The Movellian A-List: Issue #3

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Issue #3:
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2. Movella Spotlight: A Child's Worst Fear by Victoria Wethers!

Synopsis: Young Annabelle must struggle through life with her murderous, abusive father. When a new boy at her school charms her and eventually dates her, she believes she has finally found some happiness in her dark, dark world. But will everything work out?


Review: ...

Okay, I have written and read screenplay after screenplay after screenplay before. But this was...I can't even. Like, seriously. I can not even.

So let's keep it short and sweet and just say that this story is




To some extent. It's one of those moving stories of a girl struggling with her life. Sure, Annabelle can be slightly sappy and wet sometimes, but since the story is so dramatic I don't have time to nitpick! Anyway, the story goes that Annabelle's mother is killed by her father. She is ordered by him to clean up the blood and hide the body somewhere so he can dispose of it. Annabelle leaves a note in her mother's bra explaining what happened in the hopes that somebody would find and read it. Through teenhood, Annabelle is abused my her father and she wears lots of makeup to school. This whole first act had me in tears! Whew! Anyways, then she meets this boy called Xavier Winters. He seems nice, but Annabelle usually doesn't trust men because of her father. Will Xavier save her? (Haha, get it?) Has she found her dream boy who will sweep her off her feet and take her away from her dad?



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