Star Wars: The Final Sith

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 31 May 2015
  • Status: Complete
The empire has been destroyed, Leia is the High Senator of the Galaxy and everything seems just fine...


2. A Funeral

The forest moon of Yavin 4 – a solemn party of Rebels stand to remember their fallen brethren, among which lay the coffin of General Han Solo.  His wife, Leia stood forward with her brother, Luke, and together they placed on his coffin the medallion he had been given all those years ago in the Great Temple, in which they now stood.  Hundreds of people came to witness the falling of “The Millennium Saviour” and many couldn’t bear it, having to leave before the funeral began.  The dark light didn’t help the mood, and the fact that it was already getting to night made people realise how long they had been standing there.  When a Rebel general dies it is the Rebel’s tradition to paint a squad of X-Wing fighters black and give a fly-by outside the temple, but the only thing you could see was the faint shimmer of light from the back engines.

Yavin 6.  The Rogue held up a hologram communicator, where a little blue figure stood and said, “Master has assembled a great fighting force.  They are due to be sent to you on Yavin 6 shortly.  Master also says… <crackle> you <crackle> the transmission <crackle> is being scrambled <crackle> it’s the <crackle> Rebels!” With that, the transmission ended, and The Rogue was once again left alone in an abandoned temple.

What The Rogue didn’t know is that the Rebels had absolutely no idea they were there, and that the transmission had actually been scrambled by an Imperial commander on a remote planet named Dantooine.  Commander Thrax was the last remaining Imperial commander in the galaxy and he worked his squad to their absolute limits in training.  He was currently watching them do marching drills, as he had done for the last 3 hours.  He was different from the other commanders, because Thrax had managed to keep something from his training – a souvenir from his previous life.  Emotion.  He cared deeply for his troops, and made sure they were very well looked after and kept away from threat.  This was the reason he always scrambled transmissions from people he didn’t trust, like Pokka the Hutt, for example.

Presently, his Troop Captain pressed the buzzer on Thrax’s office door and the commander opened it.  The captain stood to attention as he always did, then said, in a rather metallic voice, “Your troops are ready to depart for Coruscant, sir.”

“Change of plan.  Send a transmission to the Rebels and the Hutts telling them we’re going to choose a side, then set a course for Yavin 4.  Get the troops into their ships and wait for me on the bridge of the ‘Eliminator’.”

“Yes, sir.”

The captain saluted, turned on his heels and marched briskly back out of the door.

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