Movellist: Issue #1

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Do Fanfictions count?

What is "Real" Literature?

Why you should start writing -- Right Now!


5. What is "Real" Literature?: Defining "True Writing"

What exactly do people mean when they talk about "Real Writing" or "True Literature?"

You see these phrases used when talking about both something that somebody doesn't like and something that they do, but what do they mean when saying it?

When used in a positive way, "Real Literature" has around the same meaning when used the negative way. If you read a Movella and instantly fall in love with it, people will often say

"This is a true masterpiece!" or "Now this is REAL writing!", but just what are they talking about? If you read a Movella that you don't like, the meaning is often to insult or mock the author (it's very common for fanfictions to get these types of comments, but it can happen on any Movella). Things like

"This is terrible! This is NOT REAL writing" and "Ugh, this is the opposite of true literature. It's totally awful.", but why do people say that?

Let's start by defining Literature and "True Literature".

Literature is a form of art that can be expressed by writing, be it a poem or a plot. Literature can count for any form of writing, but is usually only used for fictional genres of writing.

If this is what Literature is, then what about "True" or "Real" Literature?

For something to be true, it needs to be one hundred percent accurate, completely authentic. For something to be real, it must actually exist and be able to be felt, seen, heard or smelt/tasted. We cannot really feel Literature, not physically. So, "Real Literature" technically doesn't exist. As for True Literature, True Literature would have to be completely authentic and accurate to be "True Literature". Doesn't this sound like the only "True Literature" would be Non-Fiction? Nothing in Fiction could be absolutely 100% accurate because..well. It's called "Fiction" for a reason. 

What everyone means when they talk about "True" Writing and Literature could be that a story is so unrealistic or so cheesy that it doesn't count as a form of art like other True Pieces of Literature. Or maybe they don't want to think that a poorly written story is in the same realms as their 600 page fantasy with perfect spelling and grammar. It's true, maybe The Red City is a little overcrowded with awful "works", but until Movellas finds a new way to sort the cream from the crap, we'll have to accept the internet equivalent of a story written on a napkin as Original Writing.


By Florence Morgan

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