would try to get closer than he knew he should, with each step he took he felt more agonising pain, to the point where he fell to his knees, paralysed. "Why did you have to get so close!? IT HURTS DRU-SAN. IT REALLY REALLY HURTS!" cried Shino
"I can't move my body..." he began to whisper as his body began to limply fall back.
"I'm... fading... I'm sorry... goodbye Dru-san..." Shino sobbed
A huge bolt of red lightning struck Dru right in the chest. it felt like his atoms had all finally separated, and he no longer existed, he felt like he had become air, his eyes both faded to white and a white light exploded out of his mouth. it hit the ground to take the form of a small boy, wearing a green cloak, with long, silver hair. His eyes were shut, but Dru could make out a reddish glow from behind his eyelids. suddenly everything went black, and Dru hit the ground.

When Dru awoke it was dark, the metalic cube had disappeared and he was confused. "What the hell happened?" he asked himself "Shi-san... did I black out?"
"Yes, it's okay now though!" replied Shino
Dru's blood ran cold, the voice had not come from his mouth, but from behind him...
"I found our friends!" Shino shouted excitedly "Look, Look!"
Dru slowly turned his head, to see the same small, silver haired boy from before, who's eyes still glowed red now that they were open. "What...." Dru muttered. He started to notice the other people the boy, who must've, but couldn't be Shino, was with. There was a tall, blue haired, kind faced boy, a grinning, unpolite looking delinquent with bright red hair, and a scared looking, purple haired girl with glasses. It was Mateo, Kairu and Shizue. "Ugh... it's you three" Dru sneered "What the hell happened? do you know?"
"Ha! like we'd tell you." Kairu chuckled "Piss-face"
"Ki-kun! behave!" Shizue ordered "Yes, in fact we do, and we think we might be the only survivors, we don't know yet though"
"We can't say for sure" Mateo said as he shrugged
"That's no good, oh well, I guess I'll be going" sighed Dru
"Aren't you taking your friend with you?" Shizue asked
"Hahaha, no, you keep him, he's your problem now" Dru laughed as he strolled off into the distance.
"YAY! I can stay with you guys!" Shino chanted "Don't worry, I know where Dru lives anyways so I can go him if I need to"
"Woohoo" Kairu sang sarcasticly "Wait, home? you live with Dru?"
"Kind of, I used to be dead! Then I was stuck in Dru's head, and now, because of the magic box I'm here!" Shino sang happily. Kairu's eyes widened with shock at Shino's response, he looked over at Mateo who looked equally surprised
"How do you know about Mr.Fi's box?" Asked Mateo
"Mr.Fi did this?" Shino asked "Yay! I'll have to thank him!
"Okaaay... let's just see who we can find in this rubble..." Shizue sighed
"Gee, I sure hope Kate's okay, I actually liked her more than the other ass holes around this stupid school" Kairu said , showing an unusual amount of compassion "Although if Mr.Fi died that would be okay" He continued, going back to his usual twisted self
The four contuned searching the remains of the school grounds to find anyone who might have survived the explosion, and what they would find would be unexpected, and they weren't going to like it...

End of part 2

Part 3 - Evil? And Powers! - coming soon

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