My Drummer (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

Y/N is a high school girl who happens to fall in love with the drummer from 5sos who attends the same school as her. When ashton and the rest of the boys get famous, will it draw a them apart?


5. Chapter 5

As soon as class was over I went straight to my locker. Ashton and his friends Michael, Luke and calum were already there talking.

"Excuse me."

I couldn't help but notice a twinkle in Ashton's eye when he noticed me.

"Hey beautiful." Said Michael.

I ignored him.

"Can I get to my locker please?"

"You can get to my room." Said Luke.

I looked at him in disgust.

"Are you y/n? Ashton was just talking about you and how he has to sit next to and did you know he's got a cr...OW!"

Ashton nipped Calum's arm to stop him talking.

"What he meant was that I was talking about how we have to work together on a project and how I am going to leave you to do the work because you know so much more than me because you always revise and stuff because no one likes you really so you don't really have a social life and go to parties and stuff." He took a breath.

Ashton's words hurt. As tears brimmed in my eyes I looked at him with pure hate, pushed past him, put my books in my locker and walked off.

I began to hear the beginning of a conversation between the four of them.

"I'm not being funny mate but I don't really think you're supposed to say things like that to the girl you have a crush on."

I stopped in my tracks and faced them all.

"W...what?" I stuttered.

"Ermmmmmm....." Started Calum.

"Well erm I uh maybe like erm you and I uh don't er really know what I'm erm saying but yeh." Ashton stuttered.

He likes me back?


No y/n! You can't forget how he just spoke to you! Be strong. Urh but his eyes. His hair! His muscles. His face! This is making it so hard. Luke was waving a hand in front of my face. Wait have I zoned out?


"Ashton asked you out on a date." Calum giggled. Aw! He's cute! Suddenly a pang of anger came over me.

"How dare you! You insult me then you tell me like me and ask me on a date! Are you stupid! I'm not like those other girls who you have been with who you take on a date, take them back to your house then have sex with them then dump them the next day! You're so big headed and insulting and...and..." I couldn't finish my sentence because Ashton was looking at me the way that captivates me.


"And.And.And..." Luke mimicked me. I cracked a smile.

"And handsome and strong and everything I ever want in a guy..."

Ashton smiled.

"That's the answer I was looking for" he whispered before leaning in and kissing me on the lips.

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