The Movellian A-List: Issue #3

This is the Movellian A-List Magazine! Bringing you the latest from Movellas!

Issue #3:
The Movellist of The Month!
The Movella of The Month!
The Model Movellian of the Month!
The Mystical Gem Chest is opened again!


7. Remember, Remember: A Thanksgiving Contest!

So, it's almost the time of the turkey! Here at TMA, we decided that a little writing contest couldn't hurt! If YOU want to enter, here's how!:


1. Write a short movella with each chapter being a new thanksgiving recipe! It can be an old family secret or just a cool idea you found on the internet!

2. Publish the movella. It should have at least 2 recipes in it!

3. Link the movella in the comments below!


And here are the WONDERFUL prizes you'll get for winning!

> First place will get their book spotlighted and given feedback in next week's issue!

>Second place will get a quick review of their book.

>Third place will get a place in the mystical gem chest!


The deadline is November 21!



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