AKA TO AO - parts 1 - 2

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  • Published: 30 Sep 2014
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A series of parts based on 3 friends who are in an explosion at their school that causes them to gain supernatural talents, I plan to write a lot of these and just upload them in 2's or 3's in separate Movellas, here's the first one, enjoy!


2. Accidents don't just happen


Kairu was an asshole, he knew it and so did everyone else, especially his two friends, Mateo and Shizue. They, in fact, knew it better than anyone did.
"Hey, guess what?" chanted Kairu to a crowd of young kids who had just joined the school "If you stick your heads into the toilet, I'll give you something special!"

"That's gross! What would we get that would make it worth our while anyways?" a young girl piped up
"a badge that reads 'I EAT SHIT" HAHAHAHAHAHA" laughed Kairu hysterically, as if he had just told the best joke ever. The youngsters shook their heads with disappointent and carried on their way "What the hell could you possibly want with those kids, you damned creep?" moaned Shizue

"I wanted them to have this, but they wouldn't take it" He handed Shizue the badge
"WHY YOU LITTLE THAT'S HORRID!" She shouted as she clamped her hand hard across the back of his head. "OW! Shi-san, that was uncalled for!" he grumbled as he rubbed the back if his head. "Don't you dare call me Shi-san! It's Shizue-senpai to you! Ki-kun"
"You're not very nice, you know that? I'm older than you, why should I call you senpai?"
"Because I said so! brat!" Shizue giggled to herself.
"I'll tell Mateo-san that you want to kiss him! Kairu teased "kissy kissy kissy kissy"

"NOT AGAIN!" He roared as he collapsed onto the floor "Okay, geez, I'll stop"
"Me? Kiss Mateo-san?" Shizue spat "I'd rathe-"

"Heyyyyyyy, I like what I hear!" Mateo said, as he slid in beside Shizue, putting his arm behind her.
Shizue lept into the air, her hands, full of books, raised above her head.
"I call this one-" she shouted as she named her attack, like a full on anime character, Kairu rolled his eyes. "ANTI PERV FURY FLURRY!!!!!!" Her books came down onto Mateo's head, before the look of fear could even reach his eyes the same books cracked across his head from the side, and as he began to finally react, Shizue's feet swept beneath his own, throwing him onto the floor, like a sack of rotten potatoes.
"I can't believe someone as awesome as me puts up with violent and pervy people like you two..." muttered Kairu, before quickly fleeing the scene of his spoken crime before either Shizue or Mateo could end his life
"What a moron, eh?" Mateo said as he nudged Shizue's arm
"Can you really say anything Mateo-san?" She replied
"That really hurts, Shi-chan" Mateo moaned as he lowered his head
"Enough with the chan, are you in love with me or something?!" Shizue hissed
"N...n.. no, of course not" Mateo blushed. Shizue rolled her eyes.
BEEEEP, BEEEEP, BEEEEEEEEEEP roared the bell for class to begin, Kairu, Mateo and Shizue all had scientific studies with Mr.Fi, who was a complete and utter nut-job, but he got his job done and that's all he cared about.
"Let's head off, I'm scared of what Mr.Fi will do to us if we're late at all" Sighed Shizue
"Please don't put thoughts like that into my head!" Shuddered Mateo

When Shizue and Mateo got to class, they noticed that Kairu was already there, talking to Mr.Fi, probably making up some halfed assed excuse as to why he hadn't completed his homework that was due several weeks ago.
"I guess we should probably get him out of there before he has his head bitten off" Mateo sighed.
"Yeah..." agreed Shizue
before either of the could intervene, Mr.Fi spoke up.
"Class... how are you all this morning? I don't care. Shush. I mean it." He glared at several students who were talking. "Today, you are all going to help me with my own personal project! It will be beautiful, I have been working on it for quite some time and I need some insipration, this could become a very important discovery and I will give exactly 0% credit to any of you who help me, those of you who didn't help will be too dead to care. hehe." He giggled with a kind of crazy joy in his eyes "This device will most likely be weaponised and used to destroy continents, but I don't care to be honest, as long as it's not us being destroyed, It can give anything, or anyone, the traits of a specific aspect of life, and it will be decided based on pre-existing traits on the target. Let's use Kairu-kohai as an example" He held Kairu up into the air by his slightly too long, spiky red hair, Kairu flinched with pain "Kairu-kohai is useless, so if the device is used on him then he will only become more useless, go sit down, boy!" He threw Kairu into his seat "Damned sick bastard..." Kairu spat under his breath, now sitting beside .Shizue and Mateo.Mr.Fi spoke again "I want you all to come to the front of the class and hold the outer casing of the device, it should, if it works, suck enough of your life force out so that you won't die but the machine will work, I hope, kind of" he smirked "C'mon up now"
"I have a really bad feeling about this, guys" Shizue said nervously to Kairu and Mateo.
"Me too" the boys replied simultaneously.
"Oh well we can't avoid it anyways, it's try or die, and maybe die anyways..." laughed Mateo
All of the students in the class stood up and came forward in the class, to se Mr.Fi's small, metalic box.
"Doesn't look like much" giggled Kairu, to which he got a deathly look from his teacher.
"All place your hands on the box now" Shouted Mr.Fi.
everyone in the class squeezed their arms in to touch the box somewhere, and when they did the box began to glow all sorts of colours, and the air became cold. The room felt heavy and the floor started to shake, it felt like the school was being torn apart.
"Oh fu-" Kairu began to say before he was cut off by a blood curdling scream. Everyone turned to face where the scream had come from, the room slowly started to feel normal again, but the girl who had screamed, Kate, a younger girl in the year with beautiful hazel eyes and long green hair had her hand to her nose, when she took her hand away there was hot, red blood pouring from her nose.

"What happened? she whispered, before hitting the ground with a loud thud.
the room went silent, nobody knew what to do.
"oh...." huffed Mr.Fi "was that all?"
"HOW COULD YOU REACT LIKE THAT WHEN-" Shizue was cut of by a bright light and a deafening high pitched tone. The box was red, and it was getting bigger, one half of it started to become blue, everyone stared in awe, then suddenly...



The entire school was blown to pieces, not a single person could have survived, all that seemed to remain in tact was a now enormously huge red and blue cube, suspended in the air, with beams of light licking off of it, lighting up the charred, flaming pile of rubble with a beautifil light.
Was everyone dead? Where had they gone?
A young man reached up from the ground, knocked down by the blast, his pink hair blown back into a crazy mess.
"The school... my friends.... no..." He collapsed onto his knees, sobbing and holding his face in his hands. Then suddenly one of his magenta eyes turned white...
And a sadistic smirk grew across his pale face.
"This is going to be intresting..."



End of part 1

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