Movellist: Issue #1

What you will find in MOVELLIST this month:
The Future of Movellas -- Are you ready for change?

Do Fanfictions count?

What is "Real" Literature?

Why you should start writing -- Right Now!


3. Do FanFictions Count?

Now, I'm sure that we are all familiar with the gross amount of fanfictions, particularly One Direction fanfictions, on Movellas of late. There are two different opinions on this, excluding the indifferent group. Side one is the blue end of the spectrum, or else the biased side of One Direction fans, as well as other fan girls/boys. They, or at least most of them, have the opinion that the invasion, for lack of a better (Okay, for lack of a NICER) word, of the fandoms is a good thing, their argument being that it gives fans of these bands and other products a chance to have their work more prominent and gives them more awareness as a community. The red end of the spectrum, those opposed to the invasion, the writers of original content, feel as if they are being wronged. Their argument is that the original works of hard working authors are getting lost in the sea of endless fanfictions, and that the blue side's argument is false because the fan girl/boys works would not, in fact, be more prominent on the website, instead the vast ocean of fanfiction would engulf ALL works of every author. Movellas has tried to fix this by splitting the fanfiction realms of movellas and the original work realms of movellas into two: The Two Cities of Movellas, if you will.

For sake of explanation, let's call these The Blue City; the community of fan girl/boys, and The Red City; The Community of original authors. If you wish to read fanfiction, you look in The Blue City. If you want to read original poems, screenplays and stories, then you look in The Red City. This is a very clever way of sorting the two very different but also similar types of literature. Movellist belongs in The Red City, but both the Movellas cities should be treated with equal respect, because they are both forms of writing and entertainment, such as white, latina and black people are all just races of the same kind.

I conclude this article with the answer to the question: Do Fanfictions count?

To a certain degree, one must admit that a story about four pop singers falling in love with a single girl may not be quite the same as an original story about a heist, an affair and a kidnapped child, but both types of story can feature these things. So the short answer is Yes, fanfictions count as a genre.


By Florence Morgan


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