Rise of the Guardians - Return of the Dark.

A couple of years after the Guardians beat Pitch Black, he returns to Burgess (where Jamie lives) to get his revenge.
This time, we follow Jack and a human girl, named Charlie, who has grown up, believing in Jack Frost.
She has been adopted by a couple, since her mother died, and her father has gone missing.
One December-day, Jack and Charlie meet, and that's the beginning of a special story, about a girl who believes and a boy who is believed.


3. Chapter 2.

When Charlie woke again, it was past 12pm and the Dreason’s were out of the house. Mr. Dreason had gone to work, even that close to Christmas he still didn’t have holidays, and Mrs. Dreason was probably out hunting Christmas presents.
Charlie was then left alone in her own company, which she didn’t mind at all. After all, she was 17 years old, almost an adult, and she could take care of herself.

She grabbed herself a quick breakfast and then slipped into her long coat and winter boots, preparing herself for a good long walk into the woods not far from the city.

 She closed the door behind her, after having left a little note about where she was, in case of Mrs. Dreason freaking out like the last time Charlie had left the house alone without leaving a message.
She stood with her hands in her coat-pockets and breathed out slowly, sending out fog of breath. She let her eyes run over all of the kids, who were out to enjoy the fresh snow. She smiled and slid down the railing and down onto the garden-path. The footprints from last night were long gone, buried far down under the new snow; unless, of course, they had just been a dream. She shrugged her shoulders and started walking down the street, away from everything. In her pocket, were her loyal friend; her mp3, and not soon after leaving her street, she put her earphones in, and just let out the real world and disappeared into her own imaginary peaceful world of wonders.

Charlie soon reached the first trees of the wood and smiled. No one was ever out here, so she would be completely alone and in peace of all of the judgments that people had about her and her past. As she walked further into the wood she started dancing in rhythm with the music. She loved to dance, though she never did it while people watched. She was very shy and therefore hardly talked to anyone, unless they asked her questions.

While she hopped and jumped and twirled and twisted around, she didn’t notice the little pile of snow that fell down from a branch just above her. Some of it hit her in the neck and she stopped immediately and looked up, dragging her earphones out.
There was nothing to see, but she still didn’t put her earphones in again. Maybe it had just been a bird or a squirrel, but what if it wasn’t?

She looked up in the tree again, but she still didn’t see anything. She closed her eyes and turned around again, putting one of the earphones in. She opened her eyes again and squeaked.
“You!” she said surprised and took a step backwards.
It was the blue-eyed boy, who was standing in front of her, leaning onto his staff.
He starred at her, like she was some kind of ghost and then whispered
“You can see me!” Then he smiled.
Charlie frowned. What was he talking about? Of course she could see him! He was standing right in front of her! When she still didn’t say anything, the boy took a step forward. As Charlie had her back against a tree, she couldn’t move away any further.
“I’m warning you!” she said with a shaking voice, “Don’t touch me!”
The boy laughed, a twinkling sound, almost like bells.
“I’m not going to hurt you!” he said with a very calm voice. “What’s your name?”
Charlie had to swallow a couple of times before she could answer.
“Charlie.” She said, short and good. Now could he just leave her alone?
“Charlie..” he repeated. “Charlie, do you believe in Jack Frost?”
What the hell was this? Some kind of hidden camera or what?
“No. Fairytales are for children.” She said, trying to figure out how to get away from the blue-eyed boy, who seemed so interested in her.
“Though you can see me!” he said with a laugh.
Charlie was getting well tired of the strangers game and said in a grumpy voice;
“Right, you’re Jack Frost. Oh sure. Well, Mr. Frost, would you mind flying home to your snow-castle and leave me alone?!”
The boy laughed.
“You’ve got humor! I like that!” he said and took another step forwards, which left him standing less than two feet from Charlie.
“Seriously, leave me alone!” Charlie said with a warning in her voice.
The boy didn’t move any closer, but leaned towards his staff again.
“You’re a pretty dancer. Do you ice-skate?” he asked her, and she looked into his eyes. They were full of curiosity and wonder and little by little, she melted a bit. He was actually rather cute to look at, and if he wanted to hurt her, he probably would have done already. She agreed with herself, that this boy was harmless. She shook her head.
“No?” he said with surprise, “well, now, that’s a shame! I bet you would look wonderful on the ice! Do you have a pair of ice-skates?” he asked again.
“You sure do ask a lot of questions,” Charlie said, as she got more and more relaxed with her new company, “but yes, I do own a pair of ice-skates, I just never use them, cause the pond is hardly ever frozen.” She said and pointed in direction of the pond.
The boy pouted a bit and looked at the ground. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone ever came out here anymore, so I didn’t think it was important.” He said, and Charlie giggled.
“Well, you better do something about it then!” she said, thinking that if he could play that game about being “Jack Frost” she could too.
He looked at her and smiled.
“So you can laugh!” he said and laughed a bit with her, “And yes, I should be ashamed that I haven’t frozen the pond yet! Come on, I wanna show you!” he said and grabbed her hand, before he took off, running over the snow-dressed forest floor.
“Wait!” Charlie gasped as she tried to follow him, “I still don’t know your name!” she said while running.
“Jack!” he said, and ran on.

After a short run from the glade to the pond, they stopped and watched the water. It was frozen, almost everywhere, but the ice wasn’t nearly thick enough to hold a human.
Jack smiled and let go of Charlie’s hand then walked out on the thin ice.
“No! Jack! Stay here! It’s way too thin to walk on!” Charlie shouted, but too late. He was already too far out for her to reach him.
“Now just watch!” Jack said with a big grin and pointed his staff at the water. Frost flakes came out and started covering the pond, little by little and Jack skated around on it, laughing and jumping around.
Charlie was as petrified. He actually made the pond freeze under his, still bare, feet. Her eyes were wide open and so was her mouth.
When Jack skated towards her, and stopped just in front of her, she was absolutely speechless.
“Are you alright?” he asked, sounding a bit worried.
“You.. You made the pond freeze…” she whispered, barely hearable.
Jack laughed and spread out his arms.
“I know! I have that effect on people.” he said with a grin.
“You’re.. You’re..” Charlie stuttered.
“I’m.. Very handsome? Unbelievable? Just bring it, I’m not shy!” Jack said, while taking another skate around the pond.
“You are Jack Frost!” she whispered, as tears filled her eyes.
“Yes, I am indeed!” he answered proudly, “Whoa.. Hey, please don’t cry! Why are you crying?” Jack asked confused, as he again approached her on the shore.
She looked into the ground and quickly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.
“Heeeey..” Jack said, lifting her chin with his forefinger, “hey, don’t cry! What’s the matter?” he asked her, giving her a little reassuring smile, like to say ‘You can tell me, I don’t bite!’
She shook her head and smiled; a not very believable smile.
“It’s nothing..” she said and took a step backwards, to make a little distance.
“Wow.. You’re Jack Frost!” she said, to change the subject, “I.. I’ve seen you. A long, long time ago.”
Jack smiled a bit, still wondering about the tears.
“I am indeed Jack Frost! And you.. You do believe in me!” he cheered, and was about to walk closer, but changed his mind. He reached up and scratched the back of his head, like he was a bit embarrassed, “Aren’t.. Aren’t you a little old to believe in ‘fairytales’ like me?” he asked jokingly.
Charlie blushed at the question and shrugged her shoulders; a movement she was getting used to make at unpleasant questions.
“I.. I lied before, okay? I do believe, but only because I have seen you before.. Or, almost seen you. I’ve seen water freeze in a heartbeat and snow fly up and down and dance around!  I always knew it was you.. But I could never prove it, you know?” she babbled out, unable to stop herself. She blushed again and shut her mouth.
Jack smiled and nodded.
“I know. But thank you for believing in me!” he said with a cheerful voice, “it really means a lot!” He meant that, with all of his cold heart. Until very recently, not many had believed in Jack Frost, as more than just an expression, but Jamie Bennett, the little boy who had helped them beat Pitch Black (Aka The Boogeyman) finally believed in him, when Jack made it snow in his room.
Charlie smiled and her red cheeks were now only just coldish-red.
“No worries..” she said and put her arms around herself, “It’s getting pretty cold, when I don’t move around..” she said, and rubbed her arms to get some warmth in them.
“Oh, darn, I’m sorry!” Jack said. All in all, he had disturbed her dance and dragged her all the way to the pond, and left her standing, not thinking about her not being resistant to the cold as he. “I’ll take you home?” he suggested and smiled.
Charlie thought about it for a second and then nodded. Why not? She thought, as they started walking towards the town.

They walked in silence for a while, Charlie still trying to swallow the fact, that she was walking alongside Jack Frost, who basically was jumped right out of a Fairytale. She watched him, as he walked there, just a few inches beside her and caught herself thinking about how cute he was actually looking.
He noticed her starring and turned his head to look at her, which cause her to blush even more. He had caught her staring at him and it felt like his blue eyes just looked right through her, but still saw her.
He smiled and giggled a bit, then reached out for her hand. She was wearing gloves, so she couldn’t feel his cold skin against hers. She let him take it and it made her belly feel weird. Like a thousands of butterflies had just been released and now just fluttered around inside of her. She wondered if he felt the same way or he was just holding her hand to be nice. No one said it had to mean anything.
Little did she know that what was going on inside her was going on inside him, just 10 times worse, and he liked it.

Voices in his head, told him that it was a bad idea to get involved with a human, but since when had Jack ever listened to anyone?

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