Catch Me Before I Fall

Catch me Before I Fall...

Hi, my name is Britney. Britney Hooks. At school I'm known as Britney 'books'. That's what all the stuck up populars call me. I am a nerd, but seriously? Books? Immature! I have two friends, well HAD. I left that school a month ago because my two only friends decided it would be hilarious to ditch me when I needed them most just to be POPULAR! I remember our fight like it was yesterday...


1. i neeed a co-author

Hey guyz! so Never fall in Love with a spy will most likely be done by Christmas, and this is not a sequel but I might make one! also I NEED 1 or two if possible, drum roll... CO-AUTHORS!!! please let me know if you would like to be a co-author and by saying I need one im not joking I need one because its way more fun to write with some one! sooooo please, please, please let me know if you want to even the slightest bit! please also make sure before you agree that you wont give up on this even if there are mountains set in front of our path because, I brought hiking gear! :P  so we can climb the snowy movella mountain until the end :D -Ana

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