Movellist: Issue #1

What you will find in MOVELLIST this month:
The Future of Movellas -- Are you ready for change?

Do Fanfictions count?

What is "Real" Literature?

Why you should start writing -- Right Now!


4. Why You Should Start Writing Now: How To Become a Genius

I've heard far to many people claim that being a writer is too much work. They often claim that they have no good ideas and simply don't want to spend hours at their computer. All are fair arguments, but what if I told you that becoming a writer could transform you into a genius?

It's not a scam, I know that you're think that it is, though. I'm not talking about non-fiction writing, of course. You need to already be an expert on something to write a book on fish biology or something. However, pushing yourself to write is like pushing your body to work out. It stimulates your brain, without making you confused or frustrated. If you can't think of an idea, just don't write at that second. As soon as you get an idea, write it down somewhere, anywhere. As soon as you can start turning that idea into a story, do it. You'll find yourself falling in love with the characters and willing time to go faster so you can just get home and write. Trust me, I've had that feeling so many times. It's a wondrous thing to get home and just relax with a video on in the background, typing about Stephanie Pimplebottom, or whoever you're writing about. I often find myself sitting in a car, thinking up all the new things that ol' Steph would do next. Then as soon as you're up to it, you don't want to stop until you feel satisfied with what you've done so far. Also, the more you give your brain creative exercises, the more intelligent it becomes. You see, logical brain exercises are important too, such as deciphering codes and doing simple sums, but they only make your brain stronger and it's gets easier to carry lots of information. However, creative exercises like art, music and writing actually improves not only the stamina, but the intelligence of your brain. What happens is, when you push your brain to visualise something, it is taking images that you have actually seen in life, then making up new psychadelic ones and creating something new. This takes a lot of effort, even if you don't notice it, which is a good thing. It makes you better at remembering faces to creating solutions to a risky situation. With maths and logic problems, you are just widening the space to put all these things, because it teaches your brain to hold more information, thus more ideas.

So you may say that you can't get any good ideas, but trust me. As soon as you get one, use it. If you do, you'll never go without one again.


By Florence Morgan


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