The Other Side of The Coin

After her family was murdered eight years ago, Blair has nothing left but death. She travels the world with a ragtag group of assasins seeking vengeance. But here, in Pilal, things will change - she will change.


3. Chapter 2



The city was different here, the slums seemed to be almost a world away. Out of sight out of mind. The buildings were fairly large and spacious. The people here didn't know the pains and hardships of life in the slums, they smiled as they carried on with their day. Almost another world.


She was in the Bronze District. The Bronze District was buzzing with life, from the shining bronze patterns engraved into building walls to the people that walked amongst its streets. It was a work of art. The buildings seemed to blend in with each other creating one large canvas of patterns of bronze.

Nilat is a city of riches and treasures, it knows it's own beauty and it craves the attention. The city was a precious gem and she had to praise it for its architecture. The Industrial and Commercial Districts were the closet to River Neimma whilst the Metal Districts surrounded the palace; the slums were on the outskirts. And the wall surrounded all.

Despite the beauty of the Bronze District, it was only middle ground between the slums and the Gold District. It separated the slums from the Silver and Gold Districts.

Blair walked until she spotted the house that Eric was renting. Sure, they could've rented a house in the Gold District, but they didn't want to draw any unnecessary attention, they wanted to blend in, become unnoticeable.

Blair entered the house, the interior was masterfully crafted. She closed the door sending an echo through the house. It felt empty, but she knew Eric was there, perhaps with Gabriel or Thoran. She walked up the beautifully engraved staircase, guessing that Eric would be upstairs in the study. Her heeled boots clicked as she walked towards the large oak door at the end of the hallway. As she guessed, he was sitting at the desk filling out paperwork.

"You're late," Eric said, not looking up from his desk or stopping his writing. Not quite acknowledging her existence either.  "Is it done?" He finally asked after a moment of silence.

"Yes." Blair rolled her eyes. He was always so detached.

She had to admit, he was quite the charmer, with his silky brown hair and piercing green eyes he could have any lady falling to his feet. She hated him for it really. Back when she first met him she had quite the fancy for him, but then she got to know him, really know him. Even though he saved her life all those years ago their relationship was everything but stable. He treated her like a child sometimes even though he was only two years her senior.

"Here, you might want to wash this." She threw her blooded cloak at him. It was black, you couldn't see the blood on it, but she knew it was there, she could smell it. I didn't really matter, the blood would never truly go away, the blood of her victims stained more than just her cloak, it stained her heart. But still, she could pretend it was gone, just for a couple of precious moments, she could feel normal again, almost innocent. 


Although he didn't react as the cloak dropped next to his desk, Blair could see that he was not amused.

Blair looked towards the window, where a shadow cut the perfect rectangle of light. To her surprise, she found Shan sitting there. Shan sat on the windowsill, overlooking the street. As Blair approached Shan's head snapped towards her. Her hair was straight and charcoal black. It was cut short with a fringe, sharpening her features. Her eyes were slanted and so dark they looked black, vacant of any life. A bottomless pit. She was small and slim yet she somewhat had a presence in the room. With her porcelain skin, nobody guessed what monsters lurked within. Common Ethish feature.

The crew was from all over the world; Shan was from the Ethish Empire, Thoran was from Nydoar, Gabriel and Devon were from Frelle and both Blair and Eric were from Heljar. 

Shan wasn't very social, Blair didn't know her as well as she did Gabriel or Thoran or dare she say Eric. She was different. Blair couldn't fathom what happened to her before She came to Frelle, she was smart enough not to ask. Everyone has their own personal demons. Shan has her demons. Blair has her own and honestly, she wasn't bothered to take care of anyone else's. After Shan's eyes observed Blair for a couple of seconds she turned her attention back onto the streets below. 

Blair looked at Eric and then back at Shan. "Where's Gabriel and Thoran?"

"Out," Shan said sharply, not even looking towards Blair.

Eric merely acknowledged the statement with a "mhmm."

When it became apparent that neither Shan or Eric didn't particularly want to talk to her, Blair left the study. She hated them, sometimes. They always underestimated her and unappreciated her. Blair frowned to herself. They would make the perfect couple.

Blair entered her room collapsed onto her bed, she was tired. Not because of her soaring feet and muscles, she was tired of playing the game. Always on the move, always running. Slowly, she closed her eyes and she dreamt a dream of stars and ice.

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