A Nightmare Come True

What would you do if you suddenly woke up and found yourself in nightmare? Twins Alli and Cody are ten years old when they find their mom died suddenly in a car crash. They are forced to live with their very sick grandma until she dies and now they have nowhere else to go, but in foster care system. And everything just keeps going wrong.


1. The Nightmare Begins

I woke up to footsteps comming upstairs. i assumed it was my mom comming in late form work again, but when i opened my eyes i saw a strange man carrying to his SUV. 

''What's going on? I want my mom?'' I yelled as a man threw me in the back of his truck.

''I want my mommy!'' My tin brother, Cody, cried.

''Calm the fuck down!''One man yelled at us.that made my brother cry harder

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