My Everything

this is story about ariana yes the ariana grande everyone though she was so happy when she wasn't till she was the justin bieber girlfriend but what happen? She was abuse by him and she had to fake dead or else he would killed her but what happens when she comes back stronger than ever releasing her album "My Everything" ? but Justin's come back? Will there be war or love even more both? Read at "My Everything"


2. That Old Girl Is Gone

*Ariana's Pov* 

My phone it went to cracks I look up seeing an old justin crying~~~ 

justin:" baby why did you leave me I CARED FOR YOU!" he pushes me on the wall but I wasn't scared about this anymore I'm stronger he slaps me but I didn't wince I push him off 

me:"you want to know why I left you? That's why" I pointed right on my cheek were he just slap me 

justin:" baby I'm sorry I just miss you why do you had to do this to me" he bend down and sat on floor with his hands on his face crying I felt my heart broke I went to hug him but he pushes me of roughly 

justin:" why do you leave me I want my old girl back where the fuck is she?!?" He was crying and his eyes turning a deep black that would killed without seconds 

I shake my head 

me:" that old girl is gone" i push him off pick my phone and went to leave I felt someone push me against the wall and kiss me roughly those kisses that I miss the most without noticing I haven't notice I was kissing him I push him off 

me:" YOU CANT JUST KISS ME LIKE THAT AND EXPECT EVERYTHING TO BE FINE WHERES MY OLD SWEET JUSTIN I HAD MISS OVER THE YEARS?! The one who always be just sweet to me and doesn't beat me up and treats me like crap?! Yeah i forgot HES GONE" he was about to slap me I slap his hand away and slaps him right on the face and run away I heard him say 


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