Star Wars: The Final Sith

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 31 May 2015
  • Status: Complete
The empire has been destroyed, Leia is the High Senator of the Galaxy and everything seems just fine...


4. The Story of Chewbacca

The Rogue sat on a rocky cliff on Yavin 6, and watched the hologram over and over again.  One lone survivor from Thrax’s rage:  Chewbacca.  He hadn't given his name, but the Rogue knew; he was why he was an outcast.  Pokka had dealt with Captain Solo in the rightful manner, but somehow this scumbag had survived.  Why?  He was as much to blame.  As he watched the hologram he recalled the events.  He was one of the Rebel's top pilots.  He was quick, decisive and his engineering skills meant he could fix most problems in the field.  But then mister fancy-ship had turned up and taken over.  Everyone wanted a bit of him.  What he did next was worse, he had lost him everything!  He broke a valve on his ship he knew he couldn't repair and then... then he went to Mon Mothma and said he was getting to old for his job!  He had been told to leave and Chewbacca had personally made sure of it.

It made his skin crawl just at the thought of this flea ridden walking carpet.  But now he was offering to give inside information on Pokka's fighting force, to help...?  Maybe he just wanted another shot at humiliating him again.  He'd take the risk - he told Chewbacca to meet him here on Yavin 6 as soon as he could.

 Chewbacca took longer than expected, but then his ship wasn't exactly what you'd call fast.  The Rogue winced at the sight of him, but held his tongue and they discussed how much firepower they were going to need and how they were going to get it, however Chewbacca was careful not to spill anything about the Rebels.  The Rogue was getting to hate Chewbacca a little less... no, he wasn't, just trying to.  He still wanted to shoot his brains out, but he was helping.  After many hours of discussion, they finally decided their plan.  Thrax was still on Tatooine, so they could leave him there and take out his troops and then move onto the Rebels and hold Princess Leia ransom for an extortionate price.  If they succeeded they were going to be rich and famous throughout the galaxy.

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