New York Romance

New York Romance


3. New Apartment

New apartment

So right now I'm in my new apartment. WOW it's white, I'm serious it's really white. The walls, the kitchen. THE FLOORS are also white.

I've seen the apartment online, but being here is CRAZY.

Sorry I'm just so happy right now. But I need to get it together. I only get one week to get this apartment ready.

The moving guys came up with my sofa and my tables. And I just stood there and sayd were the things should be.

The moving guy 1:

" Yeah, we are done now, so it's going be 300$".


" Yeah coming right up.

I gave the guys the money and they got out the door.

There is still some things I need to set in place. But I can do that in 3 days, so I got a lot of time.

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