Movellist: Issue #1

What you will find in MOVELLIST this month:
The Future of Movellas -- Are you ready for change?

Do Fanfictions count?

What is "Real" Literature?

Why you should start writing -- Right Now!


2. The Future of Movellas: Are You Ready for Change?

There has been much controversy, for whatever reason, every time a social media website has shifted it's appearance and inner workings even the slightest bit. The problem is, however, that change is inevitable. For every single thing, it is definite there will be some sort of change in it at some point. Whether it be chemical change or emotional change (depending on what the thing being changed is.), you will always find some change in every single thing. This should be common knowledge, so why is everybody on the internet, or at least a vast majority, against even the slightest change in website design?

If your house was as easily changeable as a web design and one day you woke up to find your room a slightly different shade of blue, and your furniture had been place in a different place, what would your reaction be? Most likely, it would be slightly bemused at first. Then, as realisation of what happened quickly dawns, you lie back down and close your eyes again. Somebody has been in your room, painted the walls over and shifted the furniture a bit. No big deal, right? Well, maybe in the case of this scenario, there would be a feeling of insecurity. Who did this? Why didn't they ask me first? Why did they do it? This is a primal instinct. It's your brain telling you that something is off. So, when you're favourite web site changes, your brain associates this with a sign of an intruder into your personal space, especially since if a website changes it's design, so will your profile page. Thus, you get the typical comments shouting blue bloody murder at it every time it happens. The problem with instincts is, you can't live with them, but you can't live without them.

So the question now is, 

Are YOU ready for change?

Can you handle it if Movellas shifts designs once more? We're probably all used to the Youtube One design by now, but who's to say it's not going to change again? And it feels like just yesterday the iPhone 5 was all new. Now there's going to be an iPhone 6? Well, we don't have any control over it, and theres no need to. Change is forever, whether we want it or not.


By Florence Morgan


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