New York Romance

New York Romance


6. Were do I find inspiration

The first thing I did when I came home, was turning my IMac on, and search for inspiration.

I want it to be perfect, because, you know. It's like Gwen Stefanie, it needs to be wild, classy, and original.

So I looked at some of the dresses that she'd already worn. Just to see what style she feels most confident in.

It wasn't to any help, but I took a lot of notes, and sketched some ideas. And then I thought " I'll just call Gwen, and ask what she had in mind, and if she wants it to be red, like her lips".

I took my phone and called her up.

- "hey it's Gwen"

-" hey Gwen, I'm the designer, that's going to make the dress you want"

- " oh hey, what's up"

- " well I've looked for inspiration, and I got a bit out of it"

- " and,..."

- " I've figured out, that you maybe want the dress to be red, and if it's like a cocktail dress, with some small classy'ish details"

- " yeah that sounds cool, just do you"

- " okay awesome, I just wanted to call, if you liked the idea, and if you would feel confident in it"

- " yeah sure, I totally understand, I'm glad you called"

- " okay great, but then I will work on it, and maybe sketch some more"

- " k, see ya then, bye"

- " bye"

That was just so awesome. I just called Gwen Stefanie and asked about the dress, that I' M going to make.

I found my drawing kit, and started sketching. And I got a lot out of it. After 3 hours I knew what to do. I knew what kind of dress it should be, and how I should sew it.

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