My Drummer (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

Y/N is a high school girl who happens to fall in love with the drummer from 5sos who attends the same school as her. When ashton and the rest of the boys get famous, will it draw a them apart?


4. awkward


I looked at Ashton blankly.

"Hey" he repeated.

I tried to listen to the teacher but he was making it difficult for me!

"For Christ sake y/n are you deaf!"

"Mr Irwin! As you can see your partner is trying the listen to me but you are making it incredibly difficult for her. Now face the front, shut your mouth and CONCERNTRATE!!!" Said Mr Thompson.

"Ooh ok"

I looked at ashton. I've never noticed it till now but he really is the definition of perfect. Well apart from his attitude and lack of respect towards people. His hair is a mucky brown, his curls kept back by a blue bandana. His hair looks so soft. His eyes are so bright but I've noticed when he is angry they go a dark green colour. As for his smile, I can't help but notice how white and straight his teeth are......WAIT! What am I even saying! You hate the guy!

I draw my attention away from Ashton and listen to the teacher!

"Ok! Now get on with your work!" The teacher said.

Wait! What!? I wasn't listening I don't know what we are meant to be doing. I feel ashton looking at me and turn to him to see him smirking at me.

"What do we do?" I asked him.

"I don't know. Do I ever listen."

"Well I wasn't listening to him."

"I know you were too busy checking me out weren't you y/n?"

I went bright red.

"In your dreams."

"And reality" ashton added.

"What do you mean?"

"Y/n why do you hate me so much?"

"I could ask you the same question!"

"Y/n I don't hate you. Why do you hate me?"

"Think back to when we were kids."

"We used to be best friends? So what?"

"Exactly. Remember Alexandra?"

He nodded. I spoke again.

"She stole you from me. You started bullying me when she did. You knew I was upset about my mam and dad but you just went to her and told her. I trusted you!"

"I'm sorry."

"No you aren't. You don't know what the word means! You're popular so you never have to say sorry to anyone."

"Y/n I truly am sorry."

"Sorry might have worked when we were 5 but not now. It's been 11 years and I still think about our relationship we had."

"We can have that relationship again though y/n

"No ashton, we can't."

"I love you." He whispered.

I was taken aback.


Ashton looked up clearly embarrassed.

"Erm....I uh said.....erm....let' the"

"We don't know what we are supposed to be doing."

For some reason I became sad when he didn't say he loved me again to me. Is it possible I like Ashton?

"Well if you do like me then you won't mind me doing this."

I must have said that out loud because he crashed his lips onto mine. I couldn't think straight.

I like Ashton Irwin. My childhood best friend and my teenage enemy.

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