The Other Side of The Coin

After her family was murdered eight years ago, Blair has nothing left but death. She travels the world with a ragtag group of assasins seeking vengeance. But here, in Pilal, things will change - she will change.


2. Chapter 1


The dawn was breathtaking.

Blair watched with an unwavering glare as the fiery red orb rose Phoenix-like from the horizon sending glorious rays of violets, scarlets and golds to overshadow the ever silent and eternal stars. The spectrum of light reflected magnificently off of River Neimma. Blair welcomed the light onto her face, it gave her light blonde hair a rich golden colour. 

With the sun the city has risen too. Nilat, the capital sand city of Pilal. It was an oasis on the fringes of population - a playground for the wealthy. Although it was in the middle of nowhere, it was one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the world. The scorching desert of Pilal was a far cry from Heljar's icy breeze and snowfall. Blair knew that she would need to get used to the unusually hot weather for it burned her pale and sensitive skin. She preferred the night, it was cold and refreshing. That and the fact that Pilal probably had the best view of the Galaxy in the world.

Although it was only the morning, the streets were busy. It was as if the people never slept, like they were all a part of one working body just trying to get by. Life was hard. The people looked dead as they shuffled along the streets and alleyways of the slums. One foot in front of the other, one foot I front of the other until you could no longer place one foot in front of the other. She hated the slums, they reminded her of everything that was wrong with the world, they reminded her of what they made her become. 

A murderer.

Blair continued walking down the street, people occasionally glanced at her for a couple of seconds, but quickly lost interest. Soft cries reached her ears. She glanced to her left and looked into an isolated alleyway. She found a girl sobbing in a doorway of a squat sized building. Blair came to a halt, observing the girl.

As she looked at the girl, weeping and alone, Blair felt something within her nearly forgotten heart. Recognition. It happened eight years ago, but Blair hasn't forgotten that feeling of hopelessness and pain and anger. She never would.

Blair took a step towards the girl and before she knew it she was walking down the darkened alleyway. The alleyway was empty and silent. The girl's crying echoed through the alleyway, deafening the crowd in the main street. It was just Blair and the girl.

As Blair approached, the girl sniffed, and wiped her tears, looking up at her in defiance. She's strong. Despite her vulnerable situation, strength seemed to radiate out of the girl's eyes, daring Blair to test her. 

"Are you all right?" Blair asked in Pilalian with an accented voice. She had yet to work on her Pilalian - if her pale skin and blonde hair didn't give her nationality away, her accent certainly did. It was only a matter of time before she would become fluent in it, she was a quick learner.

The girl hugged her knees to her chest as she gazed at her feet. "Leave me alone."

"I was just-"

The girl stood suddenly, causing Blair to back up a few steps. The girl herself was quite clean for slum standards. She was young, perhaps one or two years younger than Blair. Her hair was jet black and long and wavy. She had tanned skin and big amber eyes - Pilalians always had darker features. She was beautiful, a shame, really, almost all good looking women living in the slums were either prostitutes or courtesans. They were complete opposites. The fact made Blair conscientious of her own blonde hair and how much she stuck out of the Pilalian crowd. She would have to sort it out, perhaps a head scarf.

The girl crossed her arms and slowly started to approach Blair, stopping inches away from her. "Just what?" The girl leaned towards Blair; she could feel her breath on her neck. "And whether or not I'm fine is not your problem." She dragged out each word with a hateful whisper. With her amber eyes, the girl observed Blair for a reaction.

She let out a chuckle and cocked her head to the side. "Unless you want to be eaten alive. Not everybody here is as forgiving as me. Remember that."

Normally, Blair would laugh at such a delusional claim and she almost did if it wasn't for the predatory look in the girl's eyes. She meant what she said. Blair tensed, ready to deal with the attack she felt was inevitable. However, instead of trying to attack her, the girl raised her chin pridefully and walked past Blair, their shoulder barely brushing. Blair turned around. "Till next time, then?" The girl didn't look back as she left the alleyway, entering the main street. 

She disappeared into the crowd, blending in like a shadow.


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