The Movellian A-List: Issue #3

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Issue #3:
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3. Movellist Spotlight: Morgy!

Morgy is a super cool, super talented writer who has possibly THE BEST PROFILE PICTURE IN THE WORLD! That's right, if the Disney animators made a hunger games movie, THAT is what it would look like! Haha, anyway. We manage to get an awesome interview with her and now it's right here in TMA for all of you to see!


TMA: What inspires you?


Morgy: The amazing friends I have around me who have such deep stories to tell and always seem to be so strong.


TMA: If you became a famous writer, which book do you think will have gotten you famous?


Morgy: I'd have to say The Chocolate Society.


TMA: What is your favourite genre?


Morgy: Probably realism or drama. Books like Perks of Being a Wallflower are so relatable, I like books like that.


TMA: If you could meet any famous author that you wanted, who would it be? Why them?


Morgy: John Green and Suzanne Collins because they're my favourite authors!


TMA: Which of your books is your proudest work?


Morgy: Christina and Jack because I wrote it for my self-harming friend to inspire her to try and fight the addiction 


TMA: When and where do you think you are most creative?


Morgy: In my bedroom, trying to write! Haha.


TMA: How do ideas come to you?

Morgy: Okay, so I'm trying to sleep and my brain is asking every important life question, then and idea hits me and I'm like "Nope, sorry sleep. Gotta write an entire novella now."


TMA: Do you think that you would want to become famous for your writing or for something else?


Morgy: Uh, yeah! Definitely for my writing! 


TMA: Tell us 2 or 3 movies or books that might have inspired you to be a writer.


Morgy: Hmm. I think The Hunger Games, The Fault In Our Stars and Perks of Being a Wallflower.


TMA: Do you have a fictional crush? If so, who is it and from which book?


Morgy: Well...I'd have to say Gus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars. Hehe.


Thank you SO much Morgy! That was truly an AWESOME insight into just how those brilliant ideas come to be!


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