Bundles of Publicity

Ok so you know how Zayn and Perrie are together?...well in this they're not she with Louis and Zayn's with Enzy.

ok so here are the couples:

Zayn and Enzy
Louis and Perrie
Niall and Jesy
Leigh-anne and Harry
Jade and Liam
Tremaine and Kevin comes in later like closer to the end.

About the story:
Enzy and Zayn are forced to get pregnant by Modest! Management and everything backfires


1. || One ||


 It was positive. The test was positive. I'm actually pregnant. I threw the plastic stick to the floor with impeccable force. "Ughhh!...this is so unfair" I yell sinking to the floor, vigorously pulling my curly shoulder length hair. Tears threaten to fall but I refused to let them. I'm not one of those people that cry over everything, even in the most dramatic times like this one.

Sorry, let me tell you how this all started....


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