Star Wars: The Final Sith

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 31 May 2015
  • Status: Complete
The empire has been destroyed, Leia is the High Senator of the Galaxy and everything seems just fine...


6. The Final Battle

Luke reacted instantly, whipping up his lightsabre and jumping down the stairs in one motion.  He had already reached the battle scene before he consciously realised what he was doing.  He ignited his blade and broke into a choreographed fight with Lord Titus.  The Rebels and Stormtroopers started to blast each other apart while Chewbacca entered the fray, ripping Stormtrooper limb from limb.

Among the confusion and disarray, nobody noticed The Rogue’s mask slip off and a rifle load in his hand.  He raised his powerful weapon and aimed at Luke.  He fired.  A searing green blast singed Luke’s forehead as it whipped past and disintegrated a wall.  The Rogue cursed as Leia’s head whipped round his way and she saw his face.  She recognised him instantly as Kem Navaro, the old head of engineering before they re-organised their troops after the destruction of the second Death Star.  She yelled out to him to stop firing, but he wouldn’t listen.  Another shot narrowly missed Luke.  He cursed again.  He was usually such a good shot.  Leia tried to scramble to him but the tight knot of troops around her made it impossible without being injured.

Darth Titus’ lightsabres slashed hard at Luke’s, back and forth, back and forth, but eventually Luke got the upper hand as Titus fell down a ledge and lost one of his lightsabres.  Luke quickly took advantage of this and used the Force to call the fallen lightsabre to his hand.  It was red, and a little heavy, but it would serve it’s purpose nicely.  Before Titus could recover Luke threw the lightsabre and used the Force to guide it’s path.  It soared through the air and hit a support beam, which collapsed with the ceiling.  Darth Titus caught the falling rubble and tossed it at Luke.  When the dust cleared he de-activated his lightsabre and looked down for his fallen victim.  He moved some of the rubble so he could see Luke’s face as he died.  He moved some more rubble.  And more… and more…  But Luke’s body was nowhere to be seen.  He was sure he had killed him; he had heard the scream.

Luke heard footsteps coming towards him, but not the heavy, stomping footsteps of Darth Titus, these were much lighter.  A man Luke recognised as Kem Navaro stepped into his hiding place next to him.

“Well, this is a nice ‘how do you do’, isn’t it?” He whispered to Luke

“What are you doing shooting at me?” He replied

“I was shooting at Thrax, or Titus or whatever he calls himself.  I saw you and it made me feel something.  Last time I saw you, you were just some kid in a space suit wanting to play, but you tried and tried and now you’re a Jedi!  It made me realise I can do cool stuff to, so I decided to help.”

“We need a plan.”

“I’ve already got one.”

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