Star Wars: The Final Sith

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 31 May 2015
  • Status: Complete
The empire has been destroyed, Leia is the High Senator of the Galaxy and everything seems just fine...


5. The Rebel Base

The Rogue and Chewbacca took a short hop to Yavin 4 and landed in the main hanger.  The Rogue was careful to let Chewbacca out first to make sure nobody fired.  He then stepped out afterwards with his gun raised towards what he thought was Commander Thrax, but the Stormtrooper squad raised their guns back.  The Rebel troopers weren't comfortable with armed Stormtroopers in their hanger, so they raised their guns and formed a protective barrier between the guns and Leia.  Another ship approached and the radio tower told it to stay away, but it didn't.  As it got closer The Rogue picked out the distinctive shape of a Y-Wing.  A calm Commander Thrax stepped out and declared himself as the Killer of Pokka the Hutt.

"B-B-But how?"  Stammered The Rogue.  "Just one Commander?  With one gun?"

"But you miss the point, Rogue.  You think I am just a commander?  I know your anger at Chewbacca.  Use it.  Use your anger!"

The Rogue's jaw dropped slightly in awe and confusion.



A dark shadow suddenly enveloped everything and a rush of sound made it impossible to think...  The shadow and noise lifted slowly to reveal a dark hooded figure with a shadow covering his face and a long black cloak billowing from behind.  A crimson red lightsabre in each hand ignited and almost touched the floor with their terrifying length.  He walked slowly towards the Rogue and Leia and said, in a low, dark voice:

"I am The Final Sith: The Emperor's secret weapon that even Lord Vader didn't know existed.  I was stationed with a squad of troops out on Dyractus to keep Sector Nine in order.  So far, I have succeeded, but apparently some people can’t take a hint to leave me alone when I destroy an entire Bounty Hunter base, not to mention the mighty Pokka the Hutt!  Sector Nine is meant to be the worst place in the galaxy but this pathetic little band of rebels is getting just as bad!”

Chewbacca let out a loud, angry growl and slashed The Rogue with his sharp claws.  The Rogue fell in surprise and pain and Chewbacca stomped over to Leia and hoisted her onto his shoulders.  The Rebels applauded loudly and the Stormtroopers oppened fire, tearing holes into the walls and waking a sleeping Jedi Master...

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