Rise of the Guardians - Return of the Dark.

A couple of years after the Guardians beat Pitch Black, he returns to Burgess (where Jamie lives) to get his revenge.
This time, we follow Jack and a human girl, named Charlie, who has grown up, believing in Jack Frost.
She has been adopted by a couple, since her mother died, and her father has gone missing.
One December-day, Jack and Charlie meet, and that's the beginning of a special story, about a girl who believes and a boy who is believed.


1. Prologue.

“Dear Santa
This year I want you to give my presents to Jeremy. He is my baby brother.
He is very sick and mom says she cannot afford the medicine.
I also wish that my mother can have something good too.

Merry Christmas Santa!
Charlie Goodwill, 27th Oakstreet, Burgess.

PS: Please tell Jack Frost to give us a white Christmas. Jeremy hasn’t had a white Christmas yet.”

Charlie Goodwill, age 10, December 1st, 2005.


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