My Drummer (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

Y/N is a high school girl who happens to fall in love with the drummer from 5sos who attends the same school as her. When ashton and the rest of the boys get famous, will it draw a them apart?


12. Chapter 10

Ashton's POV


I never knock when I walk into Luke's house because we are best friends and his place is more like a home than my place.

"LUKE" I shout for Luke but I can't find him. Then I hear the shower turn up so I go up to his room. I really need to talk to him about y/n. I hear muffled voices on the other side of the bathroom door. Has he got a girl in there? HA! He's pulled! He's finally over Aleisha!


Then the door goes quiet. It's still quiet. Still quiet. And then there's some moving around and the door opens to reveal a flustered Luke with a towel hanging around his waist.

"Hey man!" Luke says but he says it in a worried voice? I look at him with an amused look on my face, cross my arms and raise an eyebrow.

"Oh yeh, who's the lass?" I ask.

"What lass there's no lass what are you talking about?" Luke says really fast. Weird.

"Yeh mhmm...." I say not convinced. "Anyway, I really need to talk to you."

"Oh yeh? What about?"


"Erm o...k? You're talking to me about her because...?"

"Well you seem to get on well with her and she's comfortable around you." I say.

"Ok then. Ask away."

"Ireallylikeherandwanthertobemygirlfriendbutidontknowhowtoaskher." I say really fast. Luke looks at me with a blank expression.

"Okay. Now ashton, I want you to say that again but a tiny tiny bit slower." I take a deep breath.

"Okay." Luke cut me off.

"You can say it faster if you want." He said.

"I really like her and want her to be my girlfriend but I don't know how to ask her..." I say at normal pace. I look at Luke. He looks stunned and I think, worried.

"Say something luke."


"A sentence would be good..." I say.

"Well. Erm I wasn't really expecting t-that." Why is he stuttering?


"I really like her and want her to be my girlfriend but I don't know how to ask her..." He says. What!?

"Say something luke."

"Erm..." I manage to get out. I'm a bit stunned. If he and y/n start dating what will happen to us?

"A sentence would be good..." He says.

"Well. Erm I wasn't really expecting t-that." I stutter. At that moment the bathroom door unlocks slowly and y/n comes out. WHY DID SHE COME OUT! Ashton's going to kick off. I send her a death glare.

"Y/n?" asks ashton.

"Ashton..." Y/N says.

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