My Drummer (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

Y/N is a high school girl who happens to fall in love with the drummer from 5sos who attends the same school as her. When ashton and the rest of the boys get famous, will it draw a them apart?


1. The Project

As I walked out my house a ding went off on my phone signalling I had a new message. Well actually a new snapchat. Uh oh.

It was from the schools popular boy Ashton. He lived down the road from me and to be honest, I hated him. We went to nursery together and we were the best of friends. We were inseparable up until our 4th year. I was 8 and my mam and dad split up. I had no idea why. I could here my mam crying in her room alone. I wanted to do something but what could I do? I was 8.

I decided to open the snapchat.


That's all it said. He keeps sending me these as a joke because he thinks it's funny. Him and his 4 best friends.

I should probably tell you why I hate him.

Well it was our fourth year and this new girl, Alexandra started our school. She tore mine and Ashton's friendship apart. Then she started bullying me. Ashton was now her best friend so he started bullying me too. The boy who had once been my best friend bullied me into obesity and I thought about self harming many times. But I didn't. They had the whole school turn on me, to bully me too. I stopped going to school, my grades went down and well, I was alone. I couldn't turn to anyone.

The school bell dragged me from my thoughts. Oh great, science!


Oh good morning sir. And what a lovely voice to start the day.

That was Ashton. He's got such and attitude!

You have such an attitude Mr Irwin!! Said Mr Thompson as if reading my thoughts.


Hey guys this is a first short chapter but they will get longer!!

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