My Drummer (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

Y/N is a high school girl who happens to fall in love with the drummer from 5sos who attends the same school as her. When ashton and the rest of the boys get famous, will it draw a them apart?


2. Work Together!

Yeh well, not all of us are as amazing and funny as you are we sir? Said Ashton sarcastically.


There was a moment of silence before Mr Thompson spoke again.

So today class you will be getting an assignment to do that is 4 weeks long. You have to work with a partner of the opposite sex. I have chosen who you are to be partnered up with.

There was a loud groan from the class.

Ok! So lexi you are partnered up with Calum!! Sophie with Michael. Kate with Luke.

About 20 minutes little I still didn't have a partner.

Ashton your partner is y/n! Now I know you two don't get along so that is why I have put you together.

I didn't make eye contact with Ashton. I stared at Mr Thompson and mentally prayed that it was all a joke.

"Y/n go and sit next to Ashton or you'll will both have a D- before the project even starts!!

I stared at the teacher mentally hitting him with a brick.


"FINE! Keep your hair on! Oh wait you don't have any."

Mr Thompson glared at me. I got up and went and sat next to the boy I despise the most.

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