The Movellian A-List: Issue #3

This is the Movellian A-List Magazine! Bringing you the latest from Movellas!

Issue #3:
The Movellist of The Month!
The Movella of The Month!
The Model Movellian of the Month!
The Mystical Gem Chest is opened again!


6. The Gem Chest: Hidden Gems!


Welcome to the Gem Chest! This is a new segment where we show you some marvellous hidden gems of movellas! What will it be today?


Gold: Imperfection by Starble




Quick Review: Woah! This book was DA BOMB! It was so imaginative and shrewd in every way, the story was a little confusing to me but for the most part, it was TERRIFIC! The grammar and spelling is spot on, even if there are some minor mistakes, but we can ignore those. This book is simply...PERFECTION!


Rating: 8/10!



Silver: At Cambgridge by Katy Erin




Quick Review: This book was a very accurate portrayal of England, and Cambridge! Most people think that England is just London, or sometimes they'll know about Cambridge too, but the truth is that there is SO much more to the country! I, myself, live in Ely. That's in Cambridgeshire. There's Northfolk, Kent, Suffolk, Essex, Taunton, Somerset, Devon, Wessex, the list goes on! Needless to say, this book got it right!


Rating: 8/10!



Bronze: Society's Child by Mirlotta




Quick Review: Poetry is AWESOME, huh? Well this (rather long) poem is so beautiful and well-written that it almost made me cry! I love these types of stories so much. Oh, you don't know the story, do you? Silly me. Well, suppose you'll have to read the book! Haha.


Rating: 6/10!




That's all for today! But before we close The Gem Chest, here are a few honourable mentions.


1. Colours and Shadows

2. Waterbreather

3. My Name is ~


What will be in The Gem Chest next week? 


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