New York Romance

New York Romance


4. What to say?!

What to say?!

Well I'm on my way to Chanel for the job interview. I'm so nervous, my heart is pounding. When my heart is pounding so much, I sometimes feel like it's going explode out of my chest.

Weird right?

I'm walking over to the desk. There is a woman in fancy close, and it looks like she's pretty busy.

But I got the curragh to walk over to her and say my name and that I have a job interview at Chanel.

She says

- PERFECT, you must be Isabelle. Finally someone there comes on time. Anyway here's your card so you can get trough, and Chanel is on 5th floor, good luck

- Thanks, see ya

She was very nice, but I didn't catch her name. Doesn't matter, cause if I get this job I get to see her EVERYDAY.

I'm checking in, and im on my way up to the 5th floor.


I'm on the 5th floor, and I check in AGAIN. And now I'm officially in the NY Chanel studio.

Again there is a desk with a woman, who seems to be busy too.

So I walk over to her and I only got to say my full name, and then she just pointed were I should go.

So I took that as a hint, and walked that way.

Before I new it I was on my " maybe future boss's" office.

Oh me gosh, she looked so beautiful and fancy.

And of course I know how to dress at a job interview, so I guess I looked fancy too.

She said

- Hey, you must be Isabelle

- that's right, it's me

Holy fuck I was nervous

She said

- Good, I'm Sophie and let me guess, you want to be one of my designers.

- Yes of course, I have some pictures and some close that I designed.

I handed her the pictures and the crop top I made.

She looked impressed

So she said

- I love it, it's original, fancy and completely what we need. But, can you handle the pressure that comes with the job.

- yes yes, I'm good at pressure, and I love to work. That's almost all I do.

- we'll to me your hired, no doubts. But the last thing I need to say: Don't let me down.

- of course. I won't let you down. I promise.

- Good, see you on Monday morning.

- Thanks Sophie. I'm so grade full. Thank you for this opportunity. So I see you on Monday morning. Bye

- Bye

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