Rise of the Guardians - Return of the Dark.

A couple of years after the Guardians beat Pitch Black, he returns to Burgess (where Jamie lives) to get his revenge.
This time, we follow Jack and a human girl, named Charlie, who has grown up, believing in Jack Frost.
She has been adopted by a couple, since her mother died, and her father has gone missing.
One December-day, Jack and Charlie meet, and that's the beginning of a special story, about a girl who believes and a boy who is believed.


4. Chapter 3.

They made it back to Charlie’s house, faster than she liked. As they walked up the Garden Path, she started to get sad.
Jack must have felt a change in her mood, because suddenly he asked;
“What’s the matter?” and then he looked at her, a bit concerned.
Charlie shook her head and sighed.
“You can’t stay here.. You have to go away again.” She said and pouted a bit.
Jack giggled and gave her hand a squeeze.
“And who says that I won’t come back?” he said, trying to make eye-contact, but Charlie wouldn’t face him. “Charlie?” he said, trying to make her look at him.
She looked up, straight into his ice-blue eyes and said; “Don’t you want to come upstairs, just a bit before you leave? My.. Parents aren’t home yet, so you can stay a little without them getting nosy.” Her green eyes tried to find answers in his blue and he smiled.
“They surely won’t get nosy. Not about me, that is.” He said and followed her, when she opened the door. “They can’t see me, Charlie.”
Charlie stopped and turned around. “What?” she asked confused, and then remembered from out in the woods “Only those who believe in me..” she said silently.
“are the only ones who can see what I see.” Jack went on. “Hey, it rhymed! I need to publish that for North, Bunny, Tooth and Sandy!”
Charlie looked like one big question-mark and Jack sighed with a smile;
“North is Santa, Bunny is the Easter-bunny, Tooth is the Tooth-fairy and Sandy is the Sandman. Are you with me so far?” he explained to her.
Charlie smiled and giggled.
“You really are crazy!” she said while taking of her coat and boots. “Santa.. and the Tooth Fairy!” she mumbled to herself in disbelief.
“They are real, ya’know.” Jack said, patiently. It took time to make people believe, and you didn’t want to push anyone into belief. It came when they got convinced.
“I have met all of them, and we helped each other bringing belief back to the children of the world, when Pitch Black turned Sandman’s dreams into nightmares!” he started, and soon, Charlie and Jack sat in her room, and Jack told her all about how they had fought him off and about the lights and Baby Tooth and the Yeti’s and everything else, down to the last detail. He even told her, how Jack had disappointed them all so much, but then anyways saved them, because he made one little boy believe.
“Actually, he lives here in Burgess!” Jack ended his long speech and looked at Charlie, who was still paralyzed from all the things Jack had just told her.
“Sandman.. Yeti.. Babytooth..” she babbled words out, without any further things to explain it. “This is.. This is very much to get into your head in a couple of hours!” she said and put her hand to her head.
Jack let her sit there for a couple of minutes; to let it all sink in. While she rested her head, he explored her walls with all the texts and pictures and paintings. His eyes fell on the name “JACK FROST” and he smiled. He went over to see what was underneath it, and started reading some of the texts. Some were with facts about who Jack Frost was (or who humans thought he was), some with stories from Myth and Legend, that was printed out from a computer. But some was handwritten and especially one drew his attention. It was a poem.
It was a poem about him.
He smiled a bit and took it off of its place from the wall, so he could better read it. The more he read, the more he smiled.
At one point his eyes were kind of sparkling and then Charlie looked at him. She gasped, got up from her bed, snapped the paper out of his hands and held it into her chest.
“You can’t read that!” she whispered terrified and blushed for the god knows which time, and shook her head, “No one ever reads any of my stuff!” she said and put the paper in a desk-drawer.
“I liked it!” Jack protested, when she hid it away. “Was it about me?” he asked, even though he already knew the answer, and smiled at her. A trustworthy smile, that made her melt inside.
She nodded and looked at the ground again, embarrassed.
Jack smiled and sighed.
“It was beautiful. I really liked it.” He said. And it was true. That poem showed him how much she wanted to believe in him. He walked over and stood right in front of her again and like in the woods, he lifted her chin with his cold forefinger and looked her in the eye.
“I mean it.” He whispered and tried to ignore the urge of doing something stupid. He too felt the butterflies in his stomach and he had never felt like this before. Not towards anyone. It was kind of the same feeling he had felt the first time he had been flying, but much stronger this time. And she made him feel like this.
She smiled at him and then looked out the window. The twilight was appearing and the sun was on its way down behind the hills in the horizon. She looked back at Jack.
“Mr. and Mrs. Dreason will be home soon.” She said and her eyes went sad, without her expression changing.
Jack nodded in understanding.
“I will be back.” he said and looked at her. He took a deep breath, kissed her on the cheek and with the words, “I promise. Goodnight, Charlie!” he jumped out the window, and made a wind take him away.
Charlie could feel the spot where Jack had kissed her and she blushed as never before. She was speechless.
He had kissed her! But.. Well, that still wasn’t any sign of him liking her. In many places they said hello and goodbye, greeting with kisses on cheeks. She sighed and crawled under her covers again, unable to stop the butterflies that made her inside feel like a cave with awoken bats.


Outside, way up over the sky, Jack cheered and made it snow, everywhere a White Christmas was welcomed at this time of the year. He was so happy and it was like he was in the 7th heaven or whatever humans called it. The butterflies in his stomach were living and it made him feel happy like never before. He had to go and tell North and the others about this girl. She was pretty special.
Not only was she human and very cute, but she was about the same age Jack had been, when he was summoned to become a guardian.
Not many girls in that age could see him or believed in him. Charlie could and did both.
Suddenly he got an idea. He could bring her to the next Guardian Meeting! He knew that the Guardian Meeting was only for, well, Guardians, but he wanted them all to meet her. And he wanted her to meet all of them! He smiled as he flew across countries and seas and just as he crossed the border between USA and Canada, he caught himself in quoting the poem he had read;
“A touch of ice..” he whispered and sighed, eyes going sparkly. He could never hope that she would like him the same way as he thought he liked her. Even if she did like him, he could never hold her tight. He would just give her frostbites.
He found a place to sit, on a rooftop somewhere in British Columbia. He sighed again, this time with a lump in his throat.
He looked at the moon and talked, almost praying:
“Why am I Jack Frost? Why couldn’t I have been someone else, not as cold?” the last word came out with a touch of anger. The Man in the Moon kept silent, as always. Jack snorted in frustration and flew up again; this time heading for the Pole. He was going to see someone who didn’t ignore all of his questions, and someone who maybe were able to help him find some answers.
He was going to see North.


Back in her room, Charlie was about to go to bed. She had changed her clothes and crawled under the covers, when she got to look at the empty spot on the wall above the bed.
“Oh.” She said, and hurried up and over to her desk. She opened the drawer, and took out the paper with the poem.
She read it through, before putting it back on its rightful place, between a paper-snowflake and a picture of a painting of Old King Frost.
She looked at all of her work. Of all of the stuff that was said on the papers, hardly any of it was actually true. She smiled to herself.
“Who would have thought that Old King Frost, was just a childish boy, loving snowballs and fun times?” she mumbled as she let her eyes wander over the papers. “And that he was such a cutie!” she giggled and crawled into bed.

Charlie had thought, that her dreams would be full of magic and Jack’s smile that night, but she had been so very wrong; that night, a dark shadow crawled into the streets of Burgess, leaving darkness and nightmares in its steps.
That night, Pitch Black came back. And he was looking for revenge.



-“A snowflake, in the wind.
A little breeze, on my chin.
Where are you? Where are you?
Please don’t hide!
Don’t leave the waters, frozen in a tide.

A storm of snow, stay inside.
Breeze got bigger, my time to hide.
Where are you? Where are you?
Come out and play!
Don’t let the world once again turn grey.

A touch of ice, makes me warm,
Gives me strength, to fight of the storm.
Where are you? Where are you?
I’m out and I’m lost.
I’ll find you alright, no matter what it’ll cost.”-


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