Movellist: Issue #1

What you will find in MOVELLIST this month:
The Future of Movellas -- Are you ready for change?

Do Fanfictions count?

What is "Real" Literature?

Why you should start writing -- Right Now!


1. This is M O V E L L I S T

Hello Movellas Community


This is

M  O  V  E  L  L  I  S  T


The Most Reliable Author's Magazine on the Internet.


Here's what you'll find in Movellist today:


The Future of Movellas: Are you Ready for Change?

Do Fanfictions Count?

Why You Should Start Writing: How to Become a Genius

What is "Real" Literature?: Defining "True Writing"


W R I T E   ~   I N S P I R E   ~   C R E A T E



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